Let's talk Playstation 5! (Play5tation?)

Saw this posted after the Big Navi presentation today:

This will be massive if true.

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It really could be, I’ve used DLSS with Control before on my PC and it works and looks great. If consoles could support super sampling tech like that it could be huge for getting games to run at higher framerates.

I super want to play Bugsnax.


But… since it’s free on PS5 it’s kind of a win win right?

There are going to be PS5s available at launch right? I’m starting to stress out here.

Rampant consumerism fuels capitalism. Capitalism is bad.

I would not count on much launch availability. Maybe it depends on region, but I remember from when I worked in retail, there were usually a very limited amount of consoles to buy on Day 1, and that wasn’t during a pandemic.

Starting the internal debate on if I am getting a new system and then if I’m getting the Series X or PS5.

That said, is there any more clarity of there will be any overall performance enhancements to PS4 games playing on the PS5? I have had a hard time getting a firm understanding. I know for the most part the XSX will make games play smoother, if not look better. PS5 isn’t making any sorts of those claims. But if I’m booting up Bloodborne or Borderlands or The Witcher 3, do we expect these games to have any sort of performance benefits? Even if it is just “more stable frame rate, faster load times”. I would love that!

Demon’s Souls by the way still looks very pretty. Odd how the more traditional enemies feel so much cooler and the bosses look so much lamer at the moment.

Unless there are specific PS5 enhancements, back compat titles will play essentially like they do on the PS4 Pro, and perhaps with more solid frame rates just from the extra hardware headroom. In practical terms (and not accounting for auto-HDR) the backwards compatibility is about on par with what Microsoft is doing with Series to One backwards compatibility.

Yeah Sony hasn’t been too descriptive here, but has mentioned something called “Game Boost” in one of their blog posts"…offering improved or more stable frame rates. Some titles with unlocked frame rates or dynamic resolution up to 4K may see higher fidelity." It’s not exactly clear what all titles this affects, but at the very least it sounds like all of the games in the Playstation Plus Collection (of which Bloodborne is a part) should benefit.

I would imagine that things are going to be pretty similar to how Xbox is handling things, but I suppose we should know for sure pretty soon. We just have to wait for Sony to release their embargoes on testing this kind of stuff out the way that Microsoft has.

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For whatever it’s worth, if you already have PS+ you’ll likely be able to claim Bugsnax’s PS5 version on your account through the web store when it releases without actually owning a PS5.

Also to add to what Navster said about backwards compatibility on PS5, it does sound like PS4 games may be updated with enhancements for PS5. Like Ghost of Tsushima will be “up to 60fps” on PS5.

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That’s the thing for me. I can watch a dozen of videos of comparison videos between the Xbox’s, not there yet with Playstation and we are very close.

Yeah, we’re exactly 2 weeks out from the PS5 release now (at least in the US), so you’d hope that we’d get to see some stuff either tomorrow or sometime next week (though it strikes me as a less than great marketing idea to put your embargoes in the aftermath of the US election, but hey, what do I know?)

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The upgrades for older PS4 games on Pro were uneven across the board, ranging from minor increases to just nonexistent in cases like Bloodborne, so I’m keeping my expectations low. At least several games had the foresight to allow uncapping their framerate from 30.

Sony hasn’t been anywhere as clear as they need to be clear about VR support on PS5; I just found that 1) you can only use the PS4 camera with the headset when playing on PS5, and 2) you’ll need an adapter to use said camera on your PS5. The good news at least is that you can request to get one of those adapters for no charge here

And here’s a FAQ for the camera adapter in general:

Honestly that’s all I’ve been hoping for. I’m coming from a launch PS4 and there are lots of games that just send my frame rate plummeting. I was going to wait for the PS5 to play Control, until it got included in PS Now, and the frame rate was frequently terrible. If I can pop a PS4 disc in or download a digital purchase and get a stable frame rate that is good enough for me.

So if anyone’s planning on trying to snag a launch day PS5, you will ONLY be able to do so online. There will be none available in physical stores.

Just less and less excited for the Demon’s Souls Remake (easily my favorite ps3 game) the more they show of it. Clearly Bluepoint’s vision is to make a super generic next gen game


How so? I’m the complete opposite. Game’s looking pretty gorgeous. The only thing I’m not hot on is the sound design. There isn’t any weight behind the hits, like the backstabs and whatnot.

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I would say the game looks expensive at best. Like, I don’t think you can fault it too much from a technical aspect, but it is missing a certain tone or personality that is part of what makes these games, well, these games. I kind of suspected it when the tower knight was first shown and the colors were just, wrong, I guess. It might be true that the ps3/360 generation had way too many color palettes that were not particularly broad, but if any game used it to great effect it would be Demon’s Souls. It helped to convey, to me at least, that sense of a kind of slow building melancholy the following games would continue.

And it is also a weird and funny game. This is obvious when looking at something like character creator (something they are fucking up in the remake by marketing it as, ‘look at all these very serious AAA fantasy game faces you can make’) or interacting with the rag doll effects. But also things like clunky animations, or enemy designs that are not intimidating, or realistic, but are equal parts ridiculous, odd, and endearing.

TL;DR The remake just loses a lot of personality and does not seem to understand at all what makes the original so endearing and interesting


I can second this! One of the most important things for me in a Souls game are the VIBES, and they just aren’t there in what I’ve seen of this Demons’ Souls remake. I know a large portion of the Souls community is in it for the mechanics, or the sense of accomplishment, and those are part of why I love these games! But when the V I B E S aren’t there, gameplay isn’t enough for me. When I see this remake, I’m reminded much more of the non FROM soulslikes, e.g. the Surge or Mortal Shell, which I know a lot of people like! They’re just not my cup of tea.

I still might check it out to see how it feels, but if I get the itch to play Demons’ Souls, I’ll boot up my PS3.


Bluepoint’s SoTC remake was fine considering how aggressively they’ve next-genified the Demon’s remake. The only real issue I had with their SoTC remake was the overuse of HDR-popping colours and bright greens. A boring, inoffensive remake dolled up to be more palatable to a wider audience.

I’m not necessarily interested in how faithful a remake is. Needlessly recreating old games with increasing fidelity is another sign that culture is dying and nostalgia will be our collective quietus. But Holy shit the only way you could make your remake of Demon’s Souls more tasteless would be if you slapped a pair of big jugs on the Maiden Astraea. As @notanimal says, where are the VIBES. This looks like those tech demos that used to come with video cards. Look how rickety that skeleton is!!! Hack ass video game