LGBTQ+ rep in video games


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I didn’t mind that so much in Dragon Age II, especially when I felt there was a huge dearth of same-sex romances at the time, but it felt especially “void-like” in Fallout 4. Most things in that game felt that way, though…


I don’t know that article seems to gloss over the whole 12 year old sex bot thing pretty quick


I will say though that having a character that much more had a strong sense of identity really made a huge impact upon me. Like in Inquisition, when I went through the Dorian romance side quest, hearing him talk about things like hiding his sexuality and wishing to change feeling like a poison that festers inside like…

Hoo boy, that was some crazy goosebumps moments for me. Hearing stuff like that alone is far more valuable to me than “look I can make them kiss.”

Do not misunderstand me though, I do like making them kiss still.


Exactly this, the kissing is nice, but there’s so much more depth they can give to a character if they have a clear idea of who they are in that particular aspect when they’re away from the player.


Yeah, the romance with Dorian was handled much better than any other gay relationships in Bioware games. I wish that was the game I got at 15, but alas, I made it through more or less intact.


Right, so like, the thing with playersexuality is I think it gives NPCs the appearance of shallowness because it carries the implication that they had no inclinations or feelings until the player’s interest or lackthereof defined it into them. In this sense, it makes them feel less fully realised.


And this is what I REALLY want to see more of in regards to representation in games. I want people who play to see how their identity and life experiences have formed them into the person they are at that moment. Whether they’re super flirty or completely untrusting of anyone, the way they perceive and interact with their world is far more interesting and I feel gives much better insight into how a queer individual works. In doing that, I feel it’s not only better story telling, but also gives non queer folk a better understanding on what being queer really means to someone. How it can be such a personal experience and wildly differs based upon context, circumstance, and history.


Yeah there’s no getting away from that smoothly.

As far as I recall all androids in that world start out as children and then they eventually have their bodies remade once they’ve reached psychological maturity. This upgrade is not mandatory and the character Dorothy chose to keep her old body and modify it to earn a living working that niche in the sex market.

I could definitely understand how this would rub a lot of people the wrong way (no pun intended). But I think it could have been a lot worse. VA-11 HALL-A isn’t an eroge, and this story beat is used more as a way of describing the sort of foul dystopia that the game takes place in.


Yeah, there were probably other better ways to make the world seem sleazy besides having that. Seems kind of ill-advised on the part of the developers.


I’m not necessarily opposed to having that in the game so long as its not there for titillation but it strikes me as a major failing on the articles part to just gloss over what is either a major part of the characters arc or (more likely from what I gather as it does seem the devs are channers) a cheap attempt at being edgy for the sake of being edgy

And that’s not to say the game or even the character don’t have other things to offer but if the game is going to have a discussion about something that serious it needs to be taken more seriously then that article does


Very true. Dev also need to be careful about what limits they would allow the character to have. Correct me if I’m wrong but just cause your character is gay doesn’t mean everyone around is. It understandable that people wanted to be gay in P5 but doesn’t mean you can romance Yusuke if he isn’t gay (Doesn’t stop fans from trying :smiley:). Still as long as devs keep the idea in mind when making the game and getting the right info on how to do it, they’ll get it right.


black closet is so good!! I wish more people had played that game


That game is so much deeper than it appears to be at first sight! I never actually completed a year because I couldn’t beat the end game but I had a lot of fun playing it regardless. It has some good diversity when it comes to f/f relationships, which is an aspect I enjoyed immensely.


Shoutout to Undertale, too; excellent handling of romantic relationships and loving your partner despite your flaws.


conversely though, just cause your character is straight doesn’t mean every girl around is down to clown but, that’s pretty much exactly the case in p5, right?


that is 100% how it is in that game


yeah I ended up playing on easy so I could see all the girls’ routes. I also appreciated that the relationships weren’t just copy/paste. Every girl has her own personality and desires different things from relationships


That true but it not forced on to you as you can just be friends. What would be better if some female character you can’t romance at all.


Just, a game where you can romance literally any of the girls and none of the boys, probably not the best example to use for ‘maybe this character is straight nonetheless, though’, you get me.