Lore Reasons: Kingdom Hearts 20th anniversary trailer

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bro i am pogging


That Elden Ring spoilercast mention has got me very hyped.


Dearly Beloved plays

Beer can snaps open

Natalie: goblin noise

Perfect 10/10 podcast opening, no notes.


Oh, how I’ve missed them. This was so cruelly short though, I might have to go back and listen to the old ones to get my fix. I know it’s almost an impossibility at this point, but I’m still hoping for a mobile episode. There’s a ton of capital I ~important~ stuff in there. Playing it was most certainly not the way to go though, as Natalie discovered it’s 90% filler in the first half, 50% in the second. But oh, is the rest juicy. A well curated cutscene collection does wonders


Queued to the KH couch discussion (if you have not seen this yet, you are in for a treat)


I genuinely started jumping up and down as I saw my RSS feed update with “Lore Reasons”. My favorite series WPR has ever done. I think I’ve listened to the whole season about a dozen times now. It’s my “I’ve caught up, what do I listen to?” podcast.

The hype, the joy, the “on their bullshit” attitude just came right back and filled me with so much happiness. Cannot wait for more.

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