Looking for feedback on Danielle Makes


I enjoy having Danielle Makes on in the background, it inspires me in my own game-making projects :slight_smile:

It would be cool to see a series where you try out some of the less coding-heavy tools, that are designed for more specific types of games. (Pico-8 is great in comparison to something like C++, and I think it’s really good to demystify programming, but it still seems like the nitty-gritty coding can hold up the more creative/collaborative stuff sometimes.) Things like Ren’Py for visual novels, RPG Maker for rpgs, Puzzlescript for simple puzzle games, Bitsy like other have mentioned, probably many others??

Also GameMaker Studio 2 looks like it might be worth checking out? Polygon did a video on it a few months ago, and it seems like you can get pretty far with it just using in-engine menus to specify how you want objects / enemies to behave. [Disclaimer: I’ve not used any of these myself, except for puzzlescript.]


I would love to see “Danielle plays simian platformers and talks about level design”.


Echoing the idea of bouncing between different Engines, some that are less coding intensive (RnPy, Twine/Ink, Game Maker 2, RPG Maker, etc).

But I would LOVE a Queen of Immersive Sims stream. I have a mental block for immersive sims and would love to see an expert do wild combinations or setups in dishonored or even just navigate a derelict space station competently.


Just like to add another rec for bitsy - I’ve only touched the editor, but that was enough to make me think it’d be really stream-friendly. Pico-8 is super flexible but as a result also more coding-focused, so using Bitsy, where a lot of that is cut out, makes it a lot easier to see results faster and maybe would encourage that cool back-and-forth between Danielle and the chat.


Danielle Makes is rad and I think it should continue, but also, for entirely selfish reasons, I want to watch you stream Prey because I’m still personally struggling to get through the game even though I really want to like it. I think getting to actually see someone who loves it play and explain that love would be really cool and helpful. Maybe that’s something all of you could do with games you love, idk.


I’d be interested in a Danielle Makes with a board game angle to it.


I’d be 100% down for game playing streams where Danielle breaks down thoughts on the design live on stream.


If i’m not mistaken you’ve missed a few of the original immersive sims like deus ex 1 and a alike, if you want a break from making things that could be a good way to dive into the history of your fav genre BUT i do hope you consider bringing back a second season after some immersive hijinx! (DeusEx Redux is pretty good)

Maybe try and do some unity or gamemaker stuff next time? There’s tons of 2D support and could only imagine what you’d get upto :slight_smile:


I’ve also really enjoyed these streams! I’d definitely be interested in more game dev streams, especially if the program is open source or inexpensive, since following along has been one of my favourite parts.
If Danielle’s interested in making more games I think renp’y (open source visual novel builder) could be a lot of fun!


Hi, I started watching Danielle Makes last weekend and was looking for another episode for this week, but saw this thread instead, so I registered to comment.

The series is a lot of fun to watch. I’m very invested in seeing how this potential conflict between Axl Rosa and the sketchy bird shakes out.

The two specific reasons why I like it are:

  1. You’re funny, I even appreciate the stupid “init” joke xD

  2. I bought PICO-8 a while ago but never did anything with it, but since watching I started coding along trying out stuff related to whatever you’re working on and it’s relaxing.

The streams usually seem to happen when I’m at work, otherwise I’d tune in live to respond to the questions you pose to chat.

If you’re still feeling it I’d still watch. I guess the collision response code will be a slightly bigger hurdle to get past than figuring out the dialog box sizing, but that’ll be a fun problem to work out on stream!


I would be really interested in seeing Danielle modding something the rest of y’all could play on stream. For example:
(Apologies if there are some repeats, working off of my phone. Will correct later if so):
Danielle makes mario
Danielle makes a village in Neverwinter Nights 2
Danielle adds peaceful lesbian frogs to Stellaris
Danielle makes an immersive sim town in fallout 4
Danielle removes combat from Civ 5


I would also helps watch co-streams where Danielle pairs with a developer to make and iterate on something. I would love to see what Danielle and Jim “Frog Fractions” Crawford nee Stormdancer would make together.