'MagiKarp Jump' Gives the World's Worst Pokémon the Clicker Game It Deserves

The heart-warming celebration of the world’s worst Pokémon is also a delightfully cheery little game.

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Just want to note that the Japanese name for the move Splash(はねる) can also be translated as “hop” or “jump”, which is why Magikarp is known for jumping in Japan and why this game exists.


please just let my child live, they work so hard


I also want to note that Magikarp is known as the weakest Pokémon, not the worst, although even that is debatable depending on how one measures strength.

Didn’t know it was from the Survive! Mola Mola people. No wonder it was weird.

There was a mini-game in Pokemon Stadium which featured a Magikarp jumping challenge. Wonder if that’s where they got the idea.

It’s super charming! It’s a pretty basic clicker, but it’s got a cute art style and it’s fun to hop into quickly when you need to pass a couple of minutes or take your mind off things.