Listen to Us Try to Comprehend the 'Detective Pikachu' Trailer in Real-Time

The holidays are upon us, which means new video games are dropping fast and furious. That makes it the perfect time to spend a long time talking about...Vampyr? Rob spent the weekend with one of Patrick's favorites from earlier this year, much to his delight. In an episode that was supposed to be "short," Rob and Patrick join Austin to spend nearly two hours also discussing Tetris Effect, how every human being is actually connected, The Gardens Between, the many ways to creatively kill in Hitman 2, and what it's like to cheer for a good football team after years of despair. Oh, and we react to the absolutely wild Detective Pikachu trailer in real-time.

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Unless I’m missing something, the podcast didn’t get posted.

This seems to have gone up in the feed but not been added to the article – so you can still get it from a podcast client. Good catch, though!

direct download link is for episode 200 so idk what is happening here. sticher went to the right place. Itunes has it. Google play link doesn’t work

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Here yall go

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When discussing traditional video game prices, there’s a comment about “sales culture” that sounds like it’s referencing a common myth that we live in a new “era of sales” that was brought about by digital stores and specifically pushed by Steam. It’s a nice myth for the companies who want to maximise revenue per sale - that you’ve never had it so good and those sales events are basically happening out of their largess. But, y’know, it’s not at all true.

Before most people even played games, those cheap cassettes were a game for a few quid. This is back at basically the beginning of being able to buy a game outright. If you could somehow find access to something that played games then you could buy a legitimate copy of a new game for a few dollars in local currency.

As games grew into that AAA moniker, rapidly expanding sales combined with increasing prices (during a period of often significant unit cost making the carts) to explode budgets. But there were always sales. There was always the “Value” brands, the repackages of older games. The 3 for £20 offer. The anomaly is the £50 asking price - that’s the new infection to the system that has caused the traditional market to mutate to feel more tied to a “sales event” culture (previously games just got cheaper and cheaper and then became out of stock because that’s something physical goods can do while digital ones can’t). “All you consumers waiting for sales is forcing high initial prices” is the wrong direction of action. The abnormally high (see history and every other mass entertainment medium) asking prices are forcing most people (who don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on a single hobby) to wait for prices to go down (or just buy very few games - equally bad for the health of the industry as a whole).


Should I hate myself for recognizing the Sinnoh Championship poster in the Detective Pikachu trailer as a cue that the game takes place in the Pokemon ass Pokemon world or should I hate that Austin doesn’t?


I don’t think you should hate on anyone in this case. The panel were completely unaware of the premise of the movie, which is understandable given their lack of interest in the Pokemon franchise. It was funny to hear them dig deeper and find out that the movie is an adaption of the Detective Pikachu game that was released early in 2018 for audiences outside of Japan!


is there a time stamp for when they get into detective pikachu? was hoping to jump right into that

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The detective pikachu talk starts at 1:16:20.

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Convinced Austin was describing Liverpool FC at the beginning. We’ll be up 3-0 then magically get beat then the next week be down 0-2 and pull a win it the bag

The talk about Vampyr’s “you need to kill for exp” stuff is interesting cause it… doesn’t… really work as harshly as the devs built it up to be? To begin with, while I did use my skills a lot, weapons can do a lot of damage so I wasn’t really itching to make my skills better. You naturally end up with a ton of upgrade materials for your weapons, and they don’t gate upgrades too much so you can get very strong quickly. Early on I upgraded a two handed weapon by accident, realized how amazing it was, and ended up using that for 3/4 of the game, similarly upgrading further at one point and becoming even more overpowered for a while. Later on I did hit a few optional boss walls, but by doing all the quests I had more than enough exp to be at a comfortable level and have all that I wanted power-wise. So I actually never ended up eating anyone, even if there were a few people that were tempting…

Rob also talks about sleeping making things harder, which I didn’t do much and that probably helped. I always built up a ton of exp and did upgrades in bulk, which keeps the district health in good standing as well since that only changes when you sleep. They uh… definitely didn’t really account for that lack of time passing story-wise at times, though.

(…I should note that at some point I just looked up how to not lose hints, and what big choices did what during the story. The hints are super arbitrary in a frustrating way, and the choices can be interesting but at the time I was just absolutely not in the mood to get a really unsatisfying result. It didn’t help that the handling of quests you get items for before you’re told about them can get really messy, so I unfortunately didn’t really feel the tension Patrick felt as I often had to look up how quests worked to know if I was “ready” to turn them in begin with.)

(…also I’m very excited to hear their Detective Pikachu reactions/discovery, as a fan of that game, as I’m typing this while they discuss Vampyr still)