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Went to the pre-release yesterday, everyone can use code PlayRavnica (it is case sensitive) once per account to get 3 packs in MTG Arena

Gave out the code, thanks!

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So, with the help of Mendon I got to try out a Sealed pool on Arena tonight. It works really well! I like sealed more than drafting personally, and I felt mechanically the client did a good job with making important cards highlighted, and while I think the Best of One format really prizes consistently aggressive decks most often, it was a lot of fun to play. I might even pay to do one of these in the future.

…I always went 7-2 with a nutso Boros pool, so that also helped.

Howdy! I’ve recently been getting into MTG for the first time since high school. I played super casually with a couple of friends back then, but now I’m looking at going to some casual events over here in Japan. My coworker who plays built me a couple of really basic decks made from spare cards she had (all standard legal) and last weekend I bought some boosters and got all the welcome decks to fiddle around with.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading up on lingo and deck composition and the like. I have the basic ideas down in terms of what tempo/aggro/control are, and after flipping through all the ravnica spoilers and playing some arena I think I’m fairly comfortable with the new mechanics.
This saturday I’m going to go to my first draft event. I figure it’s a good way to learn more about the game, meet people and also get some cards out of it even if I don’t win.

Anyone got any tips or recommended reading in terms of what to expect at a draft event? Or alterately, any other things I should read up about as a beginner? I’m certainly not interested in proper competitive play, but I think draft and FNM sound like fun and good ways to meet nerds.

Drafting in my second language should be a good learning experience if nothing else! Will report back (assuming I remember I posted here :slight_smile: ).

I would try and know what the power/money cards are for whatever set you are drafting (I’m assuming guilds of ravnica). These can usually either be cards you’d want to build around, or are so good they’re worth splashing for. Or sometimes they just don’t fit into your game plan at all/aren’t good in limited but they’ll probably pay for your entry fee if you sold them later. Doom whisperer, Aurellia, Assassin’s trophy, March of the multitudes, Arclight Phoenix, Vraska, Risk Factor and several of the shock lands are all worth at least 10$. Also know that certain colors are probably going to have more people drafting them so it’s going to be crowded. Blue/Black probably isn’t something you’re going to be picking up uncontested because it’s strong in limited, but Green/White can be another matter entirely so look at what colors are showing up in the packs you are being passed.

Getting into Magic again after playing it on and off casually with my brother and then back in my high school years.

Mostly focusing on a Modern BG elf aggro deck. I’ve been playing it mono green with moderate success, but it could play a lot faster so I’m gonna start adding in some Shaman of the Packs to really put on the pressure.

Also looking to just putz around in Standard with an uber-budget Dimir deck I saw online all about buffing your dudes with surveil triggers and a lot of control cards. I feel like deep down I’m a blue/black magic player as it truly seems to appeal to the nasty/annoying mechanics of Magic that I tend to enjoy.

Thinking about possibly building a commander deck at some point, but honestly I worry that I might not like the format as party of what I like about Magic is how quickly it plays most of the time.

So, it turned out that the card shop I was gonna go to a draft at tomorrow also had one on tonight, so I said screw it and went tonight instead!
Here are some words about my first experience at a MTG event. [CW: anxiety]

Firstly, it’s worth noting that I have an anxiety disorder. As a result of this, I’m generally not one to socialize in big public spaces, especially by myself. That said, I wanted to give this thing a shot and get out of my comfort zone, so I did.

Well, turns out I had a good long panic attack for most of the drafting process. It came and went in waves, but wasn’t very pleasant. As a result, I wasn’t thinking too hard about my picks. I ended up with a Black/Green deck with a couple of decent bombs in it, but lacking instants and removals.

My first opponent turned out to be the guy sitting to my right during the draft. He was really friendly and helped me a few times while I was drafting, e.g. told me to remove the token from the booster, told me when I had passed in the wrong direction, etc. This extended to the match too, as he was pretty patient with me screwing up with misreading card effects and the like. (This was a JP draft and Japanese obv isn’t my first language so it’s a little tricky, on top of not being familiar with the cards!)
Thanks to him, I managed to calm down and enjoy myself. I went 0-2 with him, and then he gave me a few tips about what cards to swap and so on. I chatted with him a little and it turned out he’s been playing for 10 years, which explains why his drafted deck was so dope. It’s okay, I expected to lose my first time!

Unfortunately, when the second round came, my opponent had pulled out. I guess some people just ditch if they lose the first round? So I ended up with no opponent and an automatic victory (this was a 3 swiss round draft.) At this point, I was pretty exhausted and overwhelmed so I decided just to leave myself instead of waiting 50 minutes for the third round. I would have really liked to have another crack at using my deck, as I didn’t get to use some of the really good cards in there, but I also didn’t want to get home at midnight, so I packed my cards into my (newly purchased) deck box and headed home.

All in all, it was an interesting learning experience. Knowing myself, I probably shouldn’t have gone on a whim straight after work, as I had already been out of the house all day. That coupled with being scared of messing up / not knowing the cards / bothering others made me pretty on edge! That said, I’m used to my anxiety being a thing, so it’s not the end of the world. I’m really glad I pushed through and played my one match, because it left me with a good impression of the shop and the community as a whole. Next time (yes, there definitely will be a next time!) I’m gonna go to a weekend draft since those start at 2pm, so I won’t have to care about the time.

Looking forward to breaking down this deck and building it into a 60 card one to use in casual games with my coworker. I guess this was my first step into joining this community, and I’m pretty sure I liked it!


Howdy. Looks like I killed this thread with my previous post. Or maybe it was dead already?

Anyway, it’s 2019 now and I’m still playing. I went to the Allegiance prerelease last week with my co-worker, and then went to the weekend draft the other day. Having a lot of fun with this new set, especially Simic. Anyone still hanging out with some cardboard?

I am! But mostly for Modern now; since Arena I’ve only played standard and draft online, which is new to me but I lurrrve it

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Hi! I actually just started—trying to go to my first draft this weekend. Your experience in your last post is what I hope will happen for me, haha.

Do you have any advice for how I should approach it or from what you’ve learned? I would like to get into it long term, but I’m on a pretty tight budget so I think I’m just going to start with drafting until I can build an EDH deck.

That’s a pretty good way to go imo. I got my gf into the game recently and now play limited or EDH with her. I think I’m done with standard.
I started EDH with some ultra budget lists I found here. I got the Hapatra deck for about $20 and upgraded from there. (now I have 6 edh decks oops)

Hope your draft goes well! WAR is very bomb heavy but it’s pretty cool to draft


I got started on Arena recently after a long hiatus. I am liking it because i often had a hard time finding people to play with in person.


WAR format is brilliant fun, have a good time! Even if you dont win you’ll come away with a bunch of sweet new cards.

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Magic was one of those game where I never thought I’d ever learn how to play it. My brother has been playing since we were kids and tried teaching me multiple times but it never clicked. I adored the card art but the game itself was always just beyond my reach. I figured “Ah well, I never learned how to play then. It’s too late for me to get into it now.”

Sick and bedridden this weekend, I finally downloaded Arena as a distraction and yo this rules.

I still have a ton to learn and I’ve never been good with strategy but I’m enjoying it so far. I called my brother up and he’s been giving me pointers too. I’m thinking about visiting my local card shop this week to pick up one of those Eldraine starter decks.

Definitely too nervous to play with real people but I heard you can redeem physical starter decks in Arena so I’ll keep messing around online for now. :slight_smile:

I should have assumed that there would be some Magic folks around here. Anyone have any thoughts on Pioneer so far?

The Theros Beyond Death set goes live in Arena today!

I’m looking forward to building some new decks when I get home later. Anyone else excited? Do you have a favorite card in the new set?

I’m hoping mono-white is viable again.

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Honestly, I’m extremely into the basics. I hope I find one or two in foil.

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Seems to be just me and you in here @DarthTythus lol.

What’s your favorite deck to play with at the moment?

I’ve been slowing collecting cards for a Boros Knight deck but it’s still not a tightly tuned as I want it to be. I’m still not confident enough to play draft. I worry I won’t get the return on the gold investment. So I get new packs by completing dailies but it’s slow going.

I’m a Commander/EDH player by trade 99% of the time. I bought a pile of Theros stuff because the parents of the owner of my LGS had their house burn down and I figured a little financial boost wouldn’t hurt.

Aw man, that’s awful. Yeah, supporting your LGS never hurts.

I’ve only played EDH once but everyone tells me it’s the best format for casual game nights. I wish I had more friends who were into Magic!

EDH is great. If your local shop supports it, throw a little something together and go check it out.