Lizzie Bennett Destroys Lady Catherine de Bourgh With Facts and Logic

Here we are, huh? The last episode of the 1995 BBC Pride and Prejudice, and therefore the very last episode of our Be Good and Rewatch It series, which of course will conclude next week because we ran long and broke the letters section out into its own podcast! God and Waypoint aren't done with you yet, Mr. Darcy and Lizzie Bennett! First, however, we have to get these two problematic faves into a marriage knot... and see Lizzie finally square-up with Lady Catherine de Bourgh, who has condescended to get her ass kicked. We also delve into the mystery of who tipped Lady Catherine about Darcy's attachment to Elizabeth, and consider our final verdicts on Mr. Bennett. We also talk about the more realistic, restrained portrayals of the BBC adaptation with the more tempestuous approach taken by the 2005 film, which tries to render the interior monologues of the novel into action on film.

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Cado’s tweet advertising this…it’s a lot


Can confirm it works, I showed it to my girlfriend and she was immediately sold.

That might be the most repellent laughing emoji I’ve ever seen. It’s an affront to our common dignity as human beings.

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FYI: Jeeves is Bertie Wooster’s valet, not his butler, although he has buttled for others.

I want to hop in here to day that I had a completely different read on Mr. Bennett in the letter scene than the crew had.

I did not read him as the seeing the letter being completely ridiculous and come here Lizzie and laugh at this with me. I saw it as him being shiity in the way that he was purposefully digging in the knife to Lizzie to see if she would give up the game.

The game he has pieced together when he received the letter. It shouldn’t have been hard for him to connect the dots. He knew something was off in the resolution of the Lydia affair that required big money. Add in Lady Catherine’s visit and the long turn about the grounds she took with Lizzie. Then you get Mr. Cullen’s letter. Mr. Bennett is disinterested not oblivious. He had to have figured it out.

As of this podcast, I have listened to more hours of discussion about Pride and Prejudice than both the length of the BBC miniseries itself, as well as the audiobook version. Does this mean I don’t have to read the book anymore?


Finally got around to watching this since I procrastinate on finishing things that I like a lot.

Got to the reveal that there is yet another part and laughed out loud.