Looking to Play with the Waypoint Community


To dive straight to the point, I’m on the lookout for some people to play video games with in a community that isn’t prone to the pitfalls of reddit discords. I love to casually play multiplayer games with relaxed groups of people, and the crappy attitudes and behaviors of internet randos has me feeling exhausted with the games I love lately. I hang out on PC and have been playing a fair amount of Destiny 2 and PUBG.

I apologize if this isn’t the right place to post this and happily accept deletion if that’s the case. With that said, if this is the wrong place, could somebody DM me directions on where to find opportunities to play with waypoint people? I’m fairly new around here and want to start doing more than lurking on threads.


There is a waypoint discord server, a lot of Destiny 2 clans plan raids and use the channels there for chatting. They have channels for both PUBG and Destiny 2 where I’ve seen people find teammates.

I’m on there, but am often too anxious to ask folks if they’d like to game a bit. Though that’s just me, because I’ve only ever seen people be super nice there and I know in my brain that I have nothing to worry.

I don’t know where a link for that is anymore, but I’m sure it’s somewhere if you do a quick search.


The most recent thread I can find on the discord seems to indicate that it’s locked up for the time being :\

If any lurking moderator/person can confirm that it’s still on lock while people sort it out or send me a link, I’d certainly appreciate it!


I’m going to ask in discord and see if I can find out


Hello! I’m a mod over on the Discord Server. We changed the way folks request access to the Discord. You can check out this thread here for more info: Waypoint Discord


Thanks for the reply!


hey Sifferz I hang in the PUBG channel on discord a ton! Its a super open and accepting group regardless of skill level def come by and get chicken with us :slight_smile:


i cant see how to message a mod about joining? I also would like to join a group that isn’t full of people making horrible jokes : ( its exhausting like op said


Just click on @M_o’s name in this post and hit ‘Message’.


ah thank you :smiley: i was trying to search for the option on that persons profile


I don’t see any sort of messaging interface anywhere on these forums (on the username widgets or elsewhere). Am I missing something?


I hadn’t gone up a trust level yet. Feel free to delete my messages.