Let's Talk Sonic Music!

So like i am unbelievably passionate about the music of the Sonic series. Especially the cheesy vocal themes. I’ve always wondered what was the general opinion on most of them.

“Unknown From M.E.” is definitely my favorite now but as a kid I could not get enough of “E.G.G.M.A.N.” and “It Doesn’t Matter”

Even if it’s not a vocal track , what is some of your favorite sonic music?

  • It Doesn’t Matter (Sonic)
  • Believe in Myself (Tails)
  • Unknown From M.E. (Knuckles)
  • My Sweet Passion (Amy)
  • Lazy Days (Big)
  • Throw It All Away (Shadow)
  • Fly in the Freedom (Rouge)
  • E.G.G.M.A.N. (Eggman)

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Thanks, friend, now I know what playlist i’m listening to for the next hour to be absolutely sure i have the right take.

I will say, the songs I remember most distinctly are mostly not on this list (understandably). I really remember City Escape, the Knuckles one from that Halloween level, and Live and Learn

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God Pumpkin Hill is really good.

I also love Speed Highway but mostly because of UP AND DOWN AND ALL AROUND

It’d also feel weird to mention sonic music and not mention Sonic R’s soundtrack which i unironically LOVE


Ok, i listened to little chunks of each:

  • It Doesn’t Matter: classic. love it
  • Believe In Myself: I forgot that this is great
  • Unknown from M.E.: not my favorite Knuckles rap, but the beat is very strong
  • My Sweet Passion: this thumps. love it.
  • Lazy Days: a perfect song for my perfect friend, Big the Cat
  • Throw It All Away: Starts strong, kinda falls off
  • Fly in the Freedom: Way better than I expected. I remember not liking this as a kid, but my music taste has changed a lot since then lol. Love it.
  • E.G.G.M.A.N.: I get why others love it, but not my thing.

I’m torn between Fly In the Freedom and Lazy Days. Might go Lazy Days to show love for my friend, Big The Cat

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Believe in Myself all the WAYYYYYYYYY.

That song really helped me with my anxiety when i was a kid.
Specifically the Sonic Adventure version.

Also when people mention Sonic music, this song from Sonic R is the first thing that comes to mind

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I think there’s someone missing from your list:


Oh dang. I guess it’s because it doesn’t have a special name

Gamma got shafted on the vocal theme front for sure, but then again I’m not sure how you could take the frankly harrowing events and themes of their story and make them into a song didn’t feel out of place somewhat. Imagine listening to the soundtrack and it goes from Beleive in Yourself streight to Weight of the World. His theme’s still ace anyway though.

I went for Unknown from M.E. despite strong competition of E.G.G.M.A.N and Throw it All Away. I literally wanted to BE Eggman when I was growing up and Everett Bradley’s stuff kicked ass in SA2. But M.E. just eked it out if only for my current appretiation of Knuckles, a very good boy. Lazy Days is also underrated, a truly wholesome friendship.

Also: Guess who literally just finished 100%ing Sonic Adventure like 5 minutes ago!

Every girl’s crazy for a master plan.


I am the Eggman!

I’m the biggest Sonic R stan but everyone already mentioned it.
The whole Sonic Rush album is aces.
I really like the vocal themes on Sonic Forces. Aqua Road is probably my fav:

I also have a soft spot for This Machine off the Sonic Heroes ost:


Yeah, god, hideki naganuma’s soundtrack for Sonic Rush is fantastic

File under songs i hated as kid for bad reasons and now realize are great:

While i’m never gonna play this game because of all the bad stuff i’ve seen I have to admit this is one of my fav Crush 40 songs? But maybe i’m just a sucker for WOAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHs in songs


“follow me inside, outside, through the stratospheeeeeeeeeeeeere”

It’s me the person who likes Endless Possibility

And also Reach for the Stars


Sonic and the Secret Rings and 06 were shite but incredibly ended up with some of the best soundtracks:

Tangentally, in regards to 06, while looking for the Generations Unleashed mod(Unleashed’s day stages ported to PC Generations, it kicks ass), I found a currently ongoing project to port all of 06’s levels to Generations.

It goes up to radical train, which is pretty far in, and all things considered it’s a pretty good game when it doesn’t play like Liquid Ass. If you never played 06 (don’t) this is worth a look.



Everyone always shouts out Chemical Plant Zone, but Mystic Cave Zone is where it’s really at in Sonic 2.


There’s a distinct lack of Sonic CD music in here.

an entire soundtrack of Absolute Jams, thanks to Naofumi Hataya.


I really hope Sonic Mania 2 happens and that they get to do a remix of Ice Cap Zone. It’s one of the more underappreciated tracks in early sonic games imo:


i love pop punk Sonic. that’s a perfect aesthetic to be honest.