Lore Reasons' Season Finale Is Here With Your Letters, Questions, And More


I’m sure whatever season 2 is, it’s going to be great!

With regards to Sonic lore, have you seen Brian David Gilbert’s Video?


I would very much be into Homestuck Lore Reasons. Despite everything, the emotional core to Homestuck is very strong and helped me figure out my own identity and just general viewpoint on life.

Also: Magic the Gathering lore. I’d love to see y’all try to figure that stuff out without any reference point.


Every time I read a fighting game wiki, I find that it’s 10 times longer than like, a GTA wiki. Where is all this story coming from? And why is it so fucking wild?

My curveball recommendation is Street Fighter.


Hey everyone, here to give the correct curveball:



I’d like to also recommend a KOTOR 1+2 lore reasons. I recall Austin mentioning somewhere that he always wanted to do a KOTOR 2 series once, and I think lore reasons would be a great fit. If lore reasons is allowed to go beyond games, I think a New Jedi Order lore reasons could be interesting, if long. Even though it wasn’t the last thing to come out of the EU before everything turned into Legends, to me it felt like a capstone for the entire post-Endor EU. Also Vergere is Kreia but a cool bird.


Please y’all, hear me out:

Lore Reasons Pokemon

Do it for the gamers

Ok but for real, from someone who never played Kingdom Hearts and really enjoyed this Lore Reasons, Kingdom Hearts always felt like this black box I’d never be able to access because I didn’t have the time or patience I would have needed (and would have had as a kid) to pour into every entry. There are a lot of games that have the same amount of lore, but make it a lot more accessible through either their own interfaces or community resources around them. I love Dark Souls, and would love to hear Austin wax poetic about Dark Souls 2 for a seven podcast series (and yes I know no one else shares that feeling and I’ve accepted it), but I think there’s a lot of that out there already. Same with a lot of the games I’m seeing suggested here.

And that’s not to say I wouldn’t listen and enjoy a LR Dark Souls or a LR Metal Gear or a LR Elder Scrolls or what have you, but I feel like this could go in a much more unexpected direction and would be better for it.

And that brings me to my real suggestion… which is LORE REASONS DOOM with specific references to all the tie-in novels that Patrick once mentioned reading a long long time ago. Please Waypoint, make these gamer dreams come true.

(This isn’t a joke, neither of them were actually, Doom has really cool lore that I haven’t found a lot of writing/podcasting about and I think it would make a cool series)


I bet battletech lore reasons would be cool. Give Austin his mechs


I would like to suggest a Yakuza Lore Reasons. Yakuza is pretty popular right now, but most of the discussion is set around Yakuza 0, Kiwami, and Kiwami 2 since those are the most recent releases and we still don’t have the remasters in the West.

I need to hear people talk about the wild stuff that happens in Yakuza 4 and the revelations in Yakuza 5. I wanna hear people discuss the inconsistency of how fan-favorite Majima is presented throughout the series. Also maybe I can learn about that zombie game they made and I never played!

Another suggestion…the Ace Attorney Trilogy just released, so I’d like to see them tackle that, as well!


Drakengard/Nier would be super dope. Thousands of years of lore as well as multiple timelines depending on the different endings. I feel like you could definitely dig into the philosophy of it.


I loved all the Assassin’s Creed lore and devoured the first few games. Once they got to Black Flag I realised they were “comic book-ing” it and only making second-act stories with no conclusion but a deep dive on the 2012 saga and the ancient ones would be neat!

since I already know all that I would say MS’ HALO games because I do NOT enjoy those games but I am curious about the deep lore about it. It is not dense in the Metal Gear way so it might be a good palate cleanser?


I’d like to put my two cents in on this particular point: There is, in fact, a part of Homestuck that came with the chronology of the updates. Waiting through the pauses, be they mega or giga, was a part of my own experience, but it’s also one of the things that made me drop off from Homestuck. (The other part was my own life, but it became simpler to move on when I didn’t know when the next update may be.)

I’d like to think that the pauses would be part of the Lore that the Lore Reasons team tries to Reason with. Because not only does the series (in my reading/listening/interpretation of LR) try to understand the underlying lore of a series, but why that lore is so impactful to people. The KH season began trying to understand KH so they could understand why people love KH. And I came away from it with that same understanding, and maybe a bit of that same love.

The pauses in Homestuck were and are a critical part of the reading, if not the text, of Homestuck, in the same way that the Federalist Papers are an important part of the Constitution. The pauses are what made the fandom turn the comic into a God Damned Anime. And when I finally went back to watch [S] Act 7 (despite the fact that I’ve still never read through A6A6) part of my heart of hearts knew that it was yet another instance of the fandom influencing the comic, in a way that transcends the typical ties fandoms have to their works.

I agree that Homestuck would be a tough nut to crack. Several of the LR cast are at least aware of its existence, and its convoluted nature, and so it might already be disqualified (even based on its 800k+ word count) I can’t help but hope to hear the cast attempt to digest such a literary beast, internalize the lore, and give the last and final Definitive Take On Homestuck. But I don’t think they should.


If we’re going for things which kinda have non-canon story elements, most of which aren’t explicit in the text (for Doom, there’s at least four five six seven and a half eight versions of the canon, from Tom Hall’s “Doom Bible” original sort-of-RPG design;
through what the original games do (which is sort of compatible with the Doom comic);
the completely different tie-in Doom novels (which go off on a very odd SF tangent);
the somewhat-different version of events in the Nintendo 64 version of Doom (“Doom 64”);
the “Doom 3” version of events;
(edited to add: and, IIRC, the second set of Doom tie-in novels here);
the Doom movie version (which also makes it not really Hell, like the novels);
the Doom RPG games version of events (which, like the original Doom, imply that Doom is in the same continuity as both Wolfenstein and Commander Keen);
and the Doom 2016 reboot version of events…
(ignoring the hypothetical Quake 3 “merged id universe” as a spinoff).)
then what about the R-Type setting?
The games are all set in a common setting with a timeline, they have “interesting philosophical aspects” which get brought in in the later games (about what the nature of the Bydo is, and how it relates to humanity), and they even had a spinoff “tactical” series with actual explicit plot, rather than just hints about how the levels strung together…

[edited twice to add Doom64 and the second set of Doom novels to the huge list of different versions of Doom which have existed, in terms of plot details and medium; and I’m not even including Doom Pinball and Doom the Boardgame here]


This sentence is maybe the perfect sentence (I mean this in all sincerity).


I really enjoyed the (mostly) pleasant listening of Lore Reasons: Kingdom Hearts.

I hope that the next series specifically isn’t Metal Gear Solid because Hideo Kojima is a gross dude.


Since the discussion here seems to be mostly about homestuck now, perhaps I can suggest another non-game option?

Gundam, Universal Century Timeline

On the plus side, we’ve got hundreds of episodes, spread over several series, movies, and OVA, so there’s no shortage of lore. There are official compilation movies, for anyone brave enough to try the equivalent of watching all the cutscenes. We’ve already got Austin as our expert, and this is 100% his shit.

On the other hand, this might be too much Austin’s shit, and it might be impossible to stop him taking over the podcast completely. Also I’ve only seen the tiniest amount of UC, so maybe there’s not actually that much too it?


Go listen to the Great Gundam Project!


As someone who grew up consuming all things Sonic related you almost can’t do just the games because the far more interesting things are in the comics.

The Archie comics is incredibly long, incredibly bizzare, but also guilty good.

Here is just a taste from the wiki

Dr. Eggman in the Archie comics, was originally Dr. Ivo Robotnik (or Julian Kintobor) from an alternate universe, who managed to defeat his universe’s Freedom Fighters and reign supreme as Robo-Robotnik. After he became Robo-Robotnik through roboticization, he was a man no more, but rather an artificial intelligence that inhabits a robotic body. He finds the way to mainstream universe of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Comics (the so-called Mobius Prime) and starts a new conquest under the disguise of deceased Ivo Robotnik (Robotnik Prime). Later leaving the disguise and choosing a new body. Though Dr. Eggman used his robotic abilities for some time, he was later de-roboticized into flesh and blood by an alien race called Bem.


So… in the vein of having a lore reasons that can be knocked out in a single sitting, I have a slightly unusual proposal. I think that the lore of Bayonetta would be a fun, short romp. It’s weirdly convoluted at first but manages to make sense after playing through, the cutscenes would be a quick easy watch, there’s hidden books that add further depth and interconnection, and the setup of the world is more interesting than you would imagine for the type of game it is. I mean it’s not KH, or MGS, but I think you could have an entertaining two hours.


See, the problem with that is that Bayinetta is directly linked to every game Hideaki Kamiya has ever made. Everything he makes shares a universe. So I think if you did bayonetta you’d inevitably hit up against the connections to like, Devil May Cry and Wonderful 101 and then it would spiral off into those games. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it probably wouldn’t make for a short thing like you say.


Eh, you don’t HAVE to go into it. KH doesn’t just have loose connections to other worlds and lores, it takes full blown field trips into them, yet the podcast mostly glosses over everything that isn’t directly related to the core group. If they didn’t go on at length about the story of TRON, I don’t think you really need to go all that far into those other fictions other than to mention them in passing.