Let's talk Fire Emblem Heroes?


Daily Hero Battles have been cycling through the same 10 or so units since the very first day. If you’ve missed Olivia, she’ll be back soon.

I tend to prefer Reposition on units with high defense, since they become the new front line unit. I put Draw Back on units with range attacks or low defense, since they can stay behind the front lines. Pivot or Swap goes on armoured units so they can advance further than one space.


To be clear, it’s not the existence of the variants themselves that he has a problem with, it’s the fact that they’re super cheesecakey.


I… think I might have something, but I also need to sleep, ugh. Or I would have something if I had a unit that could tank either Eirika or Ephraim rather than just one or the other.

… definitely don’t have enough time to promote, level up and farm enough SP for Nowi to do it.

Thought I had it, but I couldn’t figure out how to safely take down Eirika.


This CYL banner has been a real joy: I’ve managed to pull a horse Roy (+spd / can’t remember bane) and got the Lucina I had been sniping for all month this morning. Granted she’s (+res / - atk) but I am committed to making her work as a wall.


Don’t worry about it! The higher difficulties are for people who have DEEP rosters and a buttload of 5*s to cobble together a strategy with. Playing since launch, I have about 70-80 unique heroes at lv 40, ~30 of which are 5*. Orbs will keep coming elsewhere.


Did all the summoning I can do off free orbs for Choose Your Legends and I’m considering ending my Free to Play streak and going Free to Not Play.

I’m kidding, but orb-sink banners like these are good reminders to not put much money into these games. If I had paid for all the orbs I used on this banner instead of using free ones, I’d have nothing but a Takumi to show for my $100.


I feel that. I seriously considering buying ten orbs, then realised how stupid that was, and all I’d get would be a higher pity rating. I was right, once I scraped together enough for another pull. Pity rating’s sitting at 4.75 at the moment, and ugh.

Now I’m out on easily available orbs, aside from grinding out training towers for the September quests. Can’t clear any more lunatic story chain challenges until I get some more level 40’s in my roster (only got six) so far, and I’m stalled out on the lunatic paralogue chain challenges with my current team. Spring is hell, apparently.


I probably would have spent some money trying to pull the Brave units, except shortly after they were released I saw a lot of arena teams with all four of them. They were not good arena teams. Each individual unit seems pretty good, but they don’t work well together. Having one or two to compliment your already existing units is better, thus getting all four is not worth it.

And heads up, unless they’ve changed the pricing since the start, the most expensive option is not the best value.


Hah! Mine’s exactly at 4.75% too. I’m not too worried about being broke on orbs, though. I think I managed to scrape together about a hundred more while CYL was ongoing. Things might drop off a bit now that we’re getting to the end of the 6-month anniversary stuff, but I they’re generally making them more available than they were over the summer. September has already had more orbs than April, May, or June had over each entire month.

I do get that a full CYL team doesn’t really work well together, but I’m at a point where I’m mostly concerned with having a team of four Brave Lyns being able to set up multiple viable teams for Chain Challenge and Arena Assault. End of the day, I’m happy I got my free Brave Lyn, I already have a lot of other great units, and the Brave units are going to remain (theoretically) summonable. Gambling, however, sucks.


The Brave units make an awful defence team, but they’re a great team to play as long as you never, EVER put B!Lucina adjacent to B!Ike. Unless you’re not running an enemy phase build on B!Ike, and then… well, what the hell are you doing? B!Ike really does not want speed boosts, 'cuz he wants to get doubled as much as possible.

B!Lucina works well with B!Roy and B!Lyn, B!Lyn and B!Roy work well together with hone cavalry on B!Lyn and Hone or Fortify on B!Roy…

But, yeah. B!Roy should also never be on a defence team 'cuz the AI doesn’t really know what to do with galeforce, apparently. It doesn’t really know what to do with B!Ike, either.


My luck with dancers has been terrible, though my luck in general seems great. This month I pumped every orb I could into the Performing Arts focus. The free Olivia is still my only dancer, even after this and all the times Azura and Ninian have been focus units. I did however, manage to get a second 5 star Reinhardt, a second Brave Lyn, a 5 star Jeorge and on my free pull of the new units I got 5 Star Sigurd, which is making the tempest trial a breeze.


You know… I am sorry that you didn’t get any of the dancers but sounds like you managed to get some solid pulls all the same.

I got really lucky and managed to pull a green Azura and Inigo without spending too many orbs. I now have 110 and am planning to save and earn as many orbs as I possibly can and then spend them all on this Halloween banner in late November.


Out of curiosity, does anybody know if game saves are stored online or locally for Fire Emblem Heroes?
I’ve been getting back into it recently after falling off it pretty hard at launch (I played all the story stuff and their roll out of new content was just too slow for me and I didn’t like grinding) but i’m also switching from Android to iOS in a couple of weeks, and I don’t want to sink more time into this if I’m going to need to start over again anyway…


I must have tossed a good 50 orbs into green summons in the dancers Gacha for Azura and didn’t get her or the other green one.

But I accidentally summoned on blue once and got Inigo immediately, so maybe Luck is on my side but nonetheless enjoys watching my face contort into new and unusual formations.


Yes. Fire Emblem Heroes data is stored online as long as you linked it to a Nintendo account. If you did link them, then you can safely download FEH on another another phone and continue playing with the units and currency you already had. You can only connect one Nintendo account per device (so multiple people can’t use the same phone) but you can connect the same account to multiple devices (i.e. your old and new phone). Here’s the official FAQ on all this.


Thanks buddy :smiley: that’s exactly what I hoped to hear.


Just burned all the orbs I had to try and get a green dancer while they’re still available. Only got junk sadly. Did manage to get Shigure earlier, but I already have plenty of blues (including Azura) so I don’t have much use for him.


I hit the dancer banner pretty hard at the beginning of the month, and wound up with 3 Inigo’s. He’s fairly useful with the heal and speed boost when singing. I have over 80 orbs saved up for whatever banner replaces it tomorrow.


I took a last minute dive into the Performing Arts banner, realizing it was probably my last chance for another dancer for a while and came out with Shigure. Having an extra dancer alone would probably be a good haul for this month, but Sigurd continued my really weird habit of pulling red sword lords on my free pulls. I can’t deliberately pull a unit to save my life, but it’s nice to know I’ll always have extremely good dudes with swords.

As for the Halloween banner, I was definitely not expecting both a armor archer and an armor mage to show up after they seemed to indicate with Arvis that there wouldn’t be any such thing as an armored magic-user. Throw in another seasonal mage-flyer (boy, Nowi’s character design sure continues to be A Thing) and an actually passable (good?) dagger unit, and they really want people to keep operating as close to 0 orbs as possible.


Well I ended up blowing all of my orbs on the Halloween banner and have two Halloween Henrys, two Halloween Jakobs, and a normal Jakob to show for it. I would be pretty happy with these result BUT after last night’s Feh direct I feel like I was a fool to spend my orbs!