Madden patch allows blind people to play


I’m not a big Madden fan but I think this is pretty awesome.

The team at EA Tiburon in Florida have recently patched Madden 18 to allow blind gamers to play the game. It’s been well received by blind players and for a first public iteration it’s an amazing achievement. I hope it becomes a standard feature of Madden in future years and is brought into more of EA’s games.

If you’re curious to see how it works you can read the guide here or watch blind streamer Liam Erven play.


Wow yeah that is awesome!


Sure is. I haven’t seen much mention of it anywhere outside the usual accessibility circles but I think it deserves a bit more attention. It can’t have been easy to make a game as complex as Madden playable without having to see the screen but it’s there, playable and being enjoyed by many blind people who are normally excluded from mainstream games.