Let's talk Fire Emblem Heroes?


Summer Robin is a pretty good unit, probably my best lancer at the moment. I happened to get two so I’m thinking of sacrificing my spare one to Cordelia. By switching from Brave Lance + to Deft Harpoon + I’ll get +6 Atk/+5 Spd, plus an additional plus 2 to each stat when at 100%HP.

I’ve had no luck trying to get more Brave units. I’ve pulled 15 units and all I got was the new green armoured unit. It’s not bad but it’s not going to be a game changer in arena like the Brave units are.


This is actually correct:

  • The four-unit team is restrictive enough to encourage interesting team compositions instead of just letting you throw literally every unit you have at the map.
  • The maps are small enough to be tight and punchy rather than the main series’ large, cumbersome maps. They’re short enough that I might eagerly experiment with a map a dozen times to get it right, but I dread redoing a main series map even once.
  • You can’t wind up in a situation where you accidentally over-grind and breeze through the back half of the game, but even the hardest stuff in Heroes can be completed by a dedicated free-to-play player.
  • They have the good manners to sideline the boring plot, rather than spending five minutes between missions to explain why what you’re doing is very important.
  • Unlike some of the more recent titles, the game never asks you “Who is going to marry and have children with this prepubescent child?”

I mean, the game’s entire emotional resonance is relying on nostalgia for the main series, there isn’t that much variety in optimal builds, and it’s a Skinner box for gambling addicts, but it’s still surprisingly good.


If lyn loses to Camilla I’m gonna lose it. almost-incest-but-totally-not sister is boring and she and other fates characters keep showing up to win stuff too easily.


I’m glad I’m not the only one who got tired of the marrying/children aspect of the recent games. Min-maxing support synergy was enough of a headache. Playing matchmaker-cum-eugenicist is just ridiculous.


So I’m approximating my all Lyn team with Lyn, Bride Lyn, Brave Lyn, and Linde.

Lyn is Death Blow 3, Brash Assault 3, Threaten Def 3.
Bride Lyn is Speed 3, Dazzling Staff 3, Savage Blow 3
Don’t have a specific Brave Lyn build yet.
Linde right now is Speed 3, Wings of Mercy 3, and Breath of Life 3.

So Brave Lyn and Linde are my big ranged damage dealers, with Linde acting as teleporting murder cleric. Bride Lyn applies status effects and does area damage. Lyn likes getting hurt and then double attacks people for a 51 atk brave weapon.

With all the healing on the team, it’d probably be stronger with the +6 spd when attacking, do all your attacks first when <75% health, enemies within 2 spaces of you get -5 spd, brave sword Lyn for constant 4 attacks than the <50% health for big double attacks Lyn, but eh.


Much much respect to this team. Bravo.


Yup. I was actually really excited for it when Awakening came out, and then had forgotten the reality of it by the time Fates came out, but now I recognize that my interest in both games tanked immediately after the child characters started showing up. Suddenly you’re stuck with a dozen under-leveled characters almost all at once, who by necessity have no relationship to the plot and only the most tenuous relationship to characters who aren’t their parents.


I thought the mechanic worked pretty decently in Awakening but Awakening in general has a special place in my heart for a whole bunch of reasons that have little to do with the game itself. The children at least had some fun personalities–hell, the fact that they had personalities is a huge step above Fates–and I kind of enjoyed breaking the game with optimal builds and pair-ups and the like. Fates on the other hand… the map design and curve of Conquest is great but there is so many “ugh” moments in the rest of that game. It’s a real shame. I will continue to count myself a FE fan and champion the series to no end but the 3DS titles are kind of “ehh” in my mind at this point.


So I just started playing Fire Emblem Heroes a few days ago, and I think I used up all my luck forever.

Six five-stars, three of them with good IV’s (Brave Lyn, Brave Ike and Tharja) plus Brave Lucina (who still seems decent even with bad stats) and two others I… really don’t care about? Also like a billion four-stars. It looks like orbs are front-loaded for new players, between the story and the paralogues. And the monthly obtainable orbs seem pretty decent as well?


Just last month they changed the drop rates on 4 stars. It went from like 34% to 60% or something ridiculous. I guess there aren’t very many 3 star units and people were sick of getting the same garbage units all the time. Now there is at least some variety to the units you get.


I’m doing okay on my 5* pulls lately! I got both Robin and Tiki during the first Summer set, didn’t manage anyone from the second but I wanted those two the most out of everyone so I’ll take it. Then just in the past week I used my guaranteed Brave Heroes pick to get Archer Lyn and then my free Blade Skills pull got me Tharja. As if that wasn’t enough to perk me up I used three pulls (including my free one) on the Choose Your Legend focus and got Hector, who I’ve been wanting for ages (and was the only real reason I bothered giving that set a few rolls).


Yeah, they straight-up switched the drop rates for 4 stars and 3 stars. Now if only they started dropping units from the 5-star exclusive pool to the 4/5-star pool so I can get some more interesting builds going. I want to use Shield Pulse!

I guess if we’re talking lucky pulls recently, I’ve been getting excellent luck, but only if I’m using one of the free summons: On the Blade Tome and CYL Block A banners I pulled Ryoma and Ike respectively. I even managed two Ikes off that latter set. Probably my due for dumping ~200 orbs into Hero fest and walking away with nothing but a single Genny.


The game seems to be absurdly generous with free orbs. Here’s a breakdown for July (August was the 6-month anniversary so it’s understandably inflated). There’s very little need to pay money to succeed in this game, other than to tip the devs.

Obviously the most broken tier builds are locked behind sheer luck and/or a deep wallet, but none of that is necessary to complete all content to the highest level of difficulty, including PVP. Even though I’ve spent a good chunk of change on this game, my core Arena team is built from the ground up using only free and commonly obtainable units (Xander was a free GHB unit, I built my Cecilia +9 all the 3* Cecilias I pulled over the months, and Reinhardt I upgraded from 4*).


I think my biggest issue with the game is the IV system. Shit’s fine in Pokémon (you can soft-reset or breed a billion of them) but uh, it’s kind of a problem here.

For instance, I pulled Brave Roy (he’s our boy) with a +ATK -SPD nature. The speed bane is a problem, since Brave Roy needs to double attack enemies to get that one-turn galeforce.


I agree that it’s obnoxious but I have found that you can make a lot of less than ideal IV spreads work largely because there is no PvP mode and you can find ways to outsmart the AI. Don’t get me wrong though, I am also not a fan of how limited the IV system is right now and that my +RES -ATK Bride Cordelia, -ATK Tharja, etc sit on the bench.


My current problem with the game is the lack of new characters. I have 125 different characters (out of 168); 62 are max level while the other 63 are above level 20. The daily maps are only level 5 & 15 and there are often quests for low level training tower battles, but I’ve run out of low level units. If I keep it up I’ll eventually have all max level units.

If they added a bunch of new units (even if they’re non-meta-breaking 4 star units) I’d have incentive to summon more often to fill out the roster. As it stands I expect to get 5 units that I already have and just hope they’re units with good skills to pass on. If I happen to get one of the characters I didn’t already have, then I have no one to team them up with to do low level maps.

I expect at some point the level cap will raise, but that still won’t solve my lack of low level units problem. You don’t get feathers fast enough to prestige units either.


Considering how I’ve only been playing for like two weeks or something, it’s probably a little ridiculous that I’m feeling sad 'bout not being able to complete inferno difficulty on the E & E bound battle… except it’s 'cuz I’m missing a dancer or two. That’s it.

Also gotten more 5*s from the Tempest Trials banner, and not a single one has been a banner unit.
… I really want Hector or Ninian.

… Again, it’s kinda wild that there are so many orbs for new players. Still got most chain challenges left, plus I have two paralogue missions and four main story chapters on lunatic to go as well. Plus squad assault, but uhhh, that looks a long way off.


I completed inferno E&E without a dancer. I forget exactly what I used but I think it’s main units were a Hector and Summer Robin. A good selection of Swap, Reposition and Draw Back can allow you to make attacks and not leave them exposed for the following turn.


Going to second mosespippy’s suggestion. A lot of players just starting out use a dancer as a crutch when the functionality they use one for (dancing a unit out of the enemy’s range) can be accomplished with Reposition or Draw Back (from Barst/Selena and Nino/Sully, respectively, who are all common 3* units). Generally speaking, Reposition on melee units and Draw Back on ranged units will get you what you want without relying on RNG to pull a good dancer (or just use the free Olivia from Daily Hero Battle). A dancer is best on a team that can nuke 2 units in one turn while still getting away on their own, such as with Hit & Run.


Oh my god, did I miss Olivia as the Daily Hero Battle reward? I mean, I know it’ll cycle 'round eventually, but I’ve only been playing for two weeks or so. And I don’t have Hector, otherwise I would’ve stuck distant defence + vantage 3 and bonfire or something on him and dealt with the 3 ranged units that way.

Also I’ve got one unit with reposition left, and I have no idea if I should put reposition on Brave Lucina or Tharja.

I just… I’m kind of at a loss. I know I could do this with two dancers and two 4* ninos (have ninos, no dancers), but ugh.