Let's talk Playstation 5! (Play5tation?)

Damn. I was hoping we’d get more clarity about this before launch, but I guess not…

The SSDs have to meet the speed requirements that the internal SSD has or else it just wouldn’t work. On the bright side, since it’s not proprietary, it’ll only continue to get cheaper and the capacity bigger.

yeah I get that. My big thing is I’m wondering if the PS5 will treat the additional SSD as a separate drive (like the PS4 does with external drives), or will adding one/changing it require you to format the PS5 before that SSD can be used (like when you change a PS3’s or PS4’s HDD). If it’s the latter, I would prefer to expand my storage from the get-go and not have to worry about moving and redownloading a bunch of stuff down the line.

The UI changes all seem bad. Everything looks like it takes more clicks. I don’t understand why every UI update for everything is always so terrible. I don’t think it’s just because I’m averse to change or whatever.

Even on PS4 you can’t just… make a party and have people join it anymore. Why are you making it harder to play with people on your friends list?


For what it’s worth, the Xbox UI’s only been trending upwards with every update… But that more speaks to just how terrible it’s been for the majority of the Xbox One’s existence than anything else.

I mostly really liked the PS4’s UI, so it’s a shame to see that it’s seemingly regressing.

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Well it’s official. Like officially official, PSVR 2.0 is in the works and it’s coming so-- …metime in the future. Not wireless, but I can get behind a single-cord setup. And improved resolution is also a big plus, although we will have to see how improved we’re talking.


While it doesn’t seem like it’s fundamentally changing VR that I could see it fitting in my life, the improvements seem neat, and it is cool to see Sony recommit to the tech. However, the big question mark remains if Sony studios will continue to support the platform in appreciable numbers. It sure seems like a Vita scenario all over again with Sony first party but perhaps they were saving the announcements for when this tech actually gets closer to market.

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Yup very good point. I have to imagine Sony’s first party studios are all busy working on their next PS5 titles, so there’s also a question of if the studios are big enough to have separate teams simultaneously working on VR titles, or perhaps will we see more non-VR games have a full-fledged VR mode (a la Resident Evil 7)?

(And speaking of my favorite handheld, it just had it’s 9th birthday (outside of Japan) yesterday :sob:)

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