Life as or with a goth


Have you or know someone who was a goth and how was the relationship?

My sister came back from California as a goth with the whole dark makeup and attitude on life (despite still hanging out with me and my brother). My cop aunt was super pissed and avoid her till she stopped.


this is legit the funniest OP ive ever read on this site. each sentence reveals a shocking new development

EDIT: for real though my partner was goth and there are still streaks of goth in their personality and tastes. it gels well with my political and social outlook, but not my temperament. i’m kind of a positive depressive, I guess - things suck, but i’ll make it through. they’re more like “things irreversibly suck, but these other little things give me life”. being goth is cool because it’s kind of an early iteration of wokeness (better word for this?): things are worse than they seem (true!) and everyone else just hasn’t opened their eyes to it yet (also true!)

I’m not sure what the question is beyond that, though. How old is your sister?


I had no idea that cops had problems with goths. I always figured that if you’re pale enough to pull off the look you were white enough to be invisible to popo. :rofl:


I love how the OP is written as well.
What is the goth outlook on life that your sister now has that she has come back from California? Did she think differently before?

On a related note I wandered into a Hot Topic last week and ended up with some glittery nail-polish and a spiky bracelet. Things are going well.


At the time she was a late teen, the usual time people would go through phases. It was short lived as her interest in arts pushed her away from that style.


I am starting to feel like I should go through more explicit phases so that I can better account for how I spent my years.




At least where I was (and I’ve read pieces from elsewhere that seem to reflect similar conflicts), the goth-punk scene of the '90s (and built off the '80s emergence around punk rock so going back before my time) had to make a very clear choice: accept White skinheads or ally with antifa to block them (and make a scene that was at least somewhat safer than otherwise). And as we know, the police know which side they’re going to bat for in that conflict which means the majority of the scene (which picked the latter and often included quite a few antifa, if not always using that name) could easily appear on the police’s radar. I was never deeply into any of that at the time but as someone on the fringes, I at least saw a bit and heard plenty more.


Yeah my sister was on the antifa side of goth (We’re a very diverse family).


Whenever I talk about myself to my friends or gf I like to think I’m very goth but I don’t know that I really consider myself part of the sub-culture. In the same way that I’m attracted to witches/witchcraft, I found certain elements of goth culture & aesthetic that resonated with me as I was coming to terms with my identity. Following queer folks who were open about their identity/sexuality helped me eventually figure out that I was trans, and they would often express themselves in goth/punk art & fashion so it was something that stuck with me.

So though you might find me describing myself as a goth-y witch it’s less that I feel a particular connection to the wider culture of any one group and more that the small queer/lgbt+ groups I’m in find certain ideas from the likes of goth culture empowering and helpful in feeling more comfortable in our bodies. The same way one might identity as a furry without necessarily wanting to go to furry conventions, etc etc.

As an aside, I just got a nice set of tarot cards a few days ago and I’m excited to start using them in a little morning ritual. :blush:


These days I’m more goth-adjacent


Life is sweet with the big goth gf teat, it can’t be beat! (put this on repeat)

My partner and I love the style, but makeup and wardrobe and time is très expensif so it’s an occasional treat. The stereotype of goth being for angsty nihilists doesn’t exactly track with reality.


Had a few goth friends in High School. Dated one. We were a odd looking couple because I was very much a Bay Area Hip Hop kid wearing baggy jeans and big white Ts.

My goth friends were all cool. We talked about horror movies and art. Haven’t met a goth in awhile but I hope I do because they are rad. Goths get a little harder to find once you are an adult. SECRET GOTHS WHERE YOU AT.


Dated one. We were a odd looking couple because I was very much a Bay Area Hip Hop kid wearing baggy jeans and big white Ts.

I was an odd-couple too because I was a post-goth 22 year old and she was a Very Goth 39-year old. I went to her best friend’s 40th birthday party! They were all very cool and nice people


Peter Murphy is doing a residency at The Chapel in SF later this year


This made me think of Night in the Woods.



nasinohsadnadsniasdioasd this sounds like something out of night in the woods.
I’ve been through many goth archetypes (I’ve been emo, traditional goth and now im having a punk moment) all i can say is every gothy person ive met is fucking cool and has at least SOME type of talent in something.


i am a goth and all cops are bastards


im a punk and i second this