'Luigi's Mansion 3' Is Hardly Ambitious, But Hey, It's Really Fun

The last thing I expected while playing Luigi’s Mansion 3, the latest sequel to the GameCube cult classic where Mario’s overlooked brother vacuums up ghosts, was an existential crisis. But as I watched dozens of dollar bills fly into the air for the umpteenth time and my finger instinctively pressed for the suction button, hoovering these beautifully rendered dollars to my virtual bank account, I fell into mild panic: Why am I doing this? Why am I spending so much time on these useless collectibles? Which, okay, perhaps an unfair quadrant to exclusively dump on Luigi’s Mansion 3, given how many other games also do this, but Luigi’s Mansion 3 is the first time in a while it felt like the pointlessness was so front and center. Panic grew over my honest, emotional response: I like collecting this useless garbage.

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