Loneliness, The Open Road, And 'Where the Water Tastes Like Wine'

Disclaimer: I know a number of people who worked on Where the Water Tastes Like Wine, including Laura Michet, who was my manager at Zam, and a number of other friends and colleagues. Waypoint's EIC, Austin Walker, did contract work on the game in 2016. Austin has recused himself from the editing process on this piece as well.

Basically, you should take everything I'm about to write with a grain of salt!

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Between the podcast talk and Danielle’s article, WTWTLW sounds like one of those games I really want to experience, but I also know I’m not going to find the wiggle room in my budget to pick it up for months.


Pssst. When the article mentions Cass the tramp, does it mean Quinn, with their dogs Cass and Flip?

Also, I love love LOVE this game.

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Woah, after only finding PC Gamer’s review (not flattering), I was legitimately thinking every outlet was skipping on this game because they all have conflicts of interest.

So far, I’ve had the opposite of Danielle’s experience. I love the lonesomeness, leaving only memories of others behind, and watching as the truth of those memories erodes. It’s super comforting to me, but writing about it at any length makes me feel overly tortured and dramatic, and I don’t have the benefit of being a fun low-poly skeleton person to deflect those perceptions… :skull::skull::skull:


I love the lonesomeness, too! I’m actually trying to figure out a piece of writing about it right now - especially because I’m actually teaching a class with the game coming up in a few weeks!


US Gamer and Polygon also have (quite critical) reviews. I was surprised to see Danielle review it, rather than bringing on a freelancer

Definitely share it if it comes together, I’d love to read it. :slight_smile:

I love it.I love love LOVE this game.