LGBTQ+ rep in video games


Hire LGBT people to tell LGBT stories? That’s just an outlandish idea! [/sarcasm]


So how about that gay dad dating sim huh? Anyone looking forward to that?


Would probably be mildly intrigued were it not for the involvement of the Game Grumps.


I have basically no opinion on game grumps (I’m aware of them but not really, anything about them? so) and I’m definitely not expecting any in-depth true experience of gay fatherhood but
I’m v ready to kiss leather jacket whiskey dad, it looks like it’ll be fun


I’m not really the biggest fan of Game Grumps, or dating sims for that matter, so I think I’m gonna pass on it, but I hope it ends up being good for the people who are excited. I feel like some dating sims with all male casts end up catering towards straight women more than they try to be for mlm, so I hope that this game doesn’t fall into that trap.


Apparently a lot of the people involved are actually queer men. And the game grump involvement is mostly the voice acting. So I’m optimistic for it.


SAME, Probably not going to day 1 it, but willing to pick it up within the launch window if word of mouth is good.


Has anyone gotten the Dream Daddies game? I just saw on twitter that you could play as a trans person, which is really neat, and I haven’t really seen anything bad about it so far.


You can play as a trans dad, and you can choose whether you were married to a man or a woman before the game which is a good start! Trying to stay as spoiler free as possible because I might want to play this game myself.


[mild spoilers for the Dream Daddies game maybe?] Apparently one of the dads is trans and also voiced by a trans actor. :ok_hand:

Yeah I know this shouldn’t be a big deal but let’s be real. It’s fucking rare.


I came here to kind of see if there was discussion of Dream Daddy. I guess I am still kind of put off by the kind of not fetishization of gay men in the game but by the fascination by non men who like men? Like, I am super happy with what people have said about the game, but I still can’t shake my weird feelings about it as a whole.


That’s super fair. I think a large part of the appeal is that it’s mostly just a very upbeat game with a fun art style and a lot of puns…but then I guess I don’t fall into the “non men who like men” category so I don’t think I’m the best person to judge.


Like, the guys are adorable (esp Bryan who’s so my type), I love the puns as a pun master, and really appreciate the trans dad player character options. I also don’t discount the views and opinions of others who aren’t gay/bi/pan guys; I just couldn’t quite find the words to express my feelings.


I think it’s fair to call Dream Daddy is step in the right direction overall. Like you said, it’s not perfect, BUT it does a lot right, so I think we can call it a win for the LGBTQ+ community at the end of the day.


I promise I’m not being intentionally obtuse when I ask: a step in what right direction?

It’s a nice game, but as far as gay dating sims go it’s not really especially “gay” or “dating”, imo.


Fair question. From what I read, a lot of queer creators were allowed to work on a very LGBTQ+ friendly game, which got a decent amount of coverage from the games media/community. I personally think that’s a step in the right direction, but I’m open for arguments.


That 100% makes sense - I was thinking more about the content than the production
(I would prefer… gayer stuff, generally, and it kind of sucks to me that the gay thing that gets a lot of media attention is one that never actually uses the word ‘gay’ (or ‘queer’ or ‘bi’ or anything) in it, you know)

edit to add sidepoint: probably why Joseph ended up my fav tbh, it makes sense to kind of skirt around the issue there :stuck_out_tongue:


This may just be my pessimistic five cents, but decent interpretations of almost ANY relationship is, most of the time so damned awkward it feels like trying to have phone sex with an inanimate object. Queer, heterosexual or otherwise.

Then again, with my own form of complete physical disassociation, I’d judge everything on ‘is this character lovable in their own unique way when completely devoid of any appearance? Like two brains floating and only capable of communication?’

Honestly that will always be my mantra as a design condition for any narrative game I work on in my spare time. Gimmie dat brain on brain action, don’t care what you’re packing fam.


I’m constantly on the lookout for nonbinary characters in games. Very very rare. Mostly mods, romhacks or tiny indie games.


Yeah, it’s a shame, and also the reason why I always try to write or insert nb characters into the media I create. However, I am also susceptible to the insecurity of “despite describing my own experiences people might see this as not representative enough because it’s only one person’s perspective”.