Like What the Nobles Have — Children of Zodiarcs


Children of Zodiarcs is an indie tactical RPG created by Cardboard Utopia and published by Square Enix Collective. The player controls a motley crew of professional thieves as they try to make their way in an unforgiving world, plundering magical artifacts with the help of some of their own (the titular Zodiarcs).

In battle, the player moves around on a grid-based tile system, selects actions from a hand of cards, and then rolls a set of die to determine additional effects. However, you can mitigate some of that risk through a re-roll system, where you can pick some of your old die and try to get a better outcome.

I thought I’d make a topic for this because, while I’ve only just scratched the surface (only two hours deep and not yet through the second chapter), I’ve had a favourable impression so far. I was a Kickstarter backer, seeing connections to much-loved games from me like Fire Emblem and Baten Kaitos. While my attention has been pulled a little elsewhere from Children of Zodiarcs, I was wondering if anyone else had picked this game up and what their thoughts on it were.

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(P.S. I really like the music.)


i’ve been playing it a bunch and while there’s plenty of things i like about it, i’m finding it really frustrating because i feel like i’m repeatedly failing missions out of sheer enemy numbers. it sucks to lose half an hour to an hour of progress for failing and honestly wish it had some leeway there.

i do like how cards and dice function as a sort of analogue for mana/character builds. the art is wonderful as well


Does it just hit a difficulty wall after a point? I’ve noticed enemy levels beginning to creep up and I’m wondering if I just need to be hitting up Skirmishes to stay ahead of the curve.


I’ve hit a few difficulty walls already. had to grind out levels in skirmishes to get new moves but it’s still uneven


i’m at about 16-17 hours and i’m only on like, chapter 3 out of 10? does that pace seem anything like yours?
granted a lot of this is due to some hard difficulty spikes, which are probably gonna be evened out now that they’ve added the new dynamic difficulty mode.


There’s ten chapters? Geez! I’m still in Chapter 2 with 4 hours sunk in. I’ve just hit the first part that feels like a definite difficulty wall, after struggling through Mission 8 (the first time I’d not managed to grab the bonus achievement for a mission, as far as I know).

Definitely keen on testing the new dynamic difficulty mode, since I can imagine I might need to do a fair bit of grinding to keep pace if the enemies keep sprouting up 1-2 levels per run.


yeah, ten chapters seemed like a lot to me? I’m not sure how many missions there are. the biggest problem I had is that it felt like I was losing a lot from being outnumbered instead of being outplayed.


That’s definitely a rub I’m starting to feel, although I’m not sure if the party expands later on. While it’s never put me in a situation where I’m outmatched, I can definitely see it getting frustrating, particularly with the enemy being able to have dedicated (and fairly M. Def-strong) healers.

Some of the missions definitely seem like they throw a few too many people at you at once, although it makes me appreciate the relative passivity of the initial few chapters a lot more!