Long War 2 LP Series


So this is a cross-brand thread following the end of Three Moves Ahead Episode 412 (available now on the Idle Thumbs Network).

On the show, Waypoint’s own Rob Zacny has this suggested to him: The Long War mod for XCOM 2 would make for a really good streaming game for the site. Time to give Rob the chance to actually dig into that mechanical depth and leapfrog the Giant Bomb East XCOM 1 LP series currently in progress. More of that glorious video content for Waypoint dot com and maybe even a chance for Rob to get the rest of the team to jump in and chat tactical games while progressing through those long hours of the campaign (at least possibly for part of a LP series).

I realise that this suggestion may have been made as much in jest as seriously but I just wanted to jump in and say I would love to watch such a series of videos/streams. This sounds like some top #content.


I second this. There can never be enough XCOM coming out of the #brands that I love.


I would love to see Rob play through Xcom 2 Long War with another waypointer or two sitting in!

Was kinda disappointed no series came of Stellaris…


I love XCOM 2 and I can’t get enough Rob talking about strategy games. Sign me up


I’d absolutely love to follow a Long War 2 LP or another campaign-long video series from Rob (Stellaris, Shadow Tactics, etc.)


+1 for an Long War 2 LP!


Just wanted to say that the X-COM 2 War of the Chosen video put out was really great and if you haven’t seen it yet you really should!