Life is Strange: Before the Storm General w/ Spoilers Tagged


So I finished Before the Storm, and I have a TON of feelings about it that I’d like to process with others. Let’s talk about it! What did you think? Was it a good prequel? Was it necessary? How did yours end? How do we navigate the wonky labor politics? How did you feel about that post credits scene?


I really liked the first two episodes but number 3 went in a really weird direction.


I’m not really a fan of these sorts of telltale-style games, for lack of a better descriptor. On top of that it leans heavy into gay tragedy which we’ve had enough of.

Someone said this of Black Mirror, ‘Cynicism is easy, hope is hard’ which really struck a chord with me. I’ve had enough post apocalypse bad horror movie nonsense, I don’t think it’s really meaningful any more.


I totally feel you. As silly as it is, I actually had some stress nightmares about this game because I kept thinking about what would inevitably happen to Rachel even though the present situation was cute. That post-credits scene didn’t help either.


For sure. The whole arc with Rachel’s mom was wilder than I wanted or needed tbh