Life is Strange: Before the Storm - Discussion


I would hope that I am not the only person here who is playing Life is Strange: Before the Storm and wants to discuss it.

I’m personally loving this prequel so far, and I really did not expect to like it this much. Chloe’s story is really relatable for me in more ways than one, and I like her as a character so much more now after playing these first two episodes of the prequel. After episode 2, I am totally sold on Chloe and Rachel’s relationship and it is really sad to think about how their story will eventually end.

I’ll spoiler tag my major choices from the first two episodes below:

Episode 1:

Attacked the Skeevy Duder (Fuck that guy)
Was mean to Joyce (It seemed canon)
Defended Nathan (He hasn’t been corrupted yet, he just seems kind of weird)
Told Rachel we were more than friends (Duh)

Episode 2:

Went along with Rachel’s story (It was her idea!)
Refused to empty pockets (Fuck fascists)
Stayed with Mikey (And gave back the money to Drew)
Kissed Rachel (Duh)

Anyone who wants to post their thoughts on the game so far or spoiler tag some spoilery discussions is hella welcome!


I haven’t actually bought Before the Storm yet – I can’t shake the reminder of the SAG-AFTRA situation every time I look at the Steam page – but I’ve caught some footage from different streamers making their way through it, and it’s been pretty enjoyable to watch! I’m not a huge fan of Eliot yet, but that might just be because he reminds me too much of Warren from the first game, especially given the part where Chloe can find that pretty uncomfortable poetry he’d written about her in his room. Just not a huge fan of that archetype, but I get why they included it in a story about art school teens!

Also, CopStepDad is a douche and every time he talks to Chloe I grimace.


Yeah, the voice acting strike was something that made me apprehensive about it at first. I personally think Chloe’s new VA does a really good job, though obviously it would have been best if the strike wasn’t necessary in the first place.

As for the spoilery part:

Yeah, Eliot is kind of an interesting character. If I remember right, Chloe mentions in her journal that she hooked up with him shortly after her dad died but that she doesn’t really like him all that much. It’s a bit different than Warren in the first game, who was just crushing hard on Max, since Eliot and Chloe have actually done shit together. The poetry stuff was definitely weird though, and it makes me wonder how they will wrap up his story in episode 3.

And yeah, fuck David haha. I was all ready to give him a chance at the beginning of episode 2, but then he’s all “empty your pockets you druggie” and I’m all like “fuck off, you fascist!”


Just gonna say, in Episode 2 if you didn’t kiss Rachel you probably made the wrong choice.

While I had my misgivings about the new team and cast changes, I’m very shocked at just how well Deck Nine is capturing the spirit of the original, and most of soundalikes are on-point (David, Samuel, and William notwithstanding).


Haha, yeah, kissing Rachel is definitely canon. I do want to start a new save file though where they’re just friends to see how that holds up in comparison.

And yeah, I totally agree about those specific soundalikes. David’s different voice really stood out to me in the first episode, and then the same thing happened with Samuel in episode 2. Nothing against those voice actors or anything, they do a great job, but the fact that those characters already have established voices makes their interpretations kind of stand out in my opinion.


Was slightly disappointed that none of my actions from Episode 1, nothing really amounted to anything… And still nothing about the strange wind from Episode 1…


Hmm… yeah I don’t think the wind stuff is going to end up being anything really. I could be wrong, but it seems like they aren’t going to go anywhere with the “Rachel has magic powers too” theory after episode 2.

I haven’t played through a second time yet, so I don’t know how many differences there are based on the choices in the first episode. It does seem like there isn’t going to be much different though, outside of some dialogue changes here and there.


Count me in as one of the people pleasantly surprised at how Before the Storm turned out so far. I really loved LiS, so I really had no great expectations about another studio’s take on the material, but it turned out pretty good, even though not quite as good as the original, imo.

My main beef with BtS so far are the often cringey dialogue (more so than in LiS, imo) and Chloe’s horrible “backtalk” mechanic, which i can’t seem to figure out. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but either way, I feel the complete conversations make little sense. Also, is it just me or does everyone talk really slowly or with odd pauses? It really strikes me as odd, but I’m not a native speaker, so maybe it’s just me?

Other than that, it’s great, though, and the Rachel/Chloe dynamic seems realistic, even though I’m kind of wary of Rachel, personally.

I’m really curious how they’ll wrap this whole thing up in the last episode. A time-skip, maybe? It takes place 2 or 3 years before LiS, right? So without a time-skip, I’m wondering if they’ll even address the whole thing about Rachel’s disappearance. Anyway, hopefully the last episode doesn’t take too long!


While I appreciate the input, I’m just going to say that in terms of production and tolerability, Before the Storm is (and I usually loathe using this word) objectively better. To compare, go back and look at the first few episodes of the original series. The facial animations, vocal timing, and dialogue are hella more appropriate this time 'round.

And while the Backtalk thing is entirely up to taste, it’s a method of presenting Chloe getting fed up with people and people getting fed up with her; it’s not like every time you “win” one Chloe also “wins” the conversation. It’s just a particular way to reach an endpoint: a confrontational and very Chloe way of doing so.


As a big fan of the first game, I was really looking forward to it and enjoyed the first episode a lot. It was great to have the series back.

The second episode was kind of meh, though. It was slow, tedious and not nearly as interesting as the one before it.


So how does this game work exactly without the rewind mechanic? Just by choosing dialogue options like in the telltale games for example?
Honestly the idea of a prequel set in the same town doesn’t exactly interest me but since the reception is good I might give it a try


Chloe doesn’t have super powers, so it’s mostly dialogue based. She can, however, argue and insult her way towards objectives, like making someone give up and let her in somewhere.

Collectibles are also now graffiti (you get two choices as to what type of thing to write on each spot) instead of photos.


Everything just moves slower without the rewind powers, sometimes you just want to restart and fix an action but the game punishes you for it by making you sit through every piece of dialogue without the ability to rewind or speed up dialogue you have already read/experience.

The story is cute and adds a hefty amount of character development for Chloe and Rachael. But the plot moving forward just seems sort of pointless because it’s not taking any sort of main direction or point yet.


So just finished episode 2. Was good but had too many moments of downtime and thus pacing was all over the place. The junkyard and Blackwell lasted way too long and really dragged it out. However, there were some fantastic high points. The choice with Mikey and Drew worked as the only real big decision of the episode. Was actually one of the more difficult decisions I have ever made in LiS and BtS. Surprised I was in the minority on that one. The Play Sequence was just fantastic. Questionable drugging of Victoria aside, I loved the section. I am a sucker for a character forced onto the stage so it just got me excited.

I am also loving how they are building up Chloe and Rachel’s relationship. I worried that it would have been rushed but the two of them have such a chemistry. The writing really is putting in the work as are the voice actors. I have gone for the friendship option as I think it thematically works better. My rationale was that Chloe was looking for a friend and not a significant other. With Max gone, I felt Chloe would be looking for someone to fill that specific void. Considering in her mind, her only friend up and left her, she would want that again. Will definitely replay it though and see how the romance plays out.


Well said. I agree with your points. Pacing was all over the place, and those segments really slowed it down, especially the truck one. I had a hard time really getting into this episode and that’s one of the main reasons.

I was also in the minority on that choice, but didn’t have to make the same one when it came to the play, because I drained her confidence and made it so that she was too afraid to go on stage.


Regarding the Victoria thing: there’s apparently multiple ways to deal with that part. I’ve seen a lot of people say they drugged her, which is kind of fucked up, but I ended up doing a backtalk challenge where I mind-fucked her into believing that theater was for losers and that everyone would laugh at her.

Also, I agree about the Mikey and Drew part, I had to set the controller down and think about that one for a while. I probably made the wrong choice there, but I didn’t want to give the money to that skeevy asshole, he doesn’t need it.


I guess I worried that if I didn’t give the money to the drug dealer, I’d be making two enemies. Also, it was technically their money. Surprisingly, that decision didn’t have terrible consequences, as I was still thanked via text by Drew, which was weird.


Yeah, and when I gave the money back and stayed in the room with Mikey, Drew was also pretty thankful. It’s kind of weird that regardless of what you do, everyone seems happy with how Chloe chose to handle it. I would hope it comes back in Episode 3 in some way though.


I can’t help but let my knowledge of events in the future of this game influence the way I treat Nathan. He’s a fucking serial killer, I show him no quarter. Has anyone struggled with this?

I used a spoiler tag to be safe but are they really necessary in this thread? I feel like anyone reading this thread knows what they’re getting themselves into.


Without a big SPOILER tag in the title, we kind of have to hide the big moments. Until then it would be best to try and not spoil. Although I have to agree with you. I cannot see anyone coming in here when they have not played through the most recent episodes.