Loot Hunting Games and The Future


Heya Waypoint people!

New to the forum, so first post.

Since I was young, I have always loved loot collecting games. Probably started back in the Ultima Online days, then into Diablo, PSO, WoW and pretty much everything in between. What are some of your favorite loot games?

ARPG probably fit better but anything where you collected fancy loot is fine!

Personally I loved Diablo 2 and Borderlands. Also have a massive soft spot for Too Human. Loved that game. Haha.

Looking ahead, cannot wait for Monster Hunter World and also Anthem. Also whenever Borderlands 3 gets shown as well.


Diablo 3 was pretty great. It has a bunch of different recurring daily things where you can gather the loot. For me as long as it’s action packed and can give me a skinner box style fix I’m happy. Looking forward to Destiny 2 for it as well.

I hope that more games go down the vein of dropping randomly rolled things and emphasise self expression + customisation over grinding for better gear. It’s a tricky line to tread in terms of balance but I think it pays off in terms of peoples’ attachment to their character. I also just really enjoy playing dress up.


Yes, Diablo 3 was fun. I found myself playing it in waves, mainly waiting for a new season and jumping back in for more loot.

I enjoyed Destiny but I am just waiting on Destiny 2 until they talk expansions down the line and also what Xbox One X enhancements they are planning.

I am glad more loot games are coming but I fear many will get bogged down in loot crates etc, that they may get pushed in the wrong direction. My issue is that I am a loot-whore by nature, so I will always love collecting new things, even if they are wrapped in boxes first. I am a gaming Magpie.


I want a game that properly reiterates the mechanics and weapon variety (with better balance and distribution though) of Phantasy Star Portable 2. Perfect blocking dragons tackling your face and breaking dimensions with your spear through his body never gets old.

Skills being loot is something I thought was a terrible idea until I played PSPo.


I hope more games embrace the idea of applying loot mechanics to things other than gear. Shadow of War really dropped the ball with the framing of it but the idea of gathering randomly generated companions and the idea of building up certain enemy orcs so that they drop better loot when you finally knock them down were both super engaging mechanics for me.


I love the idea of Shadow of War. Orc collecting does sound fun but not quiet my thing, give me a good color coded loot list and I am all over it. May grab it for One X though.


Is the orc mechanic any different from the soldiers in MGS V or Peace Walker?