Like a Good Date, 'Neon White' Makes Your Heart Pound

Playing Neon White feels like handling a live wire. It’s electric, it feels dangerous, and the power you feel from mastering it is incredible. More than that, it’s deliciously and unrelentingly horny.

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Neon White is my favorite platformer since Celeste, especially the Neon Red Side Missions, which feel like 3D Celeste C-side levels with how much mid-air jumping you need to do and how badly it can go with just one mistake.

Ever play a video game section and when you’re done you need to exhaust steam from your soul because of how overheated your heart was getting from the thrill of the experience? That’s the kind of shit I’m getting from Neon White.

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If you have access to it, you gotta check out the Severed Steel demo for that exact same feeling.

My one concern with Neon White is that I don’t have great M&K chops and I’m not sure how technically demanding it is on sticks. But I sure want to give it a shot.

i’ve played both on switch and m&k, and i vastly prefer m&k. that said, people who have played on switch with motion controls say that it handles very well, and i wonder if that mitigates any of the issues i have with the switch version.


Perhaps I will do that then. Thanks Gita!

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What’s M&K?

15 characters.

EDIT: Also, Neon White is much less of a shooter than this Severed Steel seems to be and much much less of a shooter than Ghostrunner. I found Ghostrunner to be unnecessarily brutal with how precise your shoots need to be, so far this game has demanded very little in terms of aim and dodging.

Like Neon White has a ton of guns, but most of the time you use them for their secondary movement abilities, not for precision blasting.

mouse and keyboard! in response to the rest of your post lol, yeah, the game has aim-assist on automatically, and has a further function that can highlight enemies and adjust your shots toward them if you’re off. way more about traversal than shooting imo.


well i just learned that i’ve been doing it without “insight aiming”. hopefully it’ll make those long shots easier

been playing with a ps4 controller though. I’m so used to controller movement and aiming these days. Its funny i went from being only good at mouse and keyboard a decade ago to only controller.

the game is really fun. I never really enjoy platformers cause I’m bad at them but apparently first person platformers work for me. and i never try to get the best score but now i feel the need to get teh best medal everytime and to beat any friends who i have on the leaderboards

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So, as someone who wants to like platformers like this, but also never managed to get off of the first level of Celeste… [but enjoys watching better people play it]… and never managed to master even Quake’s advanced traversal mechanics despite having played it on and off for 25 years - what’s the feeling on Neon White’s difficulty level?
Is it worth my trying it out, or should I just watch better people play it?

I’ve played the first set of levels, and I’ll say that the game is a lot easier than it looks. The movement mechanics are forgiving on timing, and so far the game hasn’t made me do too many difficult moves in a row. I’m playing on mouse and keyboard, so that might make a difference.

This game would really benefit from a demo, or being on game pass!

it had a demo a few months ago which is what sold me on it. i don’t understand the recent trends of having demos pre release and then getting rid of them when the game comes out. seems to happen on steam a lot these days


I just found the rocket launcher/hookshot and this game hit another level of badass awesome.

I’ve never been an FPS or ‘twitch’ type player, but after the frst ~30 levels I’ve found it a lot more acessible than I expected. Getting the absolute best times would require a lot of skill, sure, but as long as you’re happy with just getting the gold or ace medals and moving on, it’s not too bad. The gameplay feels like more of the draw than the story, so I’d say give it a shot above watching others. Worst case, steam has a refund policy?