Magic: The Gathering - Always Be Bolting

I’ve been thinking about getting back into magic, though I don’t know if I could ever really get into competitive. I haven’t played regularly since The scars of Mirrodin block, but I really dig some of the art in the new set. Mainly this friend:

I think if I play arena I’ll focus on black decks. I used to do mainly white/blue white/green but I think branching out would be good

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If you have Twitch Prime, one of the “loot drops” is a Black deck with Liliana, Dreadhorde General in it. Liliana’s a solid card.

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I dropped out of playing Magic (Arena) when they changed the free-to-play mechanics to be considerably less generous, and added that weird progression line. Have they made that any better in the months since?

My brother successfully plays Arena without spending any actual money on it. If you do your dailies and are good enough to win draft games than you should have enough gems and booster packs to be okay. He got a Theros season pass from saving up the gems he won doing drafts.

If you’re not a good player (like me!) than progression is much slower. I’ve definitely spent real money the game because I’m not confident enough in my abilities to get a return on draft games. But it’s not necessary. I just don’t have time to devote to playing every day. If you’re willing to be patient you can build out your card sets for free.

But yeah, the game definitely works hard to goad you into paying real money.

It was definitely getting much worse for f2p players around the time I left, in terms of not being that generous. (I definitely don’t have the time to dedicate to doing dailies every day, and the old system basically let you catch up on your “dailies backlog” as long as you had a day a week ; the new system that I left because of was much less generous to those of us who aren’t going to play every day.)

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They walked most of that back, people did the math and the new way is more generous if you can play…i think it’s twice a week? The main uproar is that this season’s mastery pass is worth less than the one for eldraine. I only spent money on the first mastery pass and so far i’ve been able to go entirely f2p besides that.

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Soooooooo I’ve gotten into MTGA and I’m having a lot of fun! I built a green stompy deck and while I know it wouldn’t compete against competitive decks, it’s amazing how unprepared so many people are for big creatures with trample. It’s a delight!

But I must announce with great regret, I also have an oven deck.

When I’m watching MtGA streams with my brother the comment I make the most is “I never wanna see another cat oven deck again.” Haha.

Glad you’re having fun with it! I’m taking a little break at the moment but I know I’ll need to jump back in to make the most of my mastery pass.

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Anyone in this thread play Commander? I’m torn between three possible new decks:
Ghave, Guru of Spores tokens
Korvold, Fae-Cursed King stax
Ertai, the Corrupted enchantments

As a Magic Player I dislike War of the Spark even more the further we get from it, because every single one of those planeswalkers feels like A Mistake. But also UW control is good during a Ravnica/Theros standard and that makes me nostalgic and happy. (I love Omen of the Sea (Seaordain) so much!) Haven’t gotten far enough up the ladder to consistently see the Meta decks so fingers crossed I stay there until I finish grinding for the Nyx lands (oooh, sparkles!)


Those nyx lands are super cool. I’ve managed to get the forest and swamp ones so far and they look so good!

Re planeswalkers: I just came back to Magic so seeing planeswalkers that weren’t mythic was unusual to say the least. But I think I like the idea overall? I just wish there was more removal for them.

the problem with planeswalkers right now is that teferi exists and is the absolute worst magic card & counterspells are mostly only played to stop teferi resolving (mystical dispute’s the most popular card in standard & just as popular in pioneer lol). so all planeswalker removal is really awkward and clunky regardless of how good it is, even when its good removal, because anything that doesnt explicitly counter at 2 mana is bad removal…which means the only good anti-teferi deck is the teferi deck

anyway mono-red is stupid powerful again so just hit people really fast


So I’ve been having some success in ranked with this deck:

By no means is it perfect, but I love playing it. It takes advantage of the synergies GW have with enchantments in TBD, but instead of using auras like many of the decks I’ve seen, I tried making most of the enchantments either enchantment creatures or plain ol’ enchantments that allow me to control the game a bit better. In addition, because the enchantments aren’t usually attached to creatures, Calix’s exile ability is more useful as creature wipes won’t be as dangerous.

It still has room to improve, but it’s the first deck I’ve built since coming back that feels good!

(This deck brought to you by pulling two Calix’s in packs I opened)

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Is that 23 lands? How are you finding that? I wasn’t impressed with Calix when I first saw him, but this is definitely the best way to use him.

It’s 22 lands if I did the math correctly? Actually considering cutting an additional land or maybe trying with only 20?

Nessian Wanderer, Dryad, and birth of melitis have proven to be good enough at making sure I have enough Mana, I just can’t play greedy hands. In addition once I get a Setessan Champion out the card draw gets going.

I’d probably replace the land with another Omen of the Sun, or another enchantment I can use as an exile spot for Calix.

EDIT: I counted my lands wrong

I will keep updating this thread because I got the magic bug and it is hard to shake off!

Since last time I posted I did update my enchantment deck as I drew another Calix from a theros pack, so I removed yet another land. It’s still surprisingly okay at 21 lands as long as I get nessian wanderer or setessian champion out.

But I’ve recently been playing a mono-black devotion deck and holy shit it’s fun! I think swamp is my favorite to play overall because it has both aggro and control aspects and I’ve been able to keep up with decks based around either archetype.

And Nightmare Shepard and Gray Merchant are so good together!

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So I met a former classmate for a drink and to catch up last night, learned he drafts on the regular, and now have six different tabs open trying to get up to speed on what’s going on in the game at this time. I primarily played EDH and drafts from 2011-2014 and am feeling very out of step with what I am seeing in Theros. Are there any good blogs or stuff folks would recommend for someone who is like generally familiar with the game but wants to learn about the contemporary meta?

The arena decklists podcast. Bryan G and Gerry T are some of the best content creators magic has going right now. Despite the name their content is a little split between pioneer and standard depending on what you’re looking for.

MTGGoldfish is probably the best place to find Standard decklists. ChannelFireball has good content. StarCityGames has good articles, but they’re all behind a paywall now. EDIT: Was informed by a Discord moderator that I should probably remove the last sentence of this post.

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So I was playing around with making a Plains Devotion deck and trying to figure out how I could make it better. One of the big things I run into is while Ajani’s Pridemate can become massive, but rarely a big worry to actually attack, as it’s just difficult to get a creature without flying or trample to do damage to a player in many situations. So… this is the solution I came up with:

It turns out… adding Embercleave and Fling to an otherwise plains devotion deck is pretty fun!

I am not going to pretend this is a good deck by any means, and I’m only playing it in standard bo1, but, if I can get the embercleave out, most of the time I’ve either won the game, the other player concedes, or - at the very least - I get a “Nice!” emote out of the other player. I’m really liking this deck even it it started as a joke.