Lore Reasons' Season Finale Is Here With Your Letters, Questions, And More


I’m kind of surprised no one so far has suggested the Sonic games as a potential franchise for Lore Reasons?

The main reason I would be interested in this is because the Sonic games (especially the later one’s) oftentimes get made fun of and yet they have a fairly large and engaged fanbase. It would be interesting to try and untangle why these games mean so much to a bunch of people and also try to engage with the games themes in an earnest manner?


Lore reasons E.Y.E. Divine Cybermancy, make them all play through atleast one cycle and then read into the explanations about the gating and attempting to work out what the flying heck the meaning of any of it is.

Alternatively they should do a totally not videogames and do 40k’s Horus heresy ( because I want to listen to not, not because it’s reasonable. )


Sonic sounds like a hilarious and interesting one to me, actually.

After more deliberation I really don’t know if Homestuck would work. I think the Waypoint crew wants a piece of media they can consume through cutscene videos or explainers. Homestuck ain’t that. It’s also just way too long. The Let’s Read Homestuck playlist for Act 5.2 alone is over seventeen hours. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Sonic or MGS, those feel cutscene viewing friendly.


My vote goes to Resident Evil. Not only do the games provide plenty of zombie meat to get stuck into, it would be a brilliant excuse for a Be Good and Rewatch It series for those dumpster fire movies (ok, the first one was alright).


Enjoyed the journey down the Kingdom Hearts lore. It helped me realize just how much I enjoyed these games. Thank you Waypoint!

As for suggestions for the next lore reasons I have a few. I’m thinking maybe Doom, Assassin’s Creed, Gears of War, Castlevania, Metriod and a few other ones I saw other people suggest that I agree with are KOTOR, and Dragon Age. I can’t wait for the next Lore Reasons!


This one is probably an underdog pick but…how about Legacy of Kain?


I enjoy the lore in the Fromsoft games, especially Bloodborne. Dragon Age could be interesting too, but I have to say I really loved the more lighthearted nature of something like Kingdom Hearts that would definitely be lacking in those discussions.


“Running out of Disney Worlds” They absolutely are not, considering just how many properties exist under the Disney label alone, but I would like to see some TV worlds, like Darkwing Duck or Kim Possible.
And there hasn’t been any Jungle Book stuff yet.


Gonna throw my hat in the ring for OG Bionicle, because I’ve actually done the journey of scouring through the Bionicle Wiki and peicing together the wild shit that came out of this series while it was still running strong. It left such a strong impact on me that it reignited my long-lost passion for the series and now my shelves are completely full of beautiful Lego Robots. There’s also a lot to dig into in relation to how it uses Maori imagry, which at one point got Lego sued, resulting in an in-universe event that changed the names of a whole bunch of characters.

Plus I get the impression that these incredible ads for the best “generation” of sets in the series, set to some bangin’ 2000’s era tunes, will appeal very specifically to at least 2 members of the Lore Reasons crew.

These videos also go from being A Lot to being A LOT when you know what was going on with the plot at this point. Those two kickass big fellas at the end of the first video in particular have a lot going on, let me tell you.


Not sure if they’re planning on sticking with just video games, but I agree, Bionicle Lore Reasons would be so choice. I mean, technically there were some video games???


A KOTOR 2 lore reasons might make a cool little one episode guest thing. Bring on Colin Spacetwinks and Keith Carberry for that one. It would be dope!


The first one holds a firm place in my heart, I got it in a double pack with LEGO Galidor(a short running kids TV show, very odd choice for a tie-in), and it took me about 2 weeks for me to figure out how to perform an attack, before my dad realised I’d been playing the same 2 minute section of the tutorial endlessly every time I booted it up and stepped in. It’s honestly not a half bad sort of recap of a chunk of the story.

But I’d say it has the benefit of having 4 movies, which is some Be Good And Rewatch It content right there for the taking. The connection is there!


I gotta back up the MGS requests. It is the obvious convoluted video game series to do, and perhaps the most politically interesting video game series out there. Questions about imperialism, media, war (of course), language, culture, nationality, patriotism, and sexuality are all handled, in many weird and complex and often contradictory ways. It’s this huge complicated mess with moments of truly brilliant insight. And they’re all a delight to replay.

Of course, it’s so obvious that it can probably afford to wait and let something a bit more obscure take the next spot.


I’d also suggest Dragon Age, since it’s one of those games that came fully loaded, so confident in it’s established lore that they called the first game “Origins.” I thought it was actually based on an existing property the first time I heard of the series, if I’m honest.

Aside from Dragon Age, it might be interesting to explore games where the story changes based on player actions. With Kingdom Hearts, all of the lore was pre-set, with you only going on the journey. Other games such as Dragon Age and Elder Scrolls tend to have things change based on player choices. The lore going into the games is always the same, regardless of what the players choose, but the player choices make an impact on the world, to varying degrees of success. I’m not saying that in all games actions have meaningful consequences that you’re able to see. I just beat Inquisition and can think of several seemingly big choices that wound up feeling more cosmetic than impactful. The subject of impactfullness of player choices on lore could make a compelling topic, even if it means the lore might not be followed through just videos.

Also, while writing this, it dawned on me that a lot of these big sprawling narratives with multiple player choices tend to be more Western the Eastern. It was mentioned multiple times in the podcast that Eastern works tend to have more “confusing” lore, but at the very least it is usually one path. I’m sure other will be able to draw more conclusions based on this point, but I wanted to put it out there.


I want to throw a curve ball out there, Warframe. Warframe’s lore goes some places and there isn’t a ton of it so it’ll be a shorter series, but I’d love to see waypoint pick it apart.


I don’t know if it’ll have the same kind of feel, because I think more of the team is already in on it, but I would love a deep dive on the three Dark Souls games. There is just…a lot to talk about thematically there.


You’d have to include a Bloodborne detour.


As far as actual suggestions go I have to Nth all the ones for Metal Gear. It’s definitely longer but also, with kojima gone it’s at least not getting really added to any more so there should be a fair amount of up to date explainers the crew can use (I don’t think any important plot stuff happened in survive).


I have mixed feelings on doing the full Dark Souls trilogy, as I feel like it fell into generic fantasy quickly after the first one and it felt like they undermined their concepts along the way. Idk I might just be biased because of my disappointment with 2 and 3.
The initial instalments per series have pretty solid stories and lore surrounding them though, Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro (probably a little soon).

Anyway, throwing yet another hat in for Metal Gear, at times it can be juvenile in many ways and problematic in how it handles women (common anime refrain) but it has a lot to say about war and politics, about lineage, parenthood, ideologies, and …ghosts?
It’d probably be very long simply because of cutscene length and density, but I think they can make it work.

And of course Nier, including Automata and relevant ties to Drakengard, it’s probably gonna be long but I’m sure there are concise enough explainers for earlier games. Rob, Natalie and Danielle should still play Automata though, because it’s too good not to.

I know it’s like 100% Japanese games, some of which have similarities structurally to something like KH, but it’s just what’s on my mind with this concept. A lot of these suggestions would be great though.

Edit: I’d also love one for Destiny, even though I think they rewrote or threw out previous lore with 2 I’ve heard there’s some really compelling stuff, like people praising things like the Book of Sorrows, and I have such a hard time getting into it.


" this is a game about meat" im so in based off this one description