Longer video content?


I’m enjoying the video from Waypoint but streams aside (I’m loving Permadeath Zelda) I find that it’s often too short for its own good. The Waypoint’s Guide to Games series has generally been super interesting but all too brief. I’d love to see them go just a bit deeper with that stuff. Nothing crazy, not half an hour, but like 5-15 minutes rather than 2-3. As it is the vids can feel more like an intro than something substantive. The pilots this week have been even shorter and it’s pretty hard to get a read on whether something has potential when it’s barely a minute long.

Maybe they’re focusing on building a library of content first and that longer stuff is already in the plans. Maybe the current brevity is just teething while they build up capacity -
and all of that would be totally understandable. Honestly none of this is intended as a complaint given that I’m asking for more of what they’re already giving us.

What do y’all think? Are you happy with the current offerings? Do you generally prefer bite sized content or longer stuff?


I admire how short the Guide to Games in particular are, and it probably makes it easier for the staff to cover more games at a quicker pace.

However, the recent Arcadia videos are where I think they could afford to dive a bit deeper. It may be because they’re pilots!


I’d like longer content as well. I enjoy listening to what these people have to say, but in such short videos they don’t get to say a whole lot. The Arcadia videos don’t seem to have much going on if I’m being honest, but Guide to Games and Cardboard are the sort of thing that I’d love to see expanded.

The way Arcadia is now, I think they would have to change the focus. Right now it’s like a Wikipedia article condensed to one paragraph over video of a console teardown, without providing much substantive information on either half. I don’t see who the videos are meant to target: anyone who already knows this stuff probably wants deeper information and anybody who doesn’t know it isn’t likely interested. I think they could do more to explain the parts inside the machine and what they do, or else the teardown is reduced to just being a background video for what is otherwise entirely auditory. And if the teardown isn’t the focus, then the summary of the system needs to give way more than it is right now. Either way, one minute is too short I think. I would love to hear what the intent for this one was.


I’m not sure how possible it would be given time/manpower/resources, but getting any of the Waypointers to work on a longer-form video essay kind of content would be so dope. Still, I really guide to games for its brevity, so I’d keep that as is.


I feel the same way about Arcadia; I’d guess that the production effort of having that teardown video isn’t quite worth what the content of the videos are currently, a bit of style over substance.

There is a lot of competition out there already for videos that summarize consoles (especially rare or failed ones), but I believe Waypoint has the production value to make the definitive look at a console.


Totally agree. I would love to see something like Noclip content but with the Waypoint team’s perspective and analysis. Obviously this is a huge undertaking considering the amount of other things going on but there’s a few moments in almost every podcast that would make the perfect jumping off point for some long form video content.


Arcadia: Inside Waypoint’s Old Hairstyles


100% agree with the Arcadia series. Very interesting, too short.


Danny is killing it at Noclip. So happy for him.


I think it’s a question of sharability and audience, when it comes to length/production value. Shorter videos = more shareable on platforms like Instagram and Twitter, and longer, hour-plus jams are really native to Twitch. Videos of all lengths can find a space on something like YouTube (or on a native player on Vice or whatever), but you’re limiting the possible number of platforms/people you reach if you’re specifically making something that’s like, 10-20 minutes (too long for Twitter/Insta, too short for Twitch streams).

If you’ve got like 2 million + followers on YouTube that’s less of a problem, but in the meantime it’s a matter of picking your battles.


I hadn’t considered that but I would say that Vice as a broader entity puts out quite lot of mid-length content on YouTube and their own platform currently and did so with games coverage prior to Waypoint so I don’t think it’s an enormous stretch.


I was thinking this is probably why things are so short, but for Arcadia in particular, the content feels like such a snippet, and of known information, that I don’t know if it would draw anyone to the site on its own. I guess the best balance possible would be a 1-2 minute video for social media containing some juicy bits of a longer video on the site/YouTube.


I can see that, yeah. Of course it is Pilot Week. These videos are still very much works-in-progress and I could see them change over time.


There’s also an element of manpower that’s required for the more mid-range videos. As soon as you get past that 2 minute mark the editing time starts to increase exponentially. If there are canned graphics it helps, but if you need a lot of graphics that can increase the time as well. Same if you have to pull the video game footage and get that fed into the editing program of choice. If they’re using Premiere some of that goes faster than if they were ingesting everything in through Avid.

I work on a variety of short to mid-range stuff for my job and the time and resource requirements are all over the map. If we had to edit written content along-side of that, then oof. But each place has it’s own flow. I’m just guessing. :stuck_out_tongue:


I totally want more guest segments, honestly, the kinda size chunks they did with people on the 72 hour stream were great, some best moments I have seen on streaming anything, especially from people I’ve never heard of, lol, videogames man.


I would love 20 minute long quick look esque videos from the waypoint team but I know they probably don’t want to be chomping on GB’s flavor. And as everyone else said, longer videos mean more manpower needed.


Indeed, it seems like some cool people drop by/occupy the VICE offices and logistics is hard, but if they could be grabbed for a video now and then, that would be excellent.