Magic: The Gathering - Always Be Bolting

I’ve been thinking about getting back into magic, though I don’t know if I could ever really get into competitive. I haven’t played regularly since The scars of Mirrodin block, but I really dig some of the art in the new set. Mainly this friend:

I think if I play arena I’ll focus on black decks. I used to do mainly white/blue white/green but I think branching out would be good

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If you have Twitch Prime, one of the “loot drops” is a Black deck with Liliana, Dreadhorde General in it. Liliana’s a solid card.

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I dropped out of playing Magic (Arena) when they changed the free-to-play mechanics to be considerably less generous, and added that weird progression line. Have they made that any better in the months since?

My brother successfully plays Arena without spending any actual money on it. If you do your dailies and are good enough to win draft games than you should have enough gems and booster packs to be okay. He got a Theros season pass from saving up the gems he won doing drafts.

If you’re not a good player (like me!) than progression is much slower. I’ve definitely spent real money the game because I’m not confident enough in my abilities to get a return on draft games. But it’s not necessary. I just don’t have time to devote to playing every day. If you’re willing to be patient you can build out your card sets for free.

But yeah, the game definitely works hard to goad you into paying real money.

It was definitely getting much worse for f2p players around the time I left, in terms of not being that generous. (I definitely don’t have the time to dedicate to doing dailies every day, and the old system basically let you catch up on your “dailies backlog” as long as you had a day a week ; the new system that I left because of was much less generous to those of us who aren’t going to play every day.)

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They walked most of that back, people did the math and the new way is more generous if you can play…i think it’s twice a week? The main uproar is that this season’s mastery pass is worth less than the one for eldraine. I only spent money on the first mastery pass and so far i’ve been able to go entirely f2p besides that.

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Soooooooo I’ve gotten into MTGA and I’m having a lot of fun! I built a green stompy deck and while I know it wouldn’t compete against competitive decks, it’s amazing how unprepared so many people are for big creatures with trample. It’s a delight!

But I must announce with great regret, I also have an oven deck.

When I’m watching MtGA streams with my brother the comment I make the most is “I never wanna see another cat oven deck again.” Haha.

Glad you’re having fun with it! I’m taking a little break at the moment but I know I’ll need to jump back in to make the most of my mastery pass.

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Anyone in this thread play Commander? I’m torn between three possible new decks:
Ghave, Guru of Spores tokens
Korvold, Fae-Cursed King stax
Ertai, the Corrupted enchantments

As a Magic Player I dislike War of the Spark even more the further we get from it, because every single one of those planeswalkers feels like A Mistake. But also UW control is good during a Ravnica/Theros standard and that makes me nostalgic and happy. (I love Omen of the Sea (Seaordain) so much!) Haven’t gotten far enough up the ladder to consistently see the Meta decks so fingers crossed I stay there until I finish grinding for the Nyx lands (oooh, sparkles!)

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Those nyx lands are super cool. I’ve managed to get the forest and swamp ones so far and they look so good!

Re planeswalkers: I just came back to Magic so seeing planeswalkers that weren’t mythic was unusual to say the least. But I think I like the idea overall? I just wish there was more removal for them.