'Mad Max' Is the Waypoint 101 Game for May 2018


I just started the third mission. I’m enjoying it so far. The mechanics are certainly solid, I enjoyed the mission where you steal the car body, especially escaping the enemy camp. The open-world car exploration and combat feels like the kind of game that I thought RAGE was going to be, and a style that too few games have really tried to do.


I’ve been making my way through this game at my own pace now for about a month and I really like it but there’s always that shadow of “man, this could have been so much better.” From the story to the voice acting to even how some of the missions are handled.

I love doing the camps, hate doing the races and pulling up on a small scrap heap to punch some dudes can be fun. I don’t know if there’s a character I could say I liked in the game and that may just be what they’re going for but at this point I’m really not even paying that much attention to that stuff. It’s weird as someone who usually loves lore and all that to just not care at all in this one.

Speaking of lore, god the historical relics may have the worst writing of any game I’ve ever seen.

Also every game should have a photo mode like this.


Still early on here but the aesthetic sure feels there, just based on Fury Road. All the handling, from having X be the basic interact button to the slippery driving just hampers moment to moment gameplay.


I’ve never played this game, but all I know about it are the skyboxes are quite wonderful.


I have nothing substantial to say about the game, but I do think it’s a crime that it’s not referred to as an “open world carPG”.


When I think CarPG, I think The Crew. This is more of an Action/Carventure, I think.

Though I would absolutely love a Mad Max universe game that leaned more into the CarPG aspects. Hey Ubisoft, I don’t care that the Crew 2 is a month away from release. Scrap it and make a Mad Max Crew game.


If the developers had shown me an alpha build of Mad Max and asked me for advice, I would have pointed at the convoy attacks and told them that here is the game. Everything else is just ten tons of boring, bog-standard Acme-brand sandbox. Strip all that junk away, beef up this one component that really, really works, and watch what happens.

(Sadly they probably couldn’t have done that even if they’d wanted to, as “sandbox” is the Official Default Game Style of the 2010s, the way “real-time strategy” was the default game of the '90s and “FPS” was of the 2000s.)


Very early on, and it’s funny to be playing two Cory Barlog directed games so close to each other. Can’t say it feels good, he seems to lean on a lot of the same tropes and is comfortable with the same kinds of characters.


I would quibble that Flight Sims were really the default '90s genre.

All this talk just makes me want to watch Fury Road again


Maybe I’m wrong, but listening to a recent interview with Corey Barlog, I don’t think he directed this game? He made it sound like he was working on something with George Miller that never ended up seeing the light of day, and that this game from Avalanche is something different (but that he still respected very much).


I enjoyed the on-foot stuff, but if the percentage of gameplay that was on-foot versus car battles was inverted, I’d have enjoyed the game even more. Halve the number of settlements (or combine them), make them all MUCH further away, and increase the convoys by like a factor of ten.

I did think this game was a good effort, though. If this was an original IP that found a cult following then maybe there’d be a chance they’d refine everything that worked into a great sequel, but because it was a movie license the chances of a follow up game are pretty much nil. Even if there is another Mad Max game (with or without a new movie) it’ll probably be from a different developer, and who knows what approach they’d take.


“I can confirm that Cory did work on Mad Max while at Avalanche Studios, but I can’t elaborate further,” Wiborgh wrote.

I think you’re right, he seems to have worked on it while he was consulting at Avalanche but he wasn’t the director. My mistake then.


I really don’t like the car to car combat all that much so it’s weird to find a lot of people like it. I like just slamming into a lone car but convoys can sometime become tedious picking off cars at low levels and just barreling over them at high levels.

I got to gastown tonight and I sucked my teeth in when there’s just a giant neon Native stereotype


An hour or two in I’m really struggling with the sluggish controls on Xbox One, it feels like straight up input lag, not just a strange acceleration or deadzone. Really noticeable when turning the car or camera. I’ve never had these sorts of control issues with any other game but I feel like it will really hamper my enjoyment of Mad Max.

Also I can’t deal with the voice acting for Max and maybe that’s because I’m Australian. As is the voice actor, Bren Foster. The problem is he just sounds like a generic bloke’s bloke who’d go down the pub with ~The Boys~ to approach women and speak over them with a “cheeky” smile…who’s then trying to sound like a cool action dude. Which just doesn’t really convey Max Rockatansky. He’s a former loving family man who’s been transformed by trauma into a quiet weirdo loner. Too scarred to form lasting attachments but always getting sidetracked into helping people in need.

I’m interested to know how Max’s voice comes across for other Australians? And how does it play for folks in the rest of the world?


I said I was gonna wait, but I changed my mind. I took a break from playing this game almost daily to play through God of War (2005) over the last week. Usually when I break my momentum with a game, that’s it. I’m done. That’s why I dropped Destiny 2 despite having played it daily for two months the instant I went on vacation for a week.

But I do want to get back to Mad Max. I had been playing a lot of this game over the past month. More than I ever expected to, for a game with open world mechanics from one game and combat from another. I’ve never actually enjoyed the open world playstyles of just mopping up objectives on a map. I’ve always been one to mainline story missions. But with this game, I’ve enjoyed the traversal so much that I’ve done exactly that: I cleared all threat in Jeet’s region well before even getting to Gastown.

And yet the narrative connections have left me completely dry. The plot is barely there at its best moments, and sometimes takes a big downhill turn. There are three important women in this game, and you kill one of them to win another as a prize!

I’m so disinterested in seeing these gross people perform their gross motions, offensive and needlessly brutal tropes phoned in one after another. Disconnected from the violence and the suffering around me, all I really want is to lose myself in the soothing rumble of my car, to boost over hills and pull down scarecrows. To ram other vehicles and accumulate scrap. I don’t want to get involved In anyone’s bullshit. In this way, the game really makes me feel like Max: just a road warrior. Forever drifting, forever violent, forever without the safety and solitude of my own garage.


It’s a shame the game didn’t have any sort of “choice” mechanic for the narrative. In the movies, Max often has to to decide whether or not to get involved with something. Let the player decide which Max they want to be. Do the “right” thing, do the “wrong” thing, or walk away and do nothing. Clearly that’s not what this type of game was, but I’d love a Mad Max game that has that element with story repercussions down the line.


Hey all- to those who haven’t gotten the game yet, Mad Max is currently $5 on Steam!


Direct Link for the lazy


I played this two years back, and I absolutely have some thoughts on it. A few good, mostly bad. But it’s all been said before, more elegantly than I ever could (in this thread, too), and I want to give it credit for one thing. It does look pretty damn rad, and I think I ultimately had more fun in the photo mode than I did playing the game:

A small album with a few more shots: https://imgur.com/a/VuwOF6l


Playing this game after Fury Road was just sad, the bolt of energy and bright colours of the movie was replaced with a drab and unengaging story. The wild car chases were replaced with tame convoys destruction, and no amount of story missions ever changes the monotony of having to bust bases and fight the same bosses with the exact same moves all over the world.

I still played it for 30 hours though, I couldn’t stand the monotony but I had this hope that it would turn things around. I remain convinced Mad Max was an inch away from greatness, but this inch is so crucial that it turns it into a mediocre one.

I loved exploring dark caverns that were truly dark and scary, I loved looking at the skybox, I loved playing with Photo mode for hours, I loved that Max would hold his leg crutch after a big fall. It was solid, but it wasn’t fun, and it wasn’t Mad Max-y.

I don’t want to use “good game, bad mad max” because I don’t think this game is good either way. But if Mad Max ditched the name and went its own direction into a moody, atmospheric journey in a post-apocalyptic and desolate wasteland, I would have been transfixed.

Remove the Ubisoftian bloat, let the open world breathe and live for itself, focus on the story and the characters. Let the freedom for the player to create its own situation. In the 30 hours I’ve played, I’ve only been impressed once at how the world of the game and my action as a player came together to offer an exciting experience. It was this moment that I recorded, with the storm (it only happened three times in 30 hours!) coming by, the small explosion because of the storm acting on the world, the huge slow-motion and Max getting swept up by a blast I didn’t expect to be so big. It just all came together perfectly, and that moment was the Mad Max I wanted.

But this specific scene is something that Mad Max didn’t want me to see. The game had decided all the actions I were to take from start to finish, and it was profoundly boring as a result.

I really liked photo mode though