Magic: The Gathering - Always Be Bolting

Embercleave is a card.

It’s such a card I am often curious why I only see it in mono red aggro decks. I mean, obviously that is the optimal way to use it, and most meta decks probably don’t have room for it, but I keep thinking of different places I’d like to use it

I mean, you put your finger right on it. Arena is mostly about optimal meta deck play.

It only really fits in with mono red right or rakdos knights now. The other 2 popular decks that run red are jeskai fires, which wants to run you over with a pair of cavaliers and doesn’t particularly need the trample and temur adventures which wants to bury you in infinite value and embercleave doesn’t factor into that. It used to show up in gruul lists but in a world with 4 mana wraths anax and torbran are just better than anything in the gruul package.

Pretty proud of myself for unlocking all 5 nyx lands, and they look great in game!

I honestly hadn’t even thought about my Rakdos deck in a while, but I have some mythic wild cards and Embercleave on a Spawn of Mayhem sounds… dastardly.

I’ll keep it vague in the event folks don’t like sets being spoiled but I am hyped and ready to recommit myself to this game in light of Ikoria.

The Magic website has been down all day, so I haven’t been able to look up how they plan on doing prereleases and stuff, given that it’s HIGHLY unlikely that Covid will permit that kind of thing if they’re planning on doing it this month.

Bumping this thread because leave it to the quarantine for me to get fully back into magic. Yo this game is so good! My brother decided to learn how to play recently and bought some starter decks which has resulted in me building my first deck in seven years based on my favorite tribe/flavor: clerics and cultists! Building a kitchen table deck of course led to me now looking up the current meta and now I really want to build a pioneer legal version of this deck.

Are there streams, channels, etc. that folks would recommend for someone who is getting back into the swing of things? I am looking for decent commentary and, if possible, maybe folks who don’t play wallet busting decks…

What format? If you’re trying to get into Standard, I can’t recommend you something that won’t bankrupt you. If you’re into Commander, StarCityGames has a fun group of quarantine buddies who play. The Game Knights are good too.

When I want to people playing MTGA, I usually tune into Amazonian on Twitch, she’s been doing a bunch of draft recently.

I think I would be most interested in drafts and pioneer as that seems like a nice way to get caught up on the last few years. I used to play a lot if EDH and still have a Glissa deck and an Animar deck so I’ll check out what you recommend. Thanks!

I also want to second Amazonian on Twitch! I enjoy chilling out to her streams.

I also really enjoy videos from Jeff Hoogland. He experiments with a ton of viewer submitted decks and it’s fun to watch.

Once you’re totally lost in the MtG sauce and can’t think of anything else (like I did this winter), you can move on to Friday Nights, a short comedy series about a group of friends who love to play Magic.

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Since my post of last week I am definitely back in the sauce. I updated my casual cleric deck into one that is Pioneer legal and am working with my LGS to get the cards. It’s still not “good” but I think it is fun and cute.

A friend of mine plays an Ayli/Lurrus Clerics deck in Commander and it’s an absolute nightmare, so there’s definitely something to it.

So wit hall of M21 being revealed, I have to say I’m pretty excited for it. I don’t see it really shaking up standard too much other than maybe some of the top ramp decks adding Ugin, but there are several cards that excite me. Particularly I keep eying all of the red cards:
image image image image
I don’t know where any of them fit, other than maybe Gadrak in a Jund sacrifice deck (though I don’t know what you take out), but as someone who usually ignores red, I’m really liking these cards.

And like:
Just returning to magic this year after my last return being the Scars block, this is like seeing an old friend again.

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Baneslayer Angel! Grim Tutor! Massacre Wurm! Solemn Simulacrum! Azusa, Lost but Seeking! Ugin! Goodness gracious me, it’s an absolutely bananas collection of cards.

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I completely forgot baneslayer and azusa, there are so many good reprints. Containment Priest and Scavenging Ooze too.

I’m absolutely making this deck and no one can stop me:

So I’ve been playing this deck from Ally Warfield all day and it kicks ass.

It’s a prowess deck that is very aggressive and in my experience can lead to turns where you’re outputting tons of damage out of nowhere similar to the way decks like jeskai fires did. I don’t think it’s on that level honestly, but it’s been a fun deck to ladder up on Arena with!

Super excited to have Arena on Mac. Not super excited to have hit the point of ranked play where I am encountering the same stupid elemental deck over and over. Is there a good way to grind for more cards in this game? I am basically trying to make do with an orzhov lifegain deck which is probably not smart.