Magpie Lands Perfect No Scope Headshot on Twitch Streamer

It was a day like any other. Australian streamer LyNcHy_AU had been playing Valorant for several hours. It was a normal stream. He was vaping. He killed and was killed in return. He thought he’d have a normal day streaming with his friends.

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Knowing corvids, specifically Australasian corvids, that bird had intent, complex intent.

Wait, magpies can talk (yes, mimicry, I know). Has the bird been reached for comment?

I think the first mistake was feeding them, those assholes remember faces

Never feed a Magpie. I did once, and that bird “friend” brought its extended family to my doorstep for years, 100% expecting handouts and babysitting services, while generally making a mess of the place. I love Corvids, but don’t let them know where you live unless you’re prepared for a committment.


He forgot to salute, clearly.

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The only way to feed a corvid is to pretend it was an accident. Whoops, I dropped this piece of bread, what a clumsy human I am.


Swoopy fuckers are braver and more vicious than the troops. I’ve lost too much skin from my scalp to these bastards to be surprised by their L33T gamer skillz.