Let's talk Playstation 5! (Play5tation?)

I wish everything had at least good triggers. I loved the gamecube’s almost analogue triggers.
I do have a small fear that more intense input will just increase the skill floor on some games though. I think it’ll be okay, but I can totally see games where your motor controls will need to be extra good in order to walk across the tight rope in the wind etc.


Man, I have been trying so hard not to get game pass just to try some Forza Horizon out. That sounds so good.

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If you do, be sure to join the Waypoint club Driftcourse. It’s not as populated nowadays, but I’m sure people would be willing to hop on from the Discord.

of course one should always take patent filings with a grain of salt, but looks like the Dualshock 5 ‘controller for the Playstation 5’ is pretty similar in design to the Dualshock 4. not too surprising

You can now sign up for news about PS5.

“The PS4, released in 2013 at a retail price of $399, was estimated by IHS Markit to cost $381 to manufacture. With the $450 unit cost and a similar gross margin, the PlayStation 5’s retail price would have to be at least $470.”

Of course, pricing has yet to be confirmed, but would y’all be willing to pay ~$500 USD for a PS5?


$500 has been my expectation from the beginning for both consoles next gen. If anybody hits $400 this time I think they’d either be sold at a loss (which doesn’t seem like as much of a thing for hardware as it used to be), or they’d be under powered again (but hey maybe that would just be an excuse to put out another half-step in a few years.)

Maybe. This is the first console generation where I can hypothetically afford to get both PS5 and XSX at launch, but that’s based on last-gen prices. More than that and I might have to wait to get some money/gift cards for Christmas.

$500 is really pushing it for me. I’m not much of a current-gen console gamer anymore (except for the Switch), so it’s getting increasingly harder to justify. If it has full backwards compatibility with at least the PS4 and the trade in deals are good, then maybe. I like having a PS4 for watching blu rays and the occasional exclusive, but I only played 3 games on it last year (KH3, Judgement and Death Stranding) and I don’t see myself playing much more this year.

Of course, all my uncertainty would disintegrate instantly if we get something irresistible like Bloodborne 2 as a launch title. The PS3 backwards compatibility rumors seem too good to be true, but that could also convince me to drop $500. I’m playing Nier right now, and using the PS3 controller is ruining my wrists.

I primarily play games on PC, but in the past, I bought the PS3 and PS4 because I was interested in the exclusives. But I am not particularly interested in Sony’s house-style for first party games any more. With their recent track record and upcoming games we know about, I just don’t trust them or their development teams to tell good stories (I am looking at you Naughty Dog).


Whether or not I get a PS5 is probably going to come down to whether or not there’s a Bloodborne 2. If there is I know I won’t be able to hold out; otherwise it’s going to be hard to justify, especially if it’s more than $400. I wish Sony would become more platform-agnostic, like Microsoft has, but so far it seems like that’s the opposite of their strategy.

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The backwards compatibility is quite attractive for me, I skipped the Pro after waiting for a price drop, just couldn’t justify the slight jump in power when they didn’t even bother to tune their flagship Bloodborne to take advantage of it.

With a sizable PS3 library and an interest in older playstation games it’s a good value to play all of them through one system and my favourite controller.

Hopefully it’s not too price inflated when it arrives in Norway.

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I’m kinda in the same boat with regards to Sony exclusives. I loved Spider-Man, but I’m probably going to have diminishing fondness for the sequels. I just hope that the all cross-gen future happens sooner than later, because right now my PS4 is just a way to play Overwatch with my buds. Would be nice to only need to get one box next gen that does everything I need.

Bloodborne 2, a Demon’s Souls Remake, or full backwards compatibility with my PS3 and PS4 library would be great selling points for me to look past the $500 price tag. I’d certainly just sell my PS4 to help pay for it, too.


I’ve mainly been PS4 this gen, so the PS4 (and PSVR) backwards compatibility is a huge plus for me. Also on the VR note, I’m still pretty optimistic about the technology. I’ve had enough good experiences so far, that if they address my biggest gripe and go wireless with the rumored new headset, I’m absolutely taking the plunge. I’ve been slowly saving up, so I think I should be good come holiday season even if it ends up being $500.

I’ll buy it. I can’t tell if that’s because I actually want it or just want to cast a vote against the idea of game streaming services as the primary platform for games in the future.

My PS4 legitimately terrifies me with how the fan sounds, so I’m getting a PS5 day-one since my PS4 is basically central to my life now with it being my main Youtube/Netflix/Hulu/etc machine.

I’m lucky enough to be in a position where $500 isn’t nice to spend, but is spendable.


I honestly do not know what sony would have to do to get me to buy a PS5 before like, 2025. It took Spider-Man (my favorite readily available super hero property) being great and elusive and part of a bundle for $200 for me to buy one. Spiderman 2 probably won’t entice me though. I cannot think of other playstation exclusive games that would make me want that system. I don’t like souls games so that’s very out for me. Every other ps4 game I own is available on another console except, depending on how you categorize it, the kingdom hearts story so far bundle. And I actually have I and II on my ps2. So it isn’t like I cant access those games. So I’m still left wondering what will be offered for me.
Especially if I actually pull the trigger on a gaming PC this summer.

I’ll probably wait for it to drop to $600 CAD (~$450 USD). Cause I can see Sony just spiking that price up to $699 for us to get an extra $30 out of it.

Of course, that’s all dependent on the games, how backwards compatibility is handled, what my income is looking like, yadda yadda yadda.


I’m the same as everyone here basically, I want to see how backwards compatibility works as well as the launch lineup. My wife will be in grad school though, so we might end up waiting for a little bit before we bite. We both have Switches and will be set with those and the PS4 for awhile.

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