Let's talk Fire Emblem Heroes?


I came across a really good Cecilia today in the new Arena mode. She had Close Counter from Takumi and Vantage, plus was on an all Cavalry team. Luckily it was the desert map with the pond in the middle. I was able to divide and conquer, but I had 3 units down to under 3HP in the end.


Oh damn, that sounds serious, I love encountering unique builds like that! (Although I must confess that my own unit builds are pretty generic and hew closely to what the FEH wiki recommends.)


I somewhat pay attention to wikis/faqs sites about what a given unit is good for, but mostly I just give them what I think is A) Good, and B) makes my favourite characters great. I gave Eirika the skill Distant Counter (i.e. sacking a Hector, one of the few 5* I’ve ever got a second of) because she’s my favourite unit that I have. She doesn’t have great attack for a red-sword unit and is much better as a support for other units (with Seiglinde buffs, Rally Defense, and Fortify Res Seal she can buff all stats on a character) but I just love having her get counters on everyone (especially given her okay defences and fantastic speed).

While I know it was sub-optimal to give Distant Counter to her (especially with a Res bane meaning she survives less hits from mages to counter) but it’s been so much fun. Still waiting my ultimate Time Knight, Lucina, but Eirika is everyone’s best friend in this game.


Merge the Cecilias into one 4-star cecilia because each +1 you get reduces the feathers needed to bring her to 5 star by 300.

Optionally, sacrifice a 5-star Nino onto the Cecilia altar and give her Gronnblade+ and have people with Hone and Fortify cavalry follow her around for a mean amount of damage to your enemies.


Oooh good ideas all around.


Tip about Merging: While merging doesn’t add their SP together, the new merged unit will get every ability learned (or owned even unlearnt) by both and SP of the base non-sacrificed unit.

So if you get more than one of the same unit to merge, you can level them both up and learn different skills to then merge together. This way it will almost be like your character got the SP from levelling up twice. Furthermore, if you know you’ll upgrade a unit to 5 star (and so will need SP for their 5star weapons and abilities) then you could just save up the SP on that best unit while using the sacrificed unit to learn all the other abilities that you want (including the 4 star versions of their ailities in pre-requisite for the 5 star ones).


I highly recommend the current summoning focus for the Tempest Trials. I got Delthea and Sonya when they were added last month and they are top tier for sure. They both have no HP or Defense, but have really high Attack, Speed and Res plus good skills. Delthea might even be better than my Reinhart once I get her some skill inheritance. And Celica is the bane of my Miracle Hector; she two hits him before he can activate Miracle. I’d take any of those three units over the units in the upcoming Hero Fest focus.


Haven’t played on a competitive level at all, but clocked quite a few hours in for months after launch. My interest tapered off more recently because, well, I simply got frustrated by never getting the characters I wanted in my summons (I know, name of the game, but still). I logged back in the other day to “spin the wheel,” so to speak, and immediately got a 4-star Tharja (the one character I’ve been trying to get this whole time). Upgraded to 5-star and haven’t touched it since, but I do think it’s the game is a well-made gacha and it does a great job of presenting classic FE gameplay in a mobile format.


Don’t know about y’all but I am totally blowing the paltry 75 orbs I had saved up in the Sacred Stones banner.


I finally found my Strong Horse Wife, Sully, so the game is in fact perfect.


I just came across 5 armies in a row using Ike in the Arena Assault. I guess he’s the new meta? What’s everybody’s anti-Ike units? I’m not thrilled about using my Ephiram and Bride Charlotte in an arena team; they can handle Ike well enough, but die too easily to any mages. If I level up Cordelia she seems like a good option, but I’ll still need a couple more options for a good Arena Assalut run.


Male Robin with triangle adept laughs in the face of Ike (and pretty much every other red). For Arena Assault I have two strong teams (Team 1: Robin (M), Masked Marth, Sharena, and Nino; Team 2 is generic horse emblem: Reinhardt, Cecilia, Xander, and Priscilla) and all other teams are just a mess of my level 40s. Arena Assault seems like it would be a lot of fun if I actually invested more time and effort into pulling units and developing real teams.


I’ve been putting my worst 40s out for the first battle, since if they lose it’s not breaking a chain, then spreading out my good units as required. It’s nice that you can check the map for battles 2 through 7, so you can tell when not to waste a good unit. I really don’t want to spend orbs on expanding the barracks, so I’ve been going wild with skill inheritance. I’d say I have maybe 9 good units, with another 6 that will be good once they have the SP to buy their skills.


I can usually manage to kill Ike in one go with my blue mages or Kagero, but my most reliable Ike-killers are actually Ninian and Marth. Ninian’s usually-garbage stats seem tailor-made to take on Ike, while my Marth regains 10 HP on every second and third round (from renewal and his sword respectively), so he can usually beat Ike through attrition. The teams that I struggle with are the ones that run both Camus and Xander with vantage.

For some reason, though, I can never work myself up to actually wanting to do Arena Assault. I think it’s because if things go wrong, bailing out and immediately retrying is usually an option, except for that one mode. Oh well! I’m happy getting my middling rewards for muddling through it once or twice a week.


Well I had managed to save up a nice bunch of orbs and thought I would be able to continue saving orbs until the end of the year but wow buddy did I succumb to temptation with the CYL banner!


Look, youse, I got Summer Robin and Summer Elise basically one after the other in the last hours of the gatcha. I’m basically the Queen of RNG.

This game’s at it’s best when it’s handing out Orbs like they’re going out of fashion. I wanna see if I can get another of these cool-ass alt-classes then I recon I’ll chill from it again. Wait for more main story and/or paralogue levels to pile up.


I got Beyonce-Fur Lyn, the best character in existing history, for free with zero RNG required, Fire Emblem Heroes is the best Gatcha Game ever, perhaps, in fact, the Greatest Game to Ever Live^TM.


It might be the best Fire Emblem game. Come at me, bros.


I have 3 Lyns. I need a fourth.


Honestly, I have not finished Shadows of Valentia because I find the map design too tedious and boring compared to Heroes.