Looking for feedback on Danielle Makes


Hey friends! I wanted to write here in the forums to both announce that we’ll be soon be wrapping up the first Danielle Makes game: that is, Dora TheLesbianFrog, the cool game we’re making together on-stream in Pico-8, and, looking for feedback on the stream.

What do you want to see or like to see in a creative stream like this? Do you like creative/dev streams in general? Or! Are there other kinds of streams you’d like to see me do? Queen of immersive sims? Secret tactics lover? Platformers with simians in them? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


I would be down for some Pray streams! Maybe a deep dive increasingly absurdly complex tactics games would be fun. But I like the idea of the Game Making streams even if I have not yet found the time to watch them myself sadly


I personally love the concept of creating on streams. Perhaps next time you could bring in established game developers (indie or studio), and collaborate with them on a game? Obviously game dev time is precious, but it would be awesome to get someone in for an afternoon and pick their brain on how they would make a Dora 2, or anything really!


Danielle Makes has been great, it allows for a kind of audience participation that most streams can’t have. Game dev streams are tough because streaming and game dev kind of run counter to each other. Focusing too much on the game dev means that the stream is less engaging, but focusing too much on keeping the audience engaged ends up monopolizing mental resources. I’ve seen a lot of approaches that streamers have taken. You’ve seemed frustrated with this balance during streams, but I’m confident that, with more practice, you’d find your groove.


I enjoyed Danielle makes a lot! It’s a really enjoyable thing to watch along with. I think it’d be fun to see new projects being started over. Especially if you started over each project with a new goal like “I want to have a game where the player can jump” or “I want to make some good sprites” or whatever. I’d be happy if it stayed in Pico8, and honestly I’m not sure if other dev environments would be as visual and stream friendly.


Enjoyed Danielle Makes a lot. It’s good background for certain parts of my creative work. Having guest creators come in to advise or collaborate would be cool (though I imagine it would be a lot of work to organize!).


Bitsy could make for a fun stream!

It’s a self-contained editor for making low-res games where you walk around a space, pick up items, and listen to other characters talk.

Edit: I’d also love to see Danielle’s take on the Flatgame format which encourages developers to build digital, explorable colleges of physically drawn art.


I have been enjoying Danielle Makes because it’s very different from the other things y’all stream. It’s nice to just turn on a stream and watch someone try to make something while others in chat offer advice.

As far as feedback goes I think it would be fun to watch you try and do other creative things that could involve other people who have some experience. E.g. bring Austin in and do some gunpla or other model kits.

For production feedback I think one thing that might help is soft music playing in the background at all times (or at least when you aren’t working on audio related things) to fill air when you are thinking about what you need to do.

If you are looking for other video game related dev things there’s a lot out there. As an example you could try making a mod for FTL or making simple single player levels in Half-Life 2.


I love Danielle Makes both in concept and execution, I’m sorry I couldn’t be around to watch more of them live but it happens during the last hour of my workday, typically.

Obviously I am super biased towards PICO-8, I have to have done 30 or more PICO-8 things by now. I agree with this:

BUT I have also heard great things about Bitsy, and it might honestly be more approachable, both for Danielle and the audience. (Caveat: I haven’t used it but I’ve looked into it - it all runs in the browser, dialogue boxes are built in, etc.)

I agree it might be good to have someone you know who’s game-y or tech-y in the room with you to help when the chat are just too far behind to be useful. More eyes and all that. But on the other hand that might make the streams really awkward to schedule.

TL;DR: I’m always happy to watch people try to make things, even if that makes for a ‘less interesting’ stream, because that just really gets me and makes me feel good. Especially making games, of course. If you’re happy to keep doing it, please do!


This tiny chunk of “hey lets learn and be creative together” is a weekly highlight. I think having a weekly stream that’s not just playing a game is a super nice way to cap off the week.

Even if it’s not gamedev every week, just exploring different hobbies (like the gunpla mentioned above) could be neat.


As the creator of the (sadly underutilized) Danielle Makes fan thread, I’m obviously a fan of the stream. I’d continue watching the Dora stream for as long as you want to make it and would be in favor of further dev streams on other environments after that.

I think there’s a place for more coverage of the actual process of developing games and I’d love to see Waypoint get more into that. I’d love to see game development tools and techniques get the same sorts of reviews and first impression takes that games themselves get.

For other types of streams, I’m also pretty into the “Danielle as secret tactics lover” streams. Cool Ghosts had a podcast series called “The Contender” at one point which followed one of the hosts as he rose up the Street Fighter competitive ranks with the help of coaching from a more experienced player. I love that format of a rookie diving in to play with a game coach (a similar, less competitive, thing went on with Easy Allies’ series Brandon Plays Pokémon in which a player who never experienced the Pokémon played the first game in the series alongside a veteran player).

I’d be very on board with a similar idea applied to Danielle studying the ways of strategy gaming. The short pieces we’ve got of it in the regular Waypoint podcast and that Into The Breach article were tantalizing glimpses into what could be an awesome series. I think it’s worth noting that both The Contender and Brandon Plays Pokémon don’t show play on stream (usually), so they’re not about showing mistakes as they happen, but are instead about the progression and the evolution in thinking about games as mastery increases.


I liked Danielle Makes a lot. Would definitely love to see more “creative” streams of various types.

For gamedev specifically, I think certain aspects of game making tend to work better on a stream than others. Programming, and debugging especially are hard to do well while streaming. It’s a little easier with 2 people. Or you can also mitigate it by doing some of the programming stuff off-stream, and save the more “interesting” work for the stream. Art, sound, and design tend to work great for a stream. Things like level design, weapon design, enemy design in particular often make for interesting streams.

Building levels for an existing game could be interesting. Far Cry Arcade, Doom 2016, Mario Maker, N++, Portal 2, Trackmania, etc. Or building full-on mods for Fallout, Skyrim, etc.

Another option could be building levels in Unity. They recently hired the people behind the level-editing tools ProBuilder and added it into the editor as a free update. Combine that with Super Character Controller for Mario 64 style movement, and you can jump in and start building a simple 3D platformer!


Loved it, the bits and snatches I was able to catch. Semi-guided creativity like this touches the realm of tabletop RPGs, and I fully support exploring that space.

An idea: delegate? I am not familiar with PICO-8’s collaboration tools, but games are mythical efforts. Even small ones. A potentially amazing, potentially awful thing to do would be to leave the stream with assignments accrued from the group.


and in terms of 3D assets, voxels is a pretty good jumping in point. Voxel animation is pretty hacky still, but for houses and trees etc it’s great. Saves you from having to jump into a standard 3D pipeline which goes deeeeeeeep with a lot of very specialised little things you need to know.

Magicavoxel is a great free piece of software for voxel art.

In terms of what could be considered industry standard voxel tools, Qubicle where it’s at, though it’s paid..

The king of voxel art pretty much swears by Qubicle.

And you know what? I think streams of just fucking around for an hour in Magicavoxel would be really fun.


If we’re talking random art making might I suggest Oculus Rift’s Medium art program? It’s really easy to use but has a lot of depth to it and you can do some really awesome stuff in it. One of my favorite things to do for awhile was just to hop in and roll a random number then try and sculpt a pokemon from memory.


One other thought I had about this stream was that it really needed to be experienced live. All streams are better when they’re live, but for this one in particular seeing the replay takes away a lot of the collaborative feeling that made the live streams great. It’s also really tough to catch a stream live, so it might be good to move some of those interactions from the stream to these forums, where possible (e.g. when requesting ideas for animal sprites or thoughts on kissing mechanics).


If this happens, I’d recommend Invisible Inc. for Danielle, if she never got into it.


The Danielle Makes Pico-8 stream has been one of my favourite Waypoint streams! I saw people comparing them to The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross which is high (and apt) praise. I’d love to see something a little more substantial next time, maybe making a game in Unity or something that digs a little deeper into design concepts.

It could be cool if the Danielle Makes stream lines up with a Jam that the viewers could get involved with. Maybe a Bitsy Jam? Put all that inspiration to good use!


If you could somehow turn the show into “Waypoint Makes” and open it up a bit, I think you would have something really unique! Waypoint is really great about letting its audience experience parts of the gaming community they may not otherwise see, and I think a show about the creative end would fit that perfectly.

I imagine episodes where guests (and yourself!) are making tabletop miniatures, customizing fight sticks, etc.

I think that would be really cool to have experts show you the ropes of their hobby/passion and also let the viewers in on what goes into said thing.


Love, love, LOVE Danielle makes, even though I’ve been unable to tune in live (shakes fist at time zones).

In addition to the continuation of learning and creating in Pico-8, I would love a Danielle stream of an immersive sim. Maybe something like a modded version of Alien Isolation?