Magic: The Gathering - Always Be Bolting

Do your dailies, I guess. The most powerful card in Arena is your credit card, sadly.


Ah, so just like paper Magic?


fwiw, I had a lot of fun playing budget decks in the unranked queue, the matchmaking isn’t perfect, but it should match you with decks close to the power level of what you’re playing I think?

I’m also interested in seeing if there’s an Orzhov lifegain deck, so definitely post if you have something you end up liking. I just know with Vito and the Orzhov uncommon from M21 there’s some potential for a cool deck!

Also, if you’re ever looking for a change of pace, one of the cheapest decks in terms of wildcards that’s fairly competitive and quite a bit of fun is the cycling deck that was going around during ikoria standard. I think it’s only one rare, and even that’s not needed, just a luxury.

Draft is technically the best bet if you’re good at it, as far as budget decks go the R/W cycling deck runs comparatively few rares but is maybe tier 2 at best. That’s way better than more other budge decks though.

With Paper Magic, I find draft/sealed to be a decent way to kickstart a collection. Plus, assuming you can tolerate your LGS and you make a friend, you can borrow stuff from people until you develop enough store credit to start picking off some of the more expensive things (speaking as someone who regularly loans his Underground Seas)

So, the funny thing is, with paper I have no interest in actually amassing a collection and go to somewhat decent lengths (a lot of play testing hands on TappedOut and soliciting feedback) to ensure that I am buying the cards I want to buy for a deck and nothing more.* In getting back into the game I have made the decision for the time being to focus primarily on Orzhov and only buy cards when I am sure I want to commit to a deck. I did buy an M21 prerelease kit because a friend and I are going to play a digital sealed game based off of the physical cards we bought but, beyond that, when it comes to paper, I only am buying what I want. But, on a whole, in getting back into the game, I am working off of store credit earned from selling my old EDH decks.

With regards to Arena, it is my initial understanding that the best way to unlock the cards you want (or the resources to “buy” the cards you want) is to open as many packs as you can to increase the odds of getting one of those token/tickets.

*This of course has not stopped me from having like six decks that I am currently tinkering with on TappedOut and would love nothing more than to buy.


That is accurate.