Limited Time Blasphemous Demo Available on Steam

I was perusing Eurogamer this morning and I came across this article. There is a limited time demo of the Castlevania/hollowknight/metroidvania etc. etc. etc. action platformer Blasphemous available on steam until Sunday.

I played through it before work this morning and enjoyed it well enough. The art is definitely interesting and it has a very distinct aesthetic. The whole thing made me feel kind of gross in a good way. It looks like the character system has a fair amount of depth but the level design didn’t thrill me. Either way the demo made me interested to look into the full game when it arrives in September.

Has anyone else checked the demo out?

i played some of it when i saw that article. i mostly enjoyed it, but play it with a controller if you can.

also, screw those bloody candelabra wielding assholes and their bastard Stab Pope mates.

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I do like that there are stab popes (maybe stab cardinals).

I remember seeing this game during an E3 sizzle reel or something and the trailer being full of gory killing blows or whatever and thinking to myself: Wow, this looks so incredibly unappealing.

But I gave the demo a shot and I’m super into the vibe, look and themes of the game. Prayers as spells, bones of clergymen as collectibles, miscellaneous objects used as rosary beads that serve as equipment, your answers to “yes or no” questions being “assent or dissent”, ominous (voiced!) dialogue and a dedicated lore button when you’re looking at items in the menu? All very flavorful, I’m so into all of that.

I wasn’t as much into the part where you actually fight stuff though. When you’re hitting enemies in your basic attack string it sorta feels okay, but you’re also rooted to the ground unless you either parry and counter-attack, fail to parry and just block or use the slide-dodge move which just feels so, so slippery. The combats lack of any mobility would be fine if the combat had any sort of weight or heft to it but instead it just sorta feels like you’re just kinda ineffectually swinging your sword at enemies until they die. But if I’m being honest, I typically don’t enjoy the combat in most search action games and there wasn’t anything in Blasphemous that felt particularly awful either, so I could probably deal with it for however long the game might be.

Anyway, all that being said I’m definitely more interested in Blasphemous after playing the demo than I was before I decided to take a look at it. I really do wish more games, big and small, had demos so you could just give them a spin so you can see what you think or see if they run on your machine.

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I really, really liked what I played of the demo. Yeah, it’s incredibly overbearing, but it’s a kind of overbearing that totally works. I actually really liked the combat. It’s more deliberate than a lot of other 2D action games like this, very weighty. The lore seems super tight, too.

@blzzzrrttt, I suspect that the combat will feel more dynamic as the game goes on? I felt like it was pretty demanding Though I guess it kind of depends on what you count as “movement”. If you mean a Guacamelee or Dust style combat, I don’t think that’s in the future, but I am noticing mechanics that encourage positioning and movement. For example, you cant parry those stab-popes, so you have to jump up to hit them and dodge their attacks, and you can’t parry the projectiles certain enemies launch. The other enemies mixed with those types make combat more dynamic, and I think there’s potential for it to be very dynamic. And there looks to be a cool range of special moves already!

There was an interview where a developer of this game said they “weren’t trying to say anything about religion.” (I cant find this video, unfortunately.) I’m really interested in that because like… it’s seems it would not be possible for this game to not have at least something to say about it’s theming???

There’s a lot I’d love to get into discussing this game, but I oughtta wait till it’s out. So many cool games coming this year :sob:

I won’t get a chance at the demo because I don’t have a pc, but gosh, this looks fucking metal as fuck, dude, and I can’t wait to dig into it

Oh yeah, the demo lets you try out the first few abilities and I only chose the two on the left of the upgrade tree (the extra attack for your combo string and the charge attack) even though the two on the right (the downward strike and the dodge attack) seemed more my speed. I wouldn’t be surprised if the other systems (spells, relics, rosary items) allowed for more varied combat options either.

Guacamelee (along with the sequel) is up there when it comes to search action combat systems love to fight in. Flowing from basic attacks into throws and mixing in dodges and the special abilities is super fun but also not the kind of combat the Blasphemous is aiming for.

I think a more deliberate feel, as you mention, is probably what they’re going for but it’s a bit lacking for me in that regard. I slept on it and I think one key thing it’s missing for me is some kind of riskiness or some form of punishment for over-commitment. When you mash X and you aren’t hitting enemies you’ll just spam the first attack of your combo string. If instead, you would initiate the combo string regardless of whether or not you were hitting something that would certain go farther to make the game feel more deliberate for me.