Losing progress ever deflate your enthusiasm for a game?

Have you ever been playing a game, having a great time, and then suddenly you lose a load of progress and it starts to eat away at you? Especially if it’s a game breaking bug that caused the progress to be lost and you’re not sure if that will happen again and undo your progress yet again.

So I had this happen earlier today and it’s made me super-aware of how much we come to expect modern auto-saves and so on. I played mainly PC growing up so kinda expected quick-save from very early on (but still remember back in the extremely old days of save codes and even arcade-style single-run games) and nowadays I really do think that if I’m potentially investing hours into something that my progress should be available if something terrible happens (like the game breaks). I keep thinking about booting the game up again to have another go but what if it breaks 2 hours in again with absolutely no progress saved or way to resume my play? It’s even put me off doing some of the shorter activities (where the saves between activities will mean I never lose more than about 30 minutes of progress).

Anyone else get stuck in this funk when a game breaks and eats your progress with no way of mitigating against it happening again?


I lost my Psychonauts save to a hard drive failure and never went back. Though honestly I’d already gotten through all the good parts so eh

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I once played Broken Sword for a whole day and got really far into it. Then the game crashed and I realized I haven’t saved even once that whole time.

I never played it again.


My sister and I were playing FF7 at the same time, on the same memory card (you can already see where I’m going with this) and I had just made it to the end of the first disc when she inadvertently saved over my game. I think I loved it enough that I went back a few days later.

Usually, once I take enough time off from the game I can go back with fresh eyes and everything feels kinda new. Could be anywhere from a week to a month, but I usually have a feeling when I’ve had enough space. Though, I’m one of those people that’ll completely restart a game, regardless of how far in I was, if I haven’t played it for 2 months or so.

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Ah. I once lost a thirty hour save of Persona 3 due to a PS3 backwards compatibility bug, and it took me a replay of P4 to gather the volition to start it again. Things like this can really demotivate me, though i suppose i get over small losses within a couple days usually.


My 3DS is apparantly cursed and corrupts SD cards with alarming regularity, which has lost me a good few save files for games I was really loving. Phoenix Wright Duel Destinies, Etrian Odyssey 4, and boy am I glad I finished at least the main story for Monster Hunter 4 and Gen, but I was planning on going back to 4’s second story and finishing it someday, which isn’t happening anymore.

Pretty usre Cursed 3DS is in retirement now until I maybe get a New 2DS XL during a games drought. Lots of great stuff I’m missing out on, Montser Hunter Stories and Ever Oasis being the big ones for me.

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I am very precious with game progress, many times I have cried at the loss of data for games I hadn’t played in months or years. I especially hate the feeling of repitition due to my own failure which some games have as a mechanic. This is one of the reasons why Soulsborne games take me so long to complete despite my adoration for them. Any set-back in progression (no matter how minor) can be enough to crush my interest in playing games for a day and push one of them into a title I return to a few months later (still haven’t finished Dark Souls 3 or Bloodborne for this reason).

In a strange twist of fate, it was Nier Automata’s lack of an auto-save feature which saved it from this hell. Nier Automata also has a death-penalty mechanic whereby you must pick up resources from your last death or risk losing them. Specifically, when you die some of the ability program chips you have equipped (along with the experience and money you earned since your last save) lay waiting on your corpse for a limited time. Getting and upgrading these chips represents the biggest source of gameplay progress in Nier Automata’s basic gameplay loop, so being forced to use your lesser chips unless you return to that spot and retrieve the better ones can feel like a huge downgrade.

Luckily, Nier Automata does not auto-save, so when I died twice heading towards the climax of the first playthrough, I reset my game. If I hadn’t done that, I’m almost certain I would not have finished that game this year. Admittedly it was a death to an environmental thing (being crushed on the converyer-belts in the lower parts of the factory) and not a battle so the “cheapness” of the death for me was a reason I was willing to circumvent the mechanics.

In related news…


I did the thing at the end of the game if you were wondering: I was partially spoiled beforehand so I prepared for it, however the action still cut deep into my heart. I needed to do it though.


I remember when I was 10ish making it to the big operation scene in FFX, brick walling for a few days, and then accidentally saved over that file when I started a new game to cool down. I don’t think I picked up the game again until FFX-2 came out.


I had a game breaking bug in Prey for which the only solution was to load a save that was several hours old. It completely killed my enthusiasm for the game.

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Every time I’ve ever lost a save I just stop playing, it’s just not worth it.

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I have had some problems where the auto-save is actually what made me lose progress and want to give up on a game. I have definitely rage uninstalled Darkest Dungeon a couple times after losing high level characters from bad rolls. Which is ridiculous because I then had to start my entire team over from scratch.

Yep! Over 120 hours in Dark Souls 3, getting hype to get on the PvP scene after speccing out my character properly, when I decided to do a full reinstall of Windows.

Being the naive sort, I’d assumed that Dark Souls 3, like Dark Souls 1 would have either 1. Cloud Saves, or 2. Its save games located somewhere in the My Documents folder, which I backed up and restored after my windows reinstall. Nope!

Easily the most deflating save loss experience I’ve had since the battery in my Pokemon Red cartridge crapping out when I was like ten years old.

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I spent several hours in one level of Dishonored: DOTO and realized I fucked myself out of getting an achievement by shutting off some security systems. Went back and did the whole level over again.

I also recently completely restarted my playthrough of Prey when I backed myself into a corner that left me with no medpacks or suit repair kits or the resources to get either.

There are games I’ve lost progress in due to switching computers, but they’ve generally been things where I’ve either explored all I give enough fucks to explore (Fallout 3) or that had installments come out soon after and I can’t abide not playing the previous ones beforehand (Mass Effect).

Mine was FF7 as well. I was 11 and really excited because I was finally making progress in a game faster than my older brother. Came home from school one day and my save was just gone. I had a cheap third party memory card, and it had apparently crashed. I was so crushed I never went back to it, even after getting an official Sony card. Ended up just watching my brother play through most of it, even though the game was my birthday present.

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This just happened to me playing Hatoful Boyfriend. I’m about 30 minutes into a session and the game crashes, leaving me to start over from the beginning because there’s no auto save. Don’t think I’m playing that again, the bird puns weren’t funny enough for a second play through.

Demon’s Souls. I had beaten the game and was working on getting the platinum trophy for it. I had played through the game a whole bunch of times, harvested all of the materials and weapons to make everything short of one last slab, and my PS3 hard drive died. There was just no way I was ever going to go through all of that again, even loving that game as much as I did.

The only other game I remember giving up on was King’s Quest IV way back in the day. I screwed up by losing an item I would need to complete the game, and just couldn’t bring myself to do it all over again. As an adult I realize that game can probably be beaten in twenty minutes, but as a kid all that work I put in seemed like an eternity.

So, I usually start from scratch if I come back to a game after a couple of weeks and with my inability to finish most games anyway, made me see every save as disposable. Which means losing progress doesn’t bother me that much (besides being annoyed at times). Kinda like playing a roguelike?
But its never more then just annoying. Sometimes I needed to step away from a game for a few hours, but nothing more really.

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I’ve played the first full half of Hitman: Blood Money three times. Twice on the original XBOX, which twice corrupted my save sometime after the swamp wedding, and once on PC, which also corrupted my save (!). I just gave up after that. I could have downloaded a completed save, but it just didn’t feel right and, yeah, my enthusiasm was completely deflated at that point.

I lost my entire progress in Witcher 3 half-way through the Skellige islands and I’ve never gotten close to getting back to that point.

Broken saves, in a practical sense, mean that I’ll almost never go back to a game.