Look, We're Sorry. We Need to Talk About Football. Something Happened.

This past Sunday was the Waypoint Winter Classic, aka the meeting of Austin's Philadelphia "Big Dick Nick" Eagles and Patrick/Rob's Chicago "Did Jon Gruden Really Give up Khalil Mack?" Bears. The Eagles won, and the Bears lost...by a field goal. At the last second. And the ball hit the upright, then the crossbar. Doink. Double doink. Sigh. The group spends the first part of the podcast on a long football tangent, before turning to video games or whatever.

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I was wondering about that, but I’m behind on podcasts and thought it might be an intentional bit. Glad to see this important issue resolved.


At least it was a very good 35 minute podcast :slight_smile:
Looking forward to whatever comes together for the move-over from lobby 1. Hoping for some Monster Hunter, honestly, you’re so close to finishing that game (if you didn’t already).

Very glad rob enlightened everyone about battletech pilots going with no clothes on.

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I know no one here wants to hear about the football part of the podcast (edit: actually it looks like a lot of people do :smile:) but it made me so happy to hear a couple of minutes of love for Jason Peters. Man is a surefire Hall of Fame player. Went from undrafted and signed to play a different position (tight end) to legitimately one of the best 20 offensive tackles ever. And he’s been injured all year, and looked like he was declining, until yesterday. Which was his first time playing in a playoff victory (in a career that’s been almost 15 years long), and he did it by shutting down maybe the best defensive player in the league.

Like as was said, there is so much that is wrong with football. But things like that just get to me.


it kinda bums me out that they apologize for the football stuff. honestly listening to em talk about takes me back to when i was like 8 and was actually interested in it before it was ruined for me.


I don’t know anything about football but it’s been really fun to hear the occasional Bears talk. Hopefully we can still get some Eagles updates from Austin.


As someone who’s neither American nor Sports, I can often enjoy the crew’s after match report when I’m given the proper context. So thanks to the crew for filling in the back details and explaining the story as they go. It’s the difference between me following the whole way and being completely lost, pivoting to imagining teams of actual bears and eagles playing each other in american football instead.


I’ll add another voice saying that I really enjoyed the football talk this episode and throughout the year. I’m super into the sports myself, basketball is my major sport, and I always enjoy when they talk about sports. They have a different perspective/delivery than all the sport podcasts. Plus I just find it nice that they enjoy sports and celebrate them, but recognize the bad about them too. In most “nerd” circles such as video game websites and other similarly “nerdy” interests, sports are looked down upon or just filled with a bunch of dumb bros. It’s just refreshing to have them discuss their fandom and enjoyment of sports.


I had no idea that Action Bronson was part of the reason why Waypoint was not getting the access to resources it needs. I watched a bunch of Fuck That’s Delicious over the holiday break and now I feel bad about it.


Bronson is such a shit human being and I regret basically all the time I’ve spent with his content except for parts of Blue Chips 1 and 2. His albums were a dip in quality from his mixtapes. If I ever feel like listening to his music I’ll do myself a favor and listen to Ghostface instead. Fuck That’s Delicious is pretty good but I can’t stand watching him these days.

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I don’t watch a ton of football and have trouble understanding it when I see it because there’s rarely a beginner level explainer commentary happening, but I appreciate waypoint’s passion and how they tend to keep things understandable. Honestly, I could probably listen to them talk excitedly about anything.

Hello! I am from England and barely understand our own football, let alone America’s. Nevertheless, I’m prepared to strap in and see if I can process any of this! Wish me luck!

I wish my team (The Broncos) could break my heart all at once in one glorious memorable play instead of slowing break me down over the course of a miserable season. It was the perfect yo-yo of disappointment with a hot start, bad middle, nearly hot end, and horrible sad finale.

Patrick is taking it well knowing his team has a future. I let football ruin my fall.

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Elway can’t win. Even the Republicans he donated to lost.

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As someone who rarely watches American football outside of the Superbowl or an occasional (disappointing) game with my hometown team the Jaguars, I wanted to say I too enjoyed the sports talk. Even with no real ties to either of the teams, I found myself pretty emotionally invested by the end of that journey y’all took us on. Honestly, it’s entertaining and fun hearing you all talk about pretty much anything (I mean, I sat through and enjoyed a half hour of gacha game talk with 0 interest in that genre).

DRAGON’S DOGMA WOOOOOOOOO. Waypoint 101? Anyone? Anyone?

I love this game. It captures the feel of the perfect 3D Dungeon Crawl / ARPG for me. I have only completed the game once and I am trying to remember what class I used so that I can try something different this time around.

Despite the game’s clunkiness and a liberal portion of jank it’s really a game I can recommend to anyone.


another thing that makes Dragon’s Dogma a good 101 is that its comin to Switch baybee climb griffins on the go.


Can’t wait til we get a photo on twitter of someone on top of a Griffin and mounting a Griffin in Dragon’s Dogma Switch Edition.

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I know nothing about American football and am not a huge follower of sports, but I do enjoy them a lot as a vehicle for connection and narrative as well as the whole strategy POV. The amount of storytelling in and around sports has always been a whole lot of fun for me, so I really loved hearing about this game, the teams, and the spooky quarterback who is touched by the gods during elimination games. Thanks Austin, Rob and Patrick for that unexpected delight! (Also thanks for explaining things in an accessible way so that a European who’s sum American football knowledge is a vague recollection of seeing The Blind Side one time could follow!)

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