Let's talk Playstation 5! (Play5tation?)

To be clear about Ryota Suzuki’s involvement with DMC5: he wasn’t the combat designer. He was one of many designers on the game.

The part about him being a game design lead on Dragon’s Dogma is true though. He’s credited as “Gameplay Player Lead” on the original Dragon’s Dogma, and as “Game Design Lead” on Dark Arisen.

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My (maybe naive) assumption is that almost every PS4 game will work on PS5, but because there seem to be at least some outliers they can’t just come out and say “it’ll play everything,” because if they say “everything” and then “something” doesn’t work then all of a sudden they’re liable.

But I would still like them to like… show the storefront or something. Obviously I want my PS4 discs to work if I put them into the machine, but more than that I want to know that, if I turn on a PS5 and login to my account on that PS5, that all the software (at least from PS4 on) tied to my account is there to download if I want to. I don’t see why it wouldn’t be that way at this point, but…? Like, make it so that I only have to turn on a PS4 if I want to scare my neighbors with PT or whatever.

Honestly if I get one at launch I’m gonna be playing… Granblue Versus and Destiny 2. Both of which I own digitally on PS4. Can I just download those on my PS5, pull my save data off the cloud or whatever, and go? If not, that sucks. I’d get not having performance improvements, but I’d hope those games would still just work as well as they would on my PS4 out of the gate. This thing should just be a PS4 with new stuff on top. (Though I’m aware that Bungie at least has said D2 will get performance boosts on PS5 and will be crossplay with PS4 users.)

I know Jim is out there talking about “we believe in generations” or whatever, but it would be a questionable decision to piss away the community they built with the PS4’s success and just start fresh. Why risk it by not just letting people carry over all the games they paid you for?


I really don’t see them pulling shenanigans with PS4 back compat. You are probably right about them not wanting to say “everything” because edge cases will always be a thing. But the actual put a disc in and have it run (or at least install)? That I have no doubt on because that’s how every previous back compat situation worked for Sony (barring the Vita which had no disc drive). I’d be willing to bet that it would be no different this time around.

I’m extremely thankful to Sony for not saying anything during that price reveal stream that made me go “Ah shoot, now I have to get it”.

First, I for one don’t think that two separate studios editing two separate trailers would make the same “Console Exclusive” mistake so I’ll hold out hope for at least FF popping up on PC. It looked sort of horror/fantasy at some points which I doubt will be a majority of the game but seems like it could be up my alley.

Second, between the price of the boxes and the cost of games it didn’t feel the “I need it NOW!” vibes. I want to play Demon’s Souls but not “$800 after tax” since I would want to get the disc one so I can get rid of my PS4 and play blu-rays. With the less expensive Xbox being more in the range that I could see myself splurging even though it would pretty much just be a rather expensive way to play Game Pass on my TV. In a lot of ways that feels silly but I will continue to somehow justify to myself that THAT investment is better than spending hundreds of more dollars for some different experiences.

Third, Death Loop is going to be on my PC for sure and that game looks SICK!

Fourth, having a semi-powerful PC makes everything else a bit less enticing. My PC is over four years old but it still plays everything I want at above average settings. At some point things will start creaking and I’ll need to make uncomfortable decisions but I’m not there today.


I do find it more than a little amusing that the forum warriors are upset at all the previously assumed next-gen exclusives actually being cross-gen or not platform exclusive. Rather than being relieved that they don’t have to spend money on new hardware right away, they’re angry that Sony and Microsoft are not artificially forcing them to upgrade. All for some ill-defined “maximization of hardware”.

I dunno, I’m just really glad we are in an era of inclusivity at a variety of price points and the continued viability of old hardware. I really don’t see how anyone can be angry at that.


After experiencing the difference between console Doom Eternal and PC Doom Eternal, I will definitely be playing Deathloop with mouse and keyboard. It’s the only way for a hectic action game.

This has continued my frustration with the Digital Foundry folks. One of the writers for it was very active on Twitter yesterday arguing with people over Horizon being cross-gen is disappointing, and that it’s good for there to be more ‘aspirational’ content that not everyone can play, and continued to wax poetic about the good old times when games were released that could only run on high end PC specs and how this mentality of supporting old hardware is hurting the games. And I’ve never wanted to reach my hand through the internet to slap someone harder.


In Horizon’s case, it’s Guerilla. Them folks are wizards. If any developer that can put a game on both platforms and make them them look the best they can be on each, it’s them. I’m sure Sony’s throwing money at them to make it happen too.

Pre-ordering one right now is out of the cards because that initial run broke all the websites, but I’ll probably try to snatch one when they’re available.

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It’s so weird, and I say that as someone who is looking to upgrade at launch. If the worst case scenario happens and I overpay for unnecessary new hardware, then I’m ok being the sucker who overspent if that means more people can play the damn games. It’s fine, I’m fortunate to have the money available.


a digital foundry guy is an insufferable weirdo who can only find happiness from really weirdly specific brand decisions and their relation to mythical PC history bullshit? Say it ain’t so.

e: i can’t wait for them to complain about every shooter not having destructible environments because it’s not next gen enough again.


To an extent I get wanting the things that gave you this big burst of joy and wonder to cyclically give you that joy and wonder. You save up money for a new system, you get a new system with all new capabilities, you get the feeling of being a part of an event as well as playing in a unique possibility space and each console giving you a slightly different variety to play. If “gaming is your passion” or some BS this might be one of those events every 5-8 years that puts a spring in your step, which I’ll never fault someone for.

But with so much of the tech colliding, the possibility space feeling so much more arbitrary than even the 360/PS3 days, it isn’t the same and people unfortunately haven’t been able to break themselves of that. And certainly you shouldn’t be getting upset over that fact.


I find some of their videos interesting, but let’s be real, if you have to pause a game and magnify the image to spot some ‘flaw’ in the graphics, that flaw does not functionally exist to me.


I think most people who find them terrible still watch them because they so effectively squared off that corner of video content, and sometimes they’re not total creepazoids.

for a console launch though? yea they showin their whole late-30s reddit manchild shit no holds barred.


I’m pirating the s*it out of everything that isn’t a console exclusive. I’m poor af and haven’t gotten a raise in forever. All I got is a decent gaming PC from a few years ago with which I should, hopefully, be able to play even the new games on medium and things like shadows on low.
Who knows, when or if I’ll be able to afford a PS5 (which is the only console I’d buy solely because of the exclusives)? And the games prices just have me laugh. 60 bucks is already too much for me lol.


Not trying to judge, I get it, I’ve been there. But maybe we shouldn’t be posting so freely about piracy in this forum, especially for new games? I would hope that the ethos of this community is that devs get paid for their work.


If it wasn’t for this event I maybe wouldn’t have dug deeper reading into the Xbox Series S and came to the realisation that it doesn’t have a disc drive so Sony have at least managed to cost Microsoft £250 lol

Every time I hear them complain about how Halo is coming out on the Xbox One I want to reach through my monitor and throttle them.

Also, Crysis has the least interesting aesthetic ever, and them continuing to drool over that series is ridiculous.

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Naturally. Me pirating, if I can’t afford the games, is not going to prevent them from getting paid though. It’s just a fact, that I can’t pay for them. This forum being touchy about piracy is weird to me.


Perhaps the ethical stance is to just not play the games that can’t be purchased then? Or wait until they come into an acceptable price range?

I’m not trying to be holier than thou. I’ve pirated before for similar reasons. But it certainly was never something I felt comfortable mainstreaming in gaming discourse, precise because it makes it harder for devs to get paid. Anyway, I’m not a mod so I’ll drop this for now, and I hope I’m not getting too confrontational about this. Like I said, I’m not saying you’re wrong, necessarily, I’m just a bit uncomfortable with the discussion is all.


The Digital Foundry folks are fine. They’re graphic nerds who build their entire brand on being nitpicky about the graphic fidelity. I want that level of analysis from them. I can fully understand wanting some exclusives that show off what the console can really do without having to accommodate the previous gen, I won’t judge people for wanting more excuses to spend the money for the new hardware.

I can be that way too, Giantbomb harps on this too, as do a lot of other publications but the benefits for the developer having a bigger pool of people play their game just outweighs that need to see all the pretty graphics. Especially since it’s the beginning of the generation and there will be a group of folks not ready to make that jump.