Let's tell stories of multiplayer gaming with our friends!

Hey! So I suppose the title of the thread explains what I’m going for, but I just wanted to create a thread for some cheery storytelling! Do you have an amusing story about playing games with your friends? Share it here! Video games, tabletop games and board games all allowed.

(apologies if this is too broad or is a retread of an old thread)

I’ll start with the time I played through life is strange with my friends.

Life is Strange: So I played through this game with some other friends (which is how I recommend playing through any telltale styled game btw!), after the first episode, we all decided that we’d each get one rule for decision making that would influence any choices we made in the game. Obviously one of the rules established was when possible, do what is best for Chloe, and another one was avoid Warren when possible and actively deny him happiness. But the most influential was my rule, I decided the rule of mine would be “prioritize item acquisition.” Basically any time a choice allowed us to grab or keep an item we’d otherwise give away we would follow that choice. This rule had us doing some… questionable things to say the least. We ended up stealing the money in the principles desk and keeping, so we had to lie to Frank about not having it. But the worst was letting Warren beat up Nathan because we noticed at the end of that scene, Chloe picks up Nathan’s gun, but doesn’t in the scene where you stop Warren from beating up Nathan, so we had to live with that fucked up moment. Overall, it was probably not the best way to make choices in the game, but it was usually funny!

Other thing that happened (which I’ve mentioned in an earlier thread) was when we had the final choice we spent a good amount of time arguing over what choice to make. I finally convinced them that letting Chloe die was the best choice and was the best choice to make for Chloe as she wouldn’t have to live with survivor’s guilt and she wanted to die a hero. Proud of my persuasion, I picked the final choice only to see the tornado wreck the city… turns out I picked the wrong choice. So we reloaded from the final scene… and I made the wrong choice again.

So when I fucked up the third time we just let it play out :expressionless:

All my friends cheered. I was just shaking my head. I suppose it was good payback for my ridiculous item acquisition rule.

After everyone went home, I reloaded the game and played through the original choice, and once I heard Spanish Sahara playing I knew I had made a huge mistake.

On the bright side, now every adventure game we play through we prioritize item acquisition

I got a Xbox 360 right around the time Crackdown came out because I got it for cheap and I wanted to try the Halo 3 beta.

Of course it wasn’t available immediately so I ended up playing some Crackdown online with a buddy of mine.

We were just bombing around the city causing ridiculous explosions and generally causing mass destruction. We then started climbing some buildings and were trying to beat each other to the top of random buildings.

In case you aren’t familiar, in Crackdown you climb buildings by grabbing on to a ledge and flinging your character up high enough to grab another ledge. You keep doing that until you reach the top of the building.

Well I managed to beat my friend to the top of a building by a pretty considerable margin, and I could see him continuing to scale the building. I aligned myself with with where he was ascending and when he flung himself up the final time I kicked his character!

He went flying for some time and we both just cracked up because it was totally hilarious to see happen and actuallynplay out.

Anyway, it was around then I realized that xbox live was something special, because I never had such silly fun in any other game before then.

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