Listen to Us Tell War Stories from 'X-COM' and 'Madden' on Waypoint Radio


With half the team missing or wounded, Austin and Rob have to conduct an after-hours stealth podcast. Austin's been playing some Need for Speed: Payback and the Longshot narrative campaign from Madden 18, while Rob is really surprised by how much War of the Chosen turned him around on X-COM 2.

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Along with Portal (which I bought at the same time), Need for Speed: Undercover was the first game I ever owned on Steam. 15 year-old me had so much fun in that game and it still makes me so nostalgic and happy to hear it brought up even though (or even especially because), in hindsight, I know its story was a total campfest.


The segment about payback is super good

Rob admitting he doesn’t know what tsundere means


I’m NOT going to spoil Tokyo Drift


Rob seems like a experienced enough strategy game player that he could probably do well at X-Com ironman mode if he looked at some videos of skilled players playing ironman at the highest difficulty. Mostly it’s about going slowly into the fog of war, and always, always, always asking yourself “what am I going to do if I lose the dice roll”, even if it’s a 95% certainty.

But I do really have a problem with the difficulty curve too. The first third of my ironman run on normal difficulty felt extremely difficult, but the second third started to feel really easy, and by the last third I was very annoyed at doing mission after mission where I felt no danger and just wanted to finish the game. The difficulty doesn’t seem to increase much at all as you get better at the game because your upgrades are as good or better than the alien’s upgrades.

It makes me wonder if they specifically tune the game for you losing a lot of battles early on, making you more behind the curve on money and xp. I restarted 2 or 3 times before I got an opening I was happy with, but I was probably overestimating how far in the hole I was by restarting and robbed myself of the joy of turning what seemed like an impossible position around.


All the War of the Chosen talk makes me want to play it all over again. It is so damn good y’all. Definitely making my top 10 this year.

I also loved Rob bringing up Pitch. While an incredibly flawed show (especially with them introducing the romance plot with Zack Morris way too early in the show’s run), but I just love the concept of a sports procedural. The drama of the day-to-day life of a professional athlete seems like such a rich storytelling vein to tap. Hopefully the next show made in this mold lasts more than a season.

I’m especially excited about the rise of sports game campaigns in recent years because of this. Longshot has me intrigued, and the only thing keeping me from playing it is the ick factor of giving the NFL any of my money. I’m thinking I’ll catch it on EA Access when it’s put on that service next year. Yeah, the NFL is getting a cut of my subscription, but it’s enough distance to sooth my conscience.


It’s interesting to hear about Madden. I feel like I remember Patrick talking about the quizzes and trainging parts of the game in a positive way. I watch the stupid Detroit Lions every week for the last few years and I honestly don’t know the difference between a pistol or shotgun (terms I hear regularly). My not understanding these things stops me from considering playing these games. I hope it doesn’t sound like i’m invalidating Austins criticisms, just adding my perspective.


If you take a drink every time Austin interrupts someone, you gonna be dead very soon.


When someone says X-COM, I get excited and think they’re going to talk about the original series. 99% of the time, they mean XCOM and then I get sad.


Really wish I had the money for War of the Chosen right now. Nothing else I want to play more (except maybe Wolfenstein 2. Let’s call it a tie).