Local bands that should be more


What are a couple of bands in your area that should be national/international names? Post with your state/region.

Western Massachusetts.

Legit my favorite rapper and producer getting way dark and murky:

Blend Prince, Venetian Snares and Skinny Puppy into an apocalyptic hellscape you can bone to:


I always have a hard time answering questions like these, since I know so many local bands that are really good/could do well as a more popular artist and tour/get out more. Most of the time the barrier to entry for artists is time and money investment. Sure, any old band can book a regional tour for a week and play some great shows, but it’s really hard to actually gain any new fans that way. With the internet being so prolific/music is free for everyone except for the producers/artists, there’s a huge disconnect with the amount of effort/time/money put into making a record and going out to perform vs. how much effort the consumer has to put in to get other people to buy stuff and reach out to people to put a show together, or hell, even listen to your music so the artist can make $.000001 for each time a song is played on Spotify.

I guess what I’m getting at is, having watched so many people/bands try, fail, break up, get back together, then give up again because there isn’t a concrete plan to getting to “that level” of recognition (or even wanting it) and being able to book and play shows wherever you want, a lot of people get discouraged or overwhelmed and get stuck in a spot of not knowing what your next move should be to move up, and then starting other projects or not doing music for anyone but yourself anymore. It’s a lot like having a Career, but sometimes the ARMS that block your progress seem like they’re trying to Control This! part of your life, but it feels like a DRUG and you don’t know what you’re supposed to do anymore, and then you just Gouge Away at something that you’re not entirely sure that it’s what you want to be doing anymore.

(Florida is my state of geographic location and being :o)

tl;dr I got friends in low places (Jeez I forgot how many times they reprise the chorus in that song LOL)


I like what you did there–looking forward to diving into these folks.

And I also agree %100 percent with everything you said prior–the vast majority of my buds are musicians, ranging from hobbyists to those really making a go at a career, and it is rugged as hell.


I did post punk. This has a real La Dispute vibes, as well as some You and I. Can’t go wrong with that Level Plane Records sound


Solid heavy sound. I’m never sure what ends up selling me on a band like this. Is it the production? Is it the riffs? Didn’t grab me, but it is certainly not bad at all. I would be stoked to see them live.

Control This!

Ska. I’m biased against ska, so maybe someone else will be better equipped to talk about this.


They have some really cool production on their songs. Worth a listen for sure, cool garage punk.

Gouge Away

Oh, hell yes. Short fast female fronted hardcore punk? Sign me up! Kinda cool Comeback Kid feels.

If all of my music references are dated, it’s because I’m old and expired. Favorites are definitely Career and Gouge Away.

Here is a localish band for me Forfeit. Post-emo. I like it.


Nope! definitely get most of your references (am 26), so not expired yet :slight_smile:

The ska-version pains me, being in a ska band :cold_sweat:

This Forfeit EP is pretty cool. Reminds me of less tapping-heavy Snowing, or Title Fight sort of? I’ve never really been good at comparing bands to other bands.


I just got tired of picking it up, so I could never get back into ska after Catch 22.

I can certainly see the Snowing reference. I know the guitarist really likes Grown Ups and that type of thing. I know the making it less tap heavy was a conscious decision.


Haha, fair enough.

It’s definitely a good technique that some bands/players can overdo, but it’s useful and provides a good and technical sound that’s very versatile when done well…


From Aarhus, Denmark comes Lowly, an and indie art/noise rock band who are just too damn good to not be on their way to world stardom yet.


I’m not a huge Ska person but my friends make really fantastic Ska music. I could so see them blowing up.

Here’s one of their classics. The album art of their first album is shitty but it was made by one of my fav college roommates so I don’t say anything :sweat_smile:


Not technically local to me, but there’s fantastic Seattle-based rapper named DoNormaal who I’ve been really digging.


My friend’s band A Yawn Worth Yelling has been making music for years, sort of a math rock + emo type deal from Northern California: https://youtu.be/vupxlEIHkIo

They got one of their songs put on an episode of Teen Mom and they have a following in North Cal, but I think they have a pretty awesome sound that should be bigger than it is. They sound like the best band out of the 2006 era, I really like them.


I just saw these folks open for a different local band (Philadelphia), and they were very good:

the headliner was Psychic Teens, who I also enjoy but are a little more well-known:


https://rvivr.bandcamp.com olympia has one of the best punk bands in the world


Antique Pony from Glasgow are one of the best bands in the world: https://antiquepony.bandcamp.com/track/rose-gold-passerine-twelve-eyed

Herbert Powell from Glasgow are also one of the best bands in the world: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODUv7Pjp3Hw


Doing a shameless plug for some of my friends. Tiny band from Sweden that does noise rock. Lyrics in both swedish and english. Anyway I think they have some great songs.


There not Together anymore But when I lived in Alabama for 2 years as a kid my parents Found a Ska Punk band Named Pain And I grew up listening to there songs and Have the Entire Album Midgets with Guns Memorized My personal Favorite Song is Fight

Some kid might remember a little MV on Cartoon network Called Jabberjaw same band




Haha, no way–way way WAY back my dad and I used to go to Birmingham for City Stages, and I saw Pain there (I think I still have their CD somewhere). They lit some guy’s crotch on fire. It was pretty great.


That super Rad a few Years ago I Bought Their Dvd that had some of there live shows recorded on it got a few Stickers too im 24 if that helps for Context rocking out to Fight and Square pegs since Age 5 Fight In any Party mix i ever make


Haunter! Haunter started in Stevens Point, WI and is now Milwaukee based. I hate trying to put a label on the music but it’s essentially slowcore/emo/shoegaze.

(Disclaimer: I’m personal friends with everyone in the band)