'Mafia' Was Never a Classic, But the Remaster Is Worth Revisiting

Mafia is inescapably old-fashioned. A 2002 open-world action game from Illusion Softworks, made  before that term was really codified into the genre we know now, it is essentially a vast Depression-era diorama where you drive to mission locations, and go through a highly scripted mix of action and narrative. The remastered Mafia Definitive Edition does not change this, but merely gives the game's loving attention to period detail a modern sheen. That means that Mafia has all the obvious problems of open-world games of this era, but also many charms that are lacking in the current, map-cluttered state-of-the-art represented by games like Watch_Dogs or even its descendant, Mafia III.

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exCUSE me

This headline made me M A D

(Not in a serious way, but I love Mafia. It’s one of my favorite games of all time.)


Mafia let you roll to reload your guns and I hope that is still in the remaster.

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I hope they kept in the race, and that you can’t skip it


They did. The people they invited to previews have been complaining about it lol

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Absolute Chad shit

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“Hey, since you’re remaking the whole game, maybe you could cut or work on that race seque-”

“Fuck you.”


What about that weird stealth sequence where youre running around a mansion swinging a baseball bat wildly and hoping no one sees you.

Mafia fucking rules


It’s a damn shame that chud from Kingdom Come Deliverence was involved in making it. Hanger 13 did good by Mafia 3 tho, so I expect this to be good.

It really is a damn shame, but it sits a lot easier with me now that hes off in his own little corner making his weird fantasy history games and isnt attached to this franchise anymore.

Also, lbr a lot of my love for Mafia is tied to nostalgia and thats just complicated as all hell.

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I saw a video that says they’ve addressed some of the ableist shit in the first game, specifically the mechanic with a speech impediment, in different ways. I’m interested in seeing that.

few things are better than Mafia changing hands from super serious chuds to irreverent shitposters just fucking with how silly their brand is.

Even with Mafia 3, there was some degree of “y’all complained about 2’s open world so here you go fuckers” and now after that games response: y’all wanted classic mafia here you go, fuckers

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Mafia is an obvious classic. At the time it was an incredible experience for me. Engaging with great set pieces. Ok, so I haven’t played it since and obviously it probably aged in some way, but I’ll always love it.

Can’t imagine I would play a remaster though. I did manage to finish Mafia 2 somehow, horrible game. Mafia 3 was also pretty bad but had good guns or something.

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I’ve been really enjoying the original vs. remake videos that have been dropping. It’s pretty wild.


Here’s the intro:

Damn, I dunno what it is about Hanger 13, but they can really nail dialogue.

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I am happy with the reviews! I expected some bugs, but it sounds like it won’t hinder the experience too badly.

Steam said it comes out later today… Is that true?