Little Witch Academia

I strongly relate to Akko, who is consistently fucking everything up and only saves the day by virtue of befriending people with actual competence.


I loved the films and was happy to find out it got to become a series proper. I have actually yet to watch the series itself; I’m all about Amanda’s 'tude tho!


In trying to pitch it to people I try to summarise it as like, “Harry Potter where Harry is still the chosen one but has no talent at all and is relentlessly belittled and bullied.” I feel like that’s at least kind of apt?

Netfilx’s decision to put it up in other territories only after all the episodes have been aired in Japan was a really frustrating one.

The recent action has been gorgeous to watch, I hope we get to see more.


Haven’t seen the films but I’m having a great time with this show. Akko is a great main character and watching the way they come up with how her ambition works against her but ends up solving the episode in some silly way anyway is fantastic. The rest of the cast is pretty great too, fun show all around.

Sucy is such a fun little weirdo and I love how comfortable she is with that. A lot of anime characters have weird complexes about their unusual interests but she don’t give one flying fuck.

Sucy rules and I love that she’s hangs around Akko just to fuck with her.

Last episode was on some fuckin. Metal Gear Revengeance shit, Amanda rules, more Amanda, thanks.

I’m glad they’ve finally installed an overarching plot beyond “okay it’s fairly fuckin’ obvious that Ursula is/was Chariot but ALSO let’s see what silly bullshit Akko gets up to THIS WEEK”. Excited for more development of Diana as a rival in parallel to the Chariot/Cyberwitch business.

Also hope Andrew becomes a class traitor and that there’s more exploration of Luddism and organised labour imo[/spoiler]

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I feel like Trigger is finally hitting their stride with this one. Every week I to see what Akko and friends are up to. They’ve not-so-subtley suggested where the narrative is going, and I think it’s a pretty interesting direction for a story about magic and technology interacting.

When that transformation happened I lost my fucking mind. That was dumb in the best possible way.

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[spoiler]It was a very cute tribute to Gurren Lagann, which Imaishi used to work on at Gainax before he left to make Trigger.

Also watch Gurren Lagann.[/spoiler]

I was losing it in the moment, but then I kinda cooled on it. The references to Akira, Eva and several other things that I either didn’t catch or don’t remember earlier in the series felt a bit better as homage, this just felt a little like “we made this thing before wasn’t that great!?”

Overall a good episode though. I like that they’re focusing on the supporting cast, with Amanda being central in the last episode, and Constanze being the focus in this week’s.

I wish the animation on this was just a tiny bit better. I love the character designs and the art style has a lot going for it, but it feels like there’s only 50% of the tweening and keyframes required for the animation to actually look smooth.

I’m behind on the series but the animation certainly didn’t seem on par with the movies at times. Which perhaps isn’t all that surprising, given that a full series likely just has duties split between more people with presumably a tighter schedule.

Where is everyone streaming this currently? Really interested in watching, but nothing on Netflix yet save for the short film.

We’re all pirates and scoundrels.

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God I love how fuckin’ well they’ve nailed these obnoxious aristocrats. I am super interested in this Diana plot line and I hope it’s runs longer than 2 episodes

Hurry up, Netflix. :sob:

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