Let's Talk Shogi!


So here’s what I’ve been doing every night after work! Between Yakuza 0, 3Gatsu No Lion, and a chance to visit some real-ass shogi parlors next year, I’m starting to learn Shogi! I played chess as a kid and I think Shogi is much more engaging for me because there’s a couple extra layers of depth to piece usage!

If you want to learn and play with me, you can sign up for 81 Dojo and play online!

Make sure to link your username!


I don’t play Shogi, but I did find an entertaining video for those who know a bit about the game(and Go):

(Original video link for Niconico Douga users: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm19227595 )

Um… sorry I don’t have anything else to contribute. It has been a game I’ve been wanting to learn, but never really gotten around to it.