Like 'Breath of the Wild,' Switch's Success is Tied to Taking Big Risks


Not every game needs to become an open world, but Nintendo, now is not the time to be timid. Be bold.

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Much like motion controls, and portable gaming back when the GB came out, Nintendo read the market way ahead of time and published one of the horninest games ever made with Bayonetta 2. Then once Bayonetta was the most asked for character for Smash on Wii U and more importantly on the 3DS they realized the Wii U was a mistake and that portable, not just touchpad, horniness was the future of gaming. :smiley:


I feel like Nintendo is always taking risks though. The trouble with taking risks is sometimes they don’t work out. The Wii U was a risk which ultimately failed due to a variety of reasons (bad marketing, poor dev support, etc). Metroid: Other M changed things up with the usual Metroid formula and that game hasn’t been very well received.

The Switch is so far (so far!) bearing fruit, and I agree that changing up the Zelda formula was a welcome move. But to say Nintendo needs to keep taking risks is silly to me; that’s what they always do. It’s just sometimes it doesn’t work.


Yeah, I love Super Mario 3D World but cannot for the life of me remember any marketing for that game. And Splatoon only seemed to receive any consideration from the company after it started gaining a fan base.
Definitely agree Nintendo is always trying weird and interesting things with playfulness in mind. Though they stumble, their compass is always pointed in the right direction.


Weird is good as long as it not going too far like how Star fox went.


Ha, well… I missed that and am not looking back (but you are absolutely right)


The thing is I’ll take so many more bad Star Fox games if it means getting something as fresh as BotW now and then. Nintendo is at its best when it refuses to play it safe.


That true. One thing I hope they don’t do is forget about their other series like metroid and F-Zero.