Make up a fake video game name


Obviously inspired by that PAX panel that Danielle participated in. Make up a name for a fake video game.

Rogue Capitalism Weed Solution.


Fake Video Game Simulator

or Fake Video Game: The Game

or Fake Video Game Tycoon

or… alright I’ll stop now.


Torrential Downpour: Colossal Vortex, sequel to Torrential Downpour 2: Rise of the Superstorm, which itself is a sequel to Torrential Downpour Xtreme Meteorology


Hateseed: Prophecies is the kickstarter darling spiritual successor to the genre-defining Feats of Flame.

         The Conduit Three


Knack 3: Because Mark Cerny wants it
Half Life 3: Gabe’s knifes


pulls up a random word generator



Squawked: A Parrot’s Life—it’s a parrot sim…obvs…

Excellent Cells—(it’s a platformer that takes place on an Excel spreadsheet…wait, this is a good idea OC DON’T STEAL!)

OC, Don’t Steal—a Papers, Please-like management game where you defend your lovely content in court or something. I dunno. It hit me when I wrote that goof up there ^

That Goof Up There—…listen…it’s late. This is a minigame collection maybe. I’m not a real game designer, I can’t have all the ideas.


Silent Hills


Battlewar: Retribution


Rhythm Purgatory

(secretly the working title for Thumper?)


PlayerBattle UnknownGrounds


Tencent Presents: Madden NFL


Kismet 2: The Revenge


Total Defense: LIVE!
Crowbar & Sickle: Hoi polloi
Family Man, My War, Damaged


Return to the War for Gaia: Revenge Soul Shatter 3


Call of Basketball Modern Dunkfest

Call of Basketball 2 Retribution


WarMan: Reckoning
Streamer Simulator: Deadly DMCA DLC pack 1



Tale of Romance: Fate Four Final
Terestria Saga
Deus Darkness
Blazing Knight Luna


The Bazinga Zone