Love, Death, And Robots - Watch Thread


Link to reddit thread listing the stories adapted in this collection.
I’ve actually read Robots vs. Fairies but for the life of me I don’t remember a story with tourist robots.
Beyond the Aquila Rift put on my library hold list.

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So, I tried my best, but I added a CW guide to my top post so those who want to avoid the problematic ones can steer clear.

Let me know if I misremembered or forgot anything.


Thanks for the CWs (and also to the other people who pointed out which of the shorts are gory). I would add a gore warning to Good Hunting, while the gore in it is not as graphic as in other shorts it’s still there.


I haven’t seen every episode so far, but the vast majority do not have robots in them. Love and death are vague enough themes that a freshmen English student could find them in everything, robots are just robots, give me them. There’s only like two robot episodes so far. :<

Also I think Netflix is like juggling the episode order, cause my Episode 1 was Aquila Rift.

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thanks for taking the time to make that CW list!



Wonder if they’re realizing Sonnie’s Edge is a HORRIBLE one to start with.


Played all these whilst playing video games last weekend. I think my favourite was Ice Age - even if the Simpsons already did it and there was less actual animation. I’m just a sucker for Mary Elizabeth Winstead…

I do feel a lot of them were hit and miss, and some of them just felt overly ‘edgy’ in that adolescent way but overall really digging the animation and the pure variation of sci-fi concepts throughout.

It’s cool that the anthology is coming back in a big way. Black Mirror, obviously, has been great and I can’t wait for Jordan Peele’s Twilight Zone.

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I’m really enjoying the wide variety of animation styles throughout the series so far (I’ve reached Beyond The Aquila Rift). There’s a mix of near-realism, stylised, and more traditional - all of which seem to have been fairly appropriate for the stories being told.

It does sometimes border on edginess for edginess’ sake unfortunately. There’s a lot of nudity with no purpose, and a whole lot of the cussing just doesn’t sound natural to the VAs.

It’s real easy to binge, and I’m glad it’s here to be seen. Maybe it’ll pave the way for more SF animation that can dive deeper into some of the themes on display here.

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Ah, that makes sense that they’re all adaptations because I came away from it thinking they were mostly fine but feeling like I knew a lot of these stories before. I really enjoyed watching through them but probably won’t be going back to them. I’m really glad they were funded. The dracula one seemed out of place and I was over the general nudity pretty quickly.


I watched all of this yesterday and I thought it was… okay? It all looked fantastic. I loved the varying art styles for pretty much each episode and there weren’t really any that I thought looked bad or anything. The writing end of it seemed generally okay as well? Nothing really blew my mind but some of it just seemed kind of basic as far as sci-fi things go? Like they weren’t really trying to do anything surprising with any of it. Although I will say that a few of them were good enough that I kind of want to go and rewatch a handful of them. Good Hunting, Lucky 13, and The Secret War are probably my top three from it?

I wish I had checked this thread beforehand because that list of content warnings would’ve been really nice to see first. Some of those episodes are rough. I barely got through Sonnie’s Edge and had to actually just skip out on the last part of Helping Hand because that one was just too much for me. Thanks for putting the CW list in the OP, I’ve sent it to some friends who were thinking of watching.

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Honestly the only truly great episode out of the lot was Zima Blue. That was the one that went somewhere that I haven’t seen before in something else or read in a short story already. (Are there many other SciFi stories about an artist?) Plus I really loved the art style on that.

The 1981 movie Heavy Metal really is the core inspiration here which I did not expect. I kinda expected something more classy or at least smarter than TITS, VIOLENCE, TITS, DICK, TITS. (With a tits to dick ratio of about 3:1.) A few stories seemed to know exactly how exploitative they were and became fun romps for it, like the Dracula episode that might as well have been the Venture Bros. Others like the Steampunk China bit were undercut by the gratuity.

Or maybe half the reason I liked Heavy Metal was that it had no pretensions at all to be anything other than trash, and I think Love, Death, and Robots wanted to be something more.

PS: Ice Age is lovably silly.

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I’m still a huge fan of Beyond the Aquila Rift, despite how much sexy SEX is in it.

A lot of it also seems like different studios were giving demos of their capable technologies. I’m wondering if the thinking is that, “Oh hey, maybe some game studio will see our ‘Secret War’ short and hire us to do cutscenes for a game.”


If it helps any… I guess work started on this a decade ago… as a reboot to heavy metal. It was going for that vibe!


So far I’ve watched Three Robots and Sonnie’s Edge and while some of these sound cool I wish there was less gore, and especially violence towards women. Sonnies Edge: Thinking about the fact that you only see the women die is fucked up? Like you black out before the shitty rich man dies when it would’ve been totally within the scope of this show to see his head munched off?

Reading a Polygon rundown of like half of these + the CWs at the top I just don’t know whether I’m in for it. :pensive:

Maybe I’ll just be choosy about what I pick.


I’d throw a warning up for flashing images on that trailer, and for robot gore in Zima Blue and Blindspot. Both have pretty intense scenes regarding that, though I’m sure they’re not the only ones in this anthology. In Zima Blue, the titular character slowly breaks themself apart in a swimming pool. Blindspot makes it better in the last few moments, Hawk and Sui have particularly focused deaths. Not as bad as human gore, but humanoid robots getting messed up is something. They look like us after all.

I started at Helping Hand–and I have some stuff to say about that one later-- the moved down the list from there on autoplay. I’ll probably pass on Sonnie’s Edge and The Witness, based on warnings. That said, Blindspot is probably my favorite so far. It seems to have a bit more genuine and fun than the ones I’ve seen for now. I’m looking forward to Three Robots.


yo…that's a lot of draculas

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I think, that might be my favourite so far. It was the last one I watched and all throughout you know know something’s up but that reveal and his terror is truly horrific then the actual big bad reveal made me actually shudder

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I’m really glad this exists, we really need more Sci-fi short animation anthologies. The animation in all the episodes looked fantastic! Despite the fact that it feels very much like a teenage boy’s coneption of what “adult” means, with all the tits and gore. I think “Tits, Gore and Robots” would have been more accurate.

Even though I’m not super in to Steampunk, I really enjoyed the world building of Good Hunting. I enjoyed the surreal comedy of the Yogurt and Hitler episodes too. Zima was probably my overall favorite.

I really liked the style and world of The Witness, even though the sexy sex bits were questionable. The colonialism-lite of Suits kind of bothered me as well - American farmers shooting hordes of aliens on an offworld colony? Secret War looked like it could be a Stalker mod!


Did anyone else marvel way too long at how amazing the performance capture looked in Ice Age?


No, my brain just said it’s live action and left it at that. That’s impressive!