Magic: The Gathering - Always Be Bolting

Yo! I’m sure some of you play MTG, and if you don’t and don’t know about it, it’s the grandaddy of TCGs (Trading Card Games) and laid the foundation for most all digital TCGs you see, mechanically.

The basic premise of the game is that the players are Planeswalkers, powerful magic-workers with the ability to travel between worlds. There are five colors of mana in the multiverse each pertaining to broad thematic and mechanical archetypes:

-Black: Ambition, Selfishness, Power
-Blue: Perfectionism, Coldness, Intellect
-White: Unity, Selflessness, Dignity
-Green: Harmony, Acceptance, Strength
-Red: Freedom, Individualism, Passion

As of writing the most recent set is Amonkhet, and Egyptian themed plane, with Hour of Devestation, the second set in the Amonkhet block, as well as Commander 2017 on the horizon.


I like Amonkhet a lot. Wasn’t sure during early previews but Cycling, Embalm and the split flashback cards create a lot of really interesting decisions every time I play. Really cool Limited format so far

This format is smooth

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I don’t really have the money to stay up to date, but I always love looking through the spoilers and getting in a game of commander now and then.

Really glad cycling is back as well. It will always be a useful mechanic.

Cycling is a lot like Morph in that it just let’s you more consistently get to play a game of Magic. It’s really great.

Now this is my thread. Granted, I have not even touched Akohemt yet. I’ll probably end up opening a box just out of my love for God cards and cycling though.

Too bad the Inovations look like shit

Also thank god they came to their senses and banned Felidar Guardian. They let that thing hang around for three months too long

I would be nursing a regular MTGO draft/sealed habit if I wasn’t a poor college student.

Did two Amonkhet pre-releases at a local comic store that opened recently: First I opened Glorybringer, Samut, two of the RG cycle land, and ample red/white removal so I ran red/white aggro with the free splash for Samut and went 5-0. 8 prize packs, not much exciting - best pull was Oketra.

Second pre-release I opened the worst pool I can remember opening, played BG do-nothing to 0-2 and switched to BW and managed to salvage 2-2. Was pretty salty until I opened a Containment Priest invocation in my 3 prize packs. Currently trying to flip it on ebay.


Yes hello I’m here for this

I’m super excited about this new Standard format, now that Cat is banned. My favorite time is when a new big set comes into Standard - it’s the perfect time for brewing.

Also this limited environment is sick. I haven’t gone super deep yet but what I’ve played has been excellent, and a pretty major improvement over Aether Revolt.

They look better in person than I thought, but still not…great

Amonkhet seems like it’s a really great limited environment. Even the BR no-hand deck is fun to play, which is amazing, because I love having cards in hand.

I’m going to try to go to an scg event later this month and I’m pretty stoked because I haven’t played magic in a hot minute


For my part I’ve been trying to build Saskia Aggrosticrats EDH but eventually came to the conclusion that everyone in every other EDH format has, that Bruse + Reyhan is much better.

Far as Amonkhet goes I was also trying to build Samut before this but she’s so open ended I couldn’t settle on an identity for the deck. Cool card though, great art too.

tommy I gotta admit it, the invocations look… kinda tight in person

like the frame is done no favors in glossy net-based jpegs, it’s actually a pretty cool effect

that font, though? that font? still shit

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Yeah the invocations look really dope in person - There was a Dark Ritual in the box that I got, but unfortunately it’s still completely illegible, which is my biggest problem with them in the first place. :confused:

I have not played Magic for years. Actually, the length of time since I last played MTG is probably longer than some people in this forum have been alive. Recently I gave away all my cards from the old days (gave them to a co-worker’s son who was just getting into the hobby so they found a good home, but this Christmas I donated to Patrick Rothfuss’ World Builder charity and it seems I won deckbuilder box.

Is this something I should do/get back into? Is this something I will even understand or has the meta game gotten to the point where it is not friendly for noobs?

I still play a ton of table top games, but gravitated to deckbuilders and bard games over the years over the TCG model.

benny smith over at scg posted a samut deck today that has a legendary theme with odric, lunarch marshal

I’m attempting to get back into MTG as of this weekend. I bought a bunch of Amonkhet packs and a Deckbuilders Toolkit. I feel kind of flustered about how I should go about making a deck. Should I keep investing in the current set to build a deck for standard? Do I buy the singles for a deck I might like? Should I stick to sealed and draft until I have a good amount of cards built up and a better understanding of what’s playable?

Thanks to anyone who might answer these questions from a new kid (well returning after 12 years) to MTG.

My local store is running pauper frontier events and i’m wondering if anyone knows anything about that format.

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It depends. If you just wanna do some draft or sealed it doesn’t require a lot of knowledge, just general information about how to evaluate cards. Obviously the constructed formats are way more complicated than that but I just draft whenever I feel like playing magic these days and it satisfies the itch.

There are some major rules changes over the years, like manaburn getting axed and damage not going on the stack.

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