'Loop Hero' Asks If a Cruel, Forgotten World Is Worth Rebuilding

Early on in Loop Hero, I earned an extra card called Blood Grove. This card could only be placed next to Grove cards, which spawn an enemy every two days. I had been placing cheerful little Groves along my loop, my hero steadfastly slaying each rat dog that the forest spawned. When a Blood Grove is next to a Grove, though, when any enemies on that tile fall to 10% of their health, they'll be eaten and absorbed by the Blood Grove. It applies to all enemies, too, not just the ones spawned by the grove. Putting these two cards together was a synergy the game offered to me, and I took it up on it.

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This sounds dope as heck. Love games that lets you build your own demise and discover combinations by experimenting.

This game is so good, and is also becoming a straight up problem for me. It’s combining a lot of different game genres, but the ones that are really pulling me in are the idle game, and tower defense aspect of this game. I’m always at least playing one idle game passively on my phone, and I’ve always loved tower defense games (although, it’s more of an anti-tower defense game, in a way). This game has become the purest form of “one-more-run” for me. If I even think of opening this game, I’m sucked in for 2+ hours and can’t stop. V good game so far.


Picked it up last night. Totally scratches an itch I had for playing tower defense games in middle school. Super simple design executed brilliantly.